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Royal Talens North America
Artgecko Sketchbooks
Legion Paper
EZ Easel
Gelli Arts
Natural Earth Paint
Logan Graphic Products
Silver Creek Leather Co.
Life of the Party
Silver Brush
HK Holbein
Pioneer Photo Albums, Inc.
Grex Airbrush
Bob Ross, Inc.
Clover Needlecraft
The Airbrush Institute
Iwata - Medea, Inc.
Zebra Pen
Artesprix LLC
Ranger Industries
New Wave LLC
Golden Global Sales
Golden Artist Colors
Viva Decor

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Silver Creek Leather Co.

New Leather Lace Sample Cards

Silver Creek Leather has expanded its color offerings of cowhide laces, providing more options to support customers’ needs. These laces are made from US cowhides that are tanned to specification for strength, flexibility, and colorfastness. Laces are American made, cut at the factory located in Jeffersonville, Indiana, so minimums are low, and delivery is prompt. Common sizes are stocked and available in bulk, however, custom lengths and widths can also be ordered.
To request your Realeather Cowhide Lace sample card, email [email protected]

Leather Sculpting Kit

Challenge your perceptions of leathercraft.

Realeather’s new leather sculpting kit features three introductory projects that demonstrate how leather can be sculpted, detailed, and painted with ease. Leather makes a beautiful, durable, and functional canvas that can enhance the value of your end products.

This kit features a leaf, a feather, and a magnolia flower, all sculpted from leather and finished with acrylic paint. These can be used for home décor, or add simple embellishments for jewelry, accessories, or ornaments.

Kit includes all of the leather and tools needed to create all three projects.

Viva Decor  - Quality Sector LLC

Contact: [email protected]

  • Maya Gold
  • EIS Effekt
  • Inka-Gold Premium

From Viva Decors product line of creative colors, pastes and modelling compounds. All products are 100% "Made in Germany" and are developed and tested in their own laboratory to guarantee the best quality.

Logan Graphic Products

Logan F700-1
Wall-Mount Multi-Material Cutter

The Model 700 1 has been designed as a full featured Multi Material Wall Mounted Cutter. Features include interchangeable cutting tools for glass, matboard / foamboard, and plastic.

Large capacity 60" (152 cm) cutting length, 48" (122 cm) material bed, smooth bearing guided and counter balanced cutting head. Solid all metal construction makes this an ideal machine for your framing requirements.


Cos‑Tools® are great for sizing and shaping cosplay foams for costume or accessory building.

Accurate and easy to use, Cos‑Tools let you cut circles, straight edges, beveled edges, and V‑grooves in many cosplay materials. Make freehand cuts, or use the Cos‑Tools Channel Rail to guide tools for perfectly straight cuts.

For use on various EVA foams and thermoplastics used in cosplay costume design and prop building.

Golden Artist Colors

Golden Artist Colors introduces 37 new colors to its already popular High Flow Acrylics product line, growing colors choices for artists from 49 colors to 86 colors!  High Flow Acrylics behave like ink, but are acrylics and can go from brush to refillable marker or from dip pen to airbrush and more.  From fine line detail work to broad strokes, High Flow Acrylics lends itself to a wide range of techniques, and artists.

High Flow Acrylics offer so many options for exploration, several distinct artist communities will be intrigued about the numerous possibilities, including calligraphers, mixed media artists, airbrush artists and artists working with refillable markers and acrylic inks.
High Flow Acrylics work great in refillable tools and are incredibly flexible:  Ink, Stain/Wash, Airbrush, Mixed Media, Technical Pen, Brush, Refillable Markers, Fine Line Detail, Illustration.

For more information, please contact your GOLDEN Sales Representative or call GOLDEN Customer Service at 800-959-6543 or 607-847-6154.  To learn more specific details about GOLDEN High Flow Acrylics, go to https://www.goldenpaints.com/products/colors/high-flow.

Williamsburg Artist Oil Colors
Neutral Grays Set
Williamsburg Artist Oil Colors, which are manufactured by Golden Artist Colors introduces a new Neutral Grays Set based on the Munsell Color System. The Williamsburg Neutral Grays set allows artists to create full-value grisaille paintings with the addition of black and white.  Color can then be applied to the grisaille, either full strength or as desaturated color after mixing them with these grays. Williamsburg Oils each have an assigned value that can either be maintained when that color is mixed with the corresponding value of neutral gray or shifted to a lighter or darker value.

Introducing artists to a neutral gray palette can be incredibly helpful in their artwork to overcome some of the perceptual corrections the brain and eyes might make when working with saturated color – causing one to assign lower values than might be appropriate to light colors, or lighter values to dark colors, resulting in a flat or confusing lighting effect in a painting.

Neutral Grays allow the artist to adjust the value and chroma of any color without altering its hue.  Neutral Grays in this set range from N2 (darkest) to N8 (lightest).  Together they produce balanced value "steps" for mixing with other colors. Colors in the new Williamsburg Neutral Grays set can be blended with all Williamsburg Artist Oil Colors to achieve differences in color values. 

Williamsburg Artist Oil Colors are manufactured at Golden Artist Colors, Inc., by the same team that produces Golden Artist Acrylics. Included in the set is one – 37ml tube each of Neutral Gray N2, Neutral Gray N4, Neutral Gray N6 and Neutral Gray N8.

Learn more about painting with Williamsburg Neutral Gray colors by viewing   “Painting with Neutral Grays”.

Royal Talens North America

Talens Art Creation
Tie Dye with Textile Silk

Make it your own style!

Tie dye is a fun process of creating patterns by twisting and binding fabric with rubber bands, clips, or boards then applying paint in various colors. A celebration of color, improvisation, individuality, and expression, tie-dye is so much more than rainbow spirals (though that can be fun, too).

Tie-dye was originally popular in the 1970s, when counterculture communities utilized funky fashion to push back against mainstream expectations. Tie-dye designs can include starbursts, ombrés, Shibori, and other patterns and can be done using intense colors or subtle pastels. Each set includes three colors of Talens Art Creation Textile Silk Paint, a water-based paint that is ideal for tie dyeing light-colored natural fabrics. Use it on clothing, scarves, canvas sneakers, hats, socks, home décor items, etc. For items that will be washed, heat fix with an iron to set the colors.

• Ready to use – no mixing required
• Apply directly to the fabric with the fine-point tip that allows for precise application • Non-toxic, no odor, bright, vibrant, permanent colors • One kit makes up to four t-shirts depending on size and amount of color applied
• Use on fabrics made up of at least 50% natural fibers (cotton, rayon, silk)
• Set includes three 85 ml bottles plus a pair of protective plastic gloves
• Pink Set Colors: Sunny Yellow (2004), Bold Pink (3501) Intense Carmine (3025)
• Blue Set Colors: Brilliant Blue (5004), Turquoise Green (6026), Brilliant Green (6003)

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Talens Art Creation Pencil Sets

Using the right pencil can take your drawing from good to great and the Talens Art Creation pencil range of sets will help get you there.

The colored pencils offer brilliant colors made from high-quality pigments that provide excellent color release. They are very durable and suitable for layering, blending, and gradually building up drawings. Colored pencils are available in sets of 12 and 24.

The graphite pencils feature high-quality graphite in varying degrees of hardness with strong, thick cores ranging from 2.2 to 3.6mm. The softer the pencil, the darker the shade. Softer grades are ideal for sketching and tonal work, while harder grades are better suited for more detailed work. Each pencil provides excellent graphite transfer and the perfect balance of pencil hardness. Graphite pencils are available in sets of 6 and 12.

• High-quality durable pencils for sketching, drawing and coloring
• Round casing made from hybrid poplar wood
• Leads are glued all the way through to prevent breakage
• Color-matched paint on the ends of each pencil helps easily identify the color or grade of the pencil
• Packed in cardboard with sturdy inner trays – packaging is fully recyclable
• 12-Color Pencil Set Includes: Titanium White (105), Naples Yellow Red (224), Primary Yellow (275), Azo Orange (276), Vermilion (311), Ultramarine (504), Brilliant Blue (564), Phthalo Green (675), Yellowish Green (617), Yellow Ochre (227), Burnt Sienna (411), Ivory Black (701)
• 24-Color Pencil Set Includes Titanium White (105), Naples Yellow Red (224), Primary Yellow (275), Azo Yellow Deep (270), Azo Orange (276), Vermilion (311), Scarlet (334), Rose (357), Red Violet (545), Purple (376), Blue Violet (548), Ultramarine (504), Brilliant Blue (564), Turquoise Green Light (660), Emerald Green (615), Phthalo Green (675), Yellow Green (617), Phthalo Green Deep (674), Olive Green (620), Yellow Ochre (227), Burnt Sienna (411), Vandyke Brown (403), Neutral Gray (704), Ivory Black (701)
• 6-Pencil Graphite Set Includes HB, B, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B
• 12-Pencil Graphite Set Includes: 2H, H, HB, B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B, 7B, 8B, 9B

Van Gogh x
Van Gogh
Museum Water Colour
Pocket Box

Self-Portrait with Grey Felt Hat, Set of 12 Pans


Ecoline x
Van Gogh Museum Brush Pens

Irises, Set of 5 Colors

Bruynzeel x
Van Gogh Museum Colour Pencils

Sunflowers, Set of 12 Pencils

Ecoline Duotip Markers

Announcing new Ecoline Duotip Markers, an exciting extension to the popular Ecoline family of products. Available in 32 beautifully concentrated, transparent colors, each marker includes two different nibs – a slim bullet and a broad chisel tip.

They are dye-based, watercolor markers that work perfectly in combination with Ecoline Brush Pens, Ecoline Liquid Watercolours and Ecoline Papers offering you a wide range of options for creating drawings, illustrations, hand lettering, calligraphy, mixed media, and more.

Blend the colors using a brush and water to create beautiful watercolor effects and seamless color transitions, or use the markers on wet paper for wet-on-wet techniques. The options are endless!

Choose from sets, open stock colors or a complete assortment.


Creator's Studio Experience Kits

As creative explorers, artists constantly crave inspiration and education, especially when it comes to art supplies and new techniques. Creator’s Studio Experience Kits are collections of products and tools to help retailers and teachers engage artists of all skill levels and build stronger, more loyal relationships.

Each kit has everything you need to give class attendees an exciting, hands-on experience with Rembrandt Watercolors, Amsterdam Acrylics, Cobra Oils, Papers and more.

Kick your in-store demos and classes up a notch! We’ve got you covered – just open the box, review the teaching materials and set up your space. All the core supplies are ready for your students to immerse themselves in a fun “edu-tainment” experience.

Take advantage of this catalyst for creativity and let’s get your pARTy started!

 Artgecko Sketchbooks

Artgecko PRO Sketchpad Range

Artgecko ‘Pro’ make a perfect addition to any artist’s collection with durable, wipe clean, pull over covers – coated in a soft touch matt laminate (same as the rest of the Artgecko Sketch product range).

With five variants to choose from; All Media, Watercolour, Acrylic, Toned Card (Black) and Paint Marker Pad this range is a fantastic addition to the Artgecko catalogue of products and increases the versatility for the user.

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Legion Paper

Stonehenge Oil

Artist tested and artist beloved, Stonehenge Oil doesn’t just do what a canvas can do. It allows you to do so much more and to do it without the need for primer or gesso (That’s right: Zero prep required).

Achieve smooth gradations and transitions unlike any other oil paint paper. Build and build without worrying about ghosting or bleed through. Develop textures to your heart’s content. Mount under glass or without. It doesn’t matter.

Stonehenge Oil is light, durable 100% cotton that welcomes layers and layers of brushwork while retaining every detail. Stonehenge Oil is a game changer.

Available immediately in 22"x30" sheets.9"x12" and 12"x16" pads and rolls coming February 2022.

YUPO Round

The paper that forced the world to rethink boundaries now redefines them. Was it meant for watercolors or acrylics? Alcohol inks or markers? One of them? How about any or all of them? After all, you can’t paint yourself into a corner if there are none. Even if you did, you could just wipe it all clean, embrace that perfect, little, white circle and start anew. It’s a revolution that cannot be cornered.

YUPO opened a door of creativity and so many artists just piled their way in. Now YUPO Round is changing things for the better and circular. With new round sheets, artists can now reshape, rethink, recompose and reimagine everything and create anew. YUPO Round takes that slick, beloved tree-free medium and literally reshapes it.

What does this mean for you? A chance to step back the way Renaissance artists did and have your work reborn and reframed within a pleasing new circumference. And once you lay brush to paper, we have no doubt you’ll like the new shape of things.

YUPO Medium Round is available in 74lb/197gsm, in both 8" and 12" diameter.

EZ Easels LLC

EZ Easel

The only multi-cavity tabletop easel as easy to travel with as it is to use!

Weighing only 0.4 oz. and only 11 inches long, the EZEasel can easily be carried in one’s backpack or pocket.

100% made & distributed in USA and totally recyclable, the EZ Easel is a woman owned company.


Gelli Arts

Gelli Arts Perfect Placement Tool

The Perfect Placement Tool™ Create perfectly aligned layered prints on US size papers. We also have a version for International paper sizes.

- Thick, durable acrylic, with laser etched markings that will last a lifetime.
- Print layer on top of layer - and have them aligned perfectly!
- Create prints in the center of your paper!
- Works with 3x5", 5x7", 6x6" & 8x10" gel printing plates.
- Acrylic is recyclable
- Non-toxic Art on package by Joan Bess

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Gelli Arts Mini Placement Tool

It's Here!! The New Mini Placement Tool! Create perfectly aligned layered prints simply.

- This durable 3/8" thick acrylic tool will help you align your paper each and every time.
- Print layer on top of layer - and have them overlap perfectly!
- Works with any size plate. Place the tool on any corner of your plate. For every print you take, align your paper to the placement tools edge for perfectly aligned prints.
- Acrylic is recyclable
- Non-toxic
- Tool measures ~ 5" wide by 7" long and is 3/8" thick.
Happy Printing!

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Goldfaber Aqua Dual Marker

Faber-Castell understands that today's consumer is concerned with the environment and ways that they can behave in an eco responsible manner. That's why we are introducing the Goldfaber Aqua Dual Marker, a sustainable product that is made using post-consumer recycled plastic and recyclable packaging.

Choose from 60 brilliant colors that are fully water-soluble and won't bleed through paper. Each pen has 2 nibs; a brush for achieving swaths of color and thin and thick lines and a fine nib for details and lettering.

Available in wallet sets of 6, 12, 18 and 24 as well as open stock single pens.

Goldfaber Aqua Dual Markers will be available in June 2022.


Pitt Artist Dual Nib Pen

The artists asked and Faber-Castell answered! Introducing the Pitt Artist Dual Nib Pen, each pen features a hearty brush nib and a fine nib for achieving both broad strokes and detail. Offered in 30 colors of permanent, waterproof, lightfast India ink.

The Pitt Artist Dual Nib Pen is the perfect compliment to our Pitt Artist Pens featuring brush and other various nibs including Fude, Extra Extra Superfine and Chisel nibs.

Select from Wallets of 5, 10 and 20 pens or open stock single pens.

Pitt Artist Dual Nib Pens will be available in August 2022.

Rainbow Vibes Wall Art

Young artists can personalize their space with Faber-Castell's Rainbow Vibes Wall art.

This DIY set includes 4 hexagonal canvases printed with a whimsical rainbow and unicorn design, rainbow holographic stickers, bright acrylic paints, repositionable sticky tack, rhinestones, fine paint brush & angled paint brush, and illustrated instructions! Simply paint the canvases, then add personalized touches with stickers, shimmer paint and rhinestones. Once complete, use the included repositionable sticky tack to hang the canvases - we've given you everything you need!

Color in Mural

With Faber-Castell's Color in Mural the fun goes on, and on, and on! Over 11 feet of coloring fun! Create a fun doodle mural with this complete art activity set for kids! Use neon markers, wiggle eyes and foil stickers to create a colorful and sparkly wall poster that you can place in your personal space!

To start coloring and decorating simply unroll the poster and tape the corners down with included painters’ tape. Water-based neon markers allow you to layer and mix to create new colors and shades as you fill in the mural! After coloring embellish your designs with foil stickers and wiggle eyes!

Easy peel and press low tack adhesive wall poster allows you to place the whole poster on your wall with ease. The large 1 foot by 11.5 feet wall mural will provide hours of endless coloring for boys and girls.

Faber-Castell Color in Mural Doodle is kid-friendly, non-toxic, and recommended for kids ages 6 and up.

Mermaid Lagoon Sensory Bin

Let your child explore in a mermaid lagoon with an engaging and self contained plastic sensory bin!

Creativity for Kids Sensory Bin Mermaid Lagoon comes with a variety of different textured materials that are fun to play with while developing cognitive and fine motor skills. In this unisex sensory box you will find water beads, foam mermaids and more that you can keep organized in an included plastic storage container. Use the prompts such as “count the number of gems in the bin” that are there in the instructions to encourage your child to engage.

Creativity for Kids sensory bins are a great way to build creative confidence while engaging your sense of touch.

Natural Earth Paint

Natural Acrylic Medium
Our new plant-based Natural Acrylic Medium is the first of its kind, made with naturally archival ingredients to provide a permanent, water-resistant finish that dries crystal clear. This product is 100% non-toxic and contains ZERO petroleum byproducts.

Just like conventional acrylic mediums, this Natural Acrylic Medium has many uses, including mixing with natural pigments to make natural acrylic paint, varnishing, adhering, and more. You can finally paint with confidence knowing there are no harmful additives, stabilizers, heavy metals or other toxic chemicals added!

Packaged in a 16 oz. glass jar.

Life of the Party

2 & 5lb Triple Butter Soap Bases

Wonderfully creamy melt and pour vegetable glycerin soap base enhanced with mango, shea and cocoa butters.

2 & 5lb. Oatmeal Soap Bases

Gentle exfoliating melt and pour vegetable glycerin soap base enhanced with shea butter and oatmeal additives.

5lb. Hemp Soap Base

Gentle melt and pour vegetable glycerin soap base enhanced with hemp oil for a soothing and moisturizing effect.


Silver Brush

Bristlon® Short Handle Brushes

By popular demand, our Bristlon® series is now available in NEW short handle brushes!

These brushes feature superior stiff synthetic filaments that imitate natural bristle and move heavy paint with authority.

Bristlon® maintains its sharp point and chisel edges on rough surfaces and they are full of snap!

You can rely on Bristlon® to give the perfect mark every time!

HK Holbein

Holbein Artists' Colored Pencils

First produced in 1993, Holbein Colored Pencils (HOCP) are smooth and easy to draw, blend and overpaint with. Every color is manufactured using the highest quality pigments available and each delivers exceptional performance and handling characteristics and are break & water resistant.

Ideal for drawing, illustration, sketch and design, Holbein Colored Pencils feature a medium-hard, 3.8mm thick/lead core. HOCP offers 150 vibrant colors and a variety of sets to choose from.

Holbein MELTZ is a thinning/blending medium available in a 35ml squeeze bottle and a dual tip marker. MELTZ is a water based medium for Holbein Colored Pencils.

Holbein Artists' Gouache
Traditional Colors of Japan

The NEW Holbein Gouache “Irodori” Range of opaque watercolor allows the user to experience the rich beauty and delicate expressions that the four seasons of Japan bring to mind during the spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The Irodori assortment is a selection of the 48 most beloved Traditional Colors of Japan. The Traditional Colors of Japan find their beauty in the changing of seasons, with delicate color tones based upon history and color names born from nature.

Holbein Irodori Gouache delivers stunning opaque color with outstanding handling qualities and excellent lightfast ratings. Available in 15ml open stock tubes and four beautifully detailed seasonal sets of 12 colors.

Holbein Acrylic Gouache
40 Open Stock Tubes

Holbein Acrylic Gouache open stock colors are now available in the 40ml tube format and Holbein has produced a display which will hold both sizes (20ml and 40ml tubes) of Acrylic Gouache.


Dura-Bright Opaque White & Black
New Pad and Roll Sizes

Grafix popular products, Dura-bright White & Black, which were previously only available in 9x12" pads, now have NEW sizes.... Pads of 5x7" and 11x14" as well as Rolls 26"x10yds.

Dura-bright has grown in popularity since its introduction in 2019. These opaque white and black surfaces are the perfect partner for a variety of mixed media including Alcohol Inks, watercolor, markers and colored pencils.

This versatile, substantial opaque film is economically priced compared to other brands and offers unique characteristics such as higher heat tolerance and stain resistance.

Now available in more sizes your customers will love.


New Mixed Media Journals

Grafix NEW Mixed Media Journal, a disc-bound journal composed of Grafix most popular materials.

These materials can be used with a wide assortment of inks, paints, adhesives, markers, stencils, rubber stamps, cutting systems, and more!

Customize art journals or planners with these unique blank surfaces. Merchandise with art journals, mixed media supplies or impulse items. Creatives will love the versatility and possibilities to create with this system and these unique blank surfaces.

Available in 6x6” and 6x9” assortment disc-bound journals with 2 removable sheets of each style and single-style packs with 12 sheets.

Pioneer Photo Albums, Inc.OB12S/GY

Scrapbook Storage Box with silver name plate

Grex Airbrush


Grex Micro Spray Gun Set

The new Grex Micro Spray Gun set is the ultimate paint gun for fine detailed spraying. It’s a spray gun and airbrush hybrid that lets you reach into the tightest areas for that perfect finish.

Precision spraying, spot repairs and touch-ups are quick and easy with minimal overspray. Based on our Tritium Series airbrush, this gun even evolves with your needs with plenty of the same accessories and attachments to accommodate all your applications.

Like all Grex products, you’ll find the same reliability, high performance and quality you’ve come to expect.

Bob Ross, Inc.

Bob Ross Kids Kit!

We’ve finally captured the everyone-loves-Bob-Ross concept and turned it into an exciting new kids treasure.

Finally! We’re calling it Happy Lessons in a Box, because that’s literally what it is.

Six nice water-based colors and medium, four little Bob Ross look-alike brushes and plastic painting knife (!!!), a tiny clear palette and canvas boards, and a 36-page how-to booklet that’s actually a rad Bob Ross comic book – yes! – step-by-steps for 5 cute colorful paintings but with a loveable Bob Ross caricature walking through every page, encouraging creativity and interacting with other youngsters. Games and puzzles too, plus a frameable certificate of completion.

There’s also an online link that specifically accompanies the kit, providing lots of how-to assistance from certified instructor Doug Hallgren who’s wonderfully patient and warm, kids will love him.

Clover Needlecraft

Punch Needle

Punch the needle into your fabric and follow your pattern. Features: Comes with adjusting ring to ensure a secure needle length setting. Suitable for medium to bulky weight yarn.

Punch Needle Hoop

No bending, warping, or loosening. Features: Made with sturdy ABS resin and steel closures. Includes hoop legs to help prevent damage to your needle.

The Airbrush Institute LLC


Airbrushing 102 is the second textbook in a series of airbrush education brought to you by The Airbrush Institute, LLC.

Airbrushing 101 concentrated on the very basic skills, bringing new students over 50 exciting exercises to learn airbrush mastery in a fun and interesting way, culminating in 4 beautiful final projects.

Airbrushing 102 picks up exactly where 101 left off, starting off with some art theory and artfully merging it with the airbrush lessons to bring a whole new level of artistic proficiency.

New to the industry is our exciting use of QR codes that will link the student to an instructional step-by-step video for each of the 19 lessons!

The skills, as always, are progressive in nature and build to four final projects.

Iwata - Medea, Inc.

Iwata Takumi Eclipse Airbrush - ECL350T

Iwata Eclipse Takumi Side Feed Airbrush, first and foremost, has all of the spray attributes of Iwata Eclipse Series airbrushes.

In addition this side feed model has a redesigned, compact body style for improved control and balance. This, combined with a new gravity assisted side feed cup improves paint flow, making Takumi remarkably responsive.

The two-piece 0.24 oz/7 ml cup design disassembles for easy cleaning and siphon cut lid helps reduce paint build-up.

Medea USB Rechargeable Electric Eraser - MUE100

This lightweight and ergonomic Electric Eraser is the ideal tool to create sharp highlights and effortless blends in graphite, charcoal, mixed media and more.

Comfortable in either hand, with soft button press and responsive control, it won’t interfere with creative movement when forming photo realistic effects like hair, feathers and other precise textures.

This electric eraser is gentle on soft materials like sketching paper, yet powerful enough to create stunning contrasts. It comes with both small and large eraser sizes allowing for precision highlights and controlled contours.

And guess what? Since it’s USB rechargeable, there’s no more batteries to buy!

Medea Thread Sealer - MTS101

We've partnered with Portland Bee Balm to craft a high-quality bees wax perfect for sealing airbrush threads.

This unique balance of organic, locally sourced bees wax and oils creates the ideal consistency for reinforcing air-tight metal to metal connections.

Effective, safe and easy to apply, this exclusive formula is the newest must have for airbrush maintenance.

DecoArt, Inc.

DecoArt Water Marbling Acrylic Program

A complete system of ready-to-use water prep, vibrant marbling acrylics, surface preparation, and tools. Safe and non-toxic.

Just dissolve the Marbling Magic Medium in water; drop our vibrant, perfectly balanced marbling acrylics onto the surface; use the tools to swirl and create your design; and then dip paper, fabric, shoes and more to create stunning designs.

DecoArt Impasto

The ideal paint for traditional impasto techniques, revealing visible brush strokes and making gorgeous textural effects when using palette knives and specialty tools.

The heavy consistency of this paint makes it ideal for building dimensions. In a broad range of mixable colors,

DecoArt Impasto is a heavy-bodied acrylic with improved drying time over oils, and it cleans up easily with soap and water.

DecoArt Wax Effects

No heat needed. Ready to use straight from the jar, these acrylic waxes recreate the lovely waxy, sheer, and luminous qualities of traditional beeswax encaustic.

Model, layer, texture, scrape, embed, and combine with collage materials. No expensive equipment needed and no danger of burns. Safe and easy with gorgeous results.

The 20 prepared colors are fully mixable with one another, or add a few drops of DecoArt Fluid Acrylic to the neutral to create endless color options.

Zebra Pen

Mildliner Double Ended Highlighter Neutral Collection

The new Zebra Mildliner Neutral Color Collection - Copper, Beige, Cream, Olive, and Cool Grey - brings the Mildliner Highlighter color range to 30 colors.

A double ended pen style with a chisel and bullet tip offers a variety of pen widths for precise or bold lines great for underlining, drawing, and highlighting.

Soft, muted colors are translucent and perfect for layering and highlighting.

AP certified non-toxic.

ClickArt Retractable Marker Light and Dark Collections

ClickArt Retractable Markers feature a fine 0.6mm bullet tip that offer clean, crisp lines and control while writing or drawing.

Featuring a retractable pen design and ink technology that absorbs moisture from the air to keep the water-based ink from drying out.

Available in 36 colors in the Standard, Light, Dark Color Collections.


Mineral Paper Pad, 240 gsm, 11" x 14"

Yasutomo mineral paper is now available in a thicker, heavier weight: 160 lb / 240 gsm.

Made from 80% calcium carbonate, mineral paper is a great tree-free paper alternative that provides a unique surface for water based or dry media, including watercolor, alcohol inks, silverpoint, and more.

Tear resistant, foldable and non-wrinkling. Acid free, bright white, vellum surface.

11" x 14" pad contains 20 sheets.

Niji Clear Blender Crayon 3-Pack

Transparent, non-water-soluble Niji® Clear Blender crayons are great for mixed media, watercolor and creative blending techniques.

Rub over stencils and other surfaces to create highlights and textures!3 crayons per pack.

Non-toxic (conforms to ASTM D-4236).

Silverpoint Starter Kit

Get started with silverpoint, the centuries-old drawing technique that uses silver to draw on a specially prepared surface.

As the drawing ages the metal particles left in the drawing will tarnish beautifully, creating a unique effect not found with other drawing styles.

This starter kit includes one complete 2.0 mm silverpoint pen with a bamboo-shaped wooden handle in a black finish. A bonus 1.0 mm silverpoint refill is included. Replace one tip size for another, using the same handle!

Silverpoint works very well used directly on mineral paper, without any special preparation needed.


Liquitex Heavy Body New Colors

12 New Heavy Body colours. New on-trend color launches include 6 fluorescent and 2 iridescent colours.

Addition to the range of the darkest blue: Iconic Indigo and the first fully Transparent Orange.

Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Colour New Colours

Single pigment paints provide more choice to professional artists who are seeking pure colours that create the cleanest mixes.

All new colours are non-toxic so can be used safely by artists.

Cotman Watercolour Metallic Set

Discover 8 Cotman Metallic Watercolours made with quality, fine art pigments in a pocket-sized set. Includes a travel brush and space for 4 more colours.

Artesprix LLC

Artesprix Sublimation Acrylic Paint

Are you ready to take your craft sublimation projects to the next level? Announcing the next generation of craft sublimation!

Artesprix Iron-on-Ink is proud to introduce you to Sublimation Acrylic Paint. Never could you create one-of-a-kind, heat transfer designs with the flow, control, and unique texture of acrylic paint.First, there were sublimation inks and toners that require expensive printers to produce heat transfer designs.

Just like all our other sublimation products, the heat transfer process works the same for Sublimation Acrylic Paint. Use a sheet of regular copy paper to create your design, then use a heat source to transfer your artwork onto a polyester or polyester-coated blank.

However, one key difference with Artesprix Sublimation Acrylic Paint is the ability to mix your own colors! With three primary colors, plus black and white, you can mix your color pallet any way you like.

2oz Squeezable Bottles: Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and White

Ranger Industries

Tim Holtz Distress Foundry Wax

Distress Foundry Wax is designed to create luminous metallic highlights on porous and non-porous surfaces. The fluid wax transforms into a vibrant metallic finish once heat is applied.

To use, shake bottle until mixing ball rattles and pigments mix. Apply drops of wax to Craft Sheet. Apply directly to surface using a dry paintbrush. Heat with Heat Tool to transform finish.

Set 1 includes Gilded and Mined.

Set 2 includes Sterling and Statue.

Each color is offered in 0.5 fl. oz. bottles.

New Wave LLC

u.go Tripod LCS1

Meet the u.go Tripod LCS1. Designed by New Wave specifically for the plein air painter.

The LCS1 is a practical tripod that ticks all the boxes for studio use or outdoor painting treks; lightweight, compact, sturdy, & affordable. -u.go Tripod | Model LCS1 -Lightweight | 2.9 lbs (1.32 kg) -Compact | Folded Height 13.8 in. (35 cm). Max Height 55.5 in. (141 cm) -Sturdy | Rigid 360 degree ball head swivel mount -Max Load 26.5 lbs (12 kg) -Features: dovetail quick release plate, retractable weight hook, nylon loop, flip leg locks, aluminum alloy construction, carry bag -Compatible with all pochade boxes containing a universal 1/4 in. threaded tripod mount

Easy View™ and Easy Lift™ Palettes

The Easy View™ and Easy Lift™ Palettes cover all the bases!

The Easy View™ is an acrylic neutral grey tone for enhanced value and color gauging.

The Easy Lift™ is a white peelable palette when used with acrylic paints.

Both families can be used with multiple art media, and are available in New Wave's ergonomic hand held model, as well as 3 rectangular sizes (12x16, 9x12, 6.75x8.4).

The rectangular items are designed to be transported in Masterson Art Products palette boxes.

Made in USA.

Golden Global Sales

Magnet Canvas Panels

8 X 10 - 40 per box


edding 5400 Acrylic 3D Double Liner

Acrylic 3D double liner for unique effects and painting on dark and light surfaces,

ideal for materials such as canvas or paper for painting

The double-ended tube has two nozzles with a stroke width of 2-3 mm and 5-10

The high-quality pigmented water-based acrylic paint is opaque, lightfast, odorless and permanent after drying

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