The Lifetime Achievement Award
The NAMTA Lifetime Achievement Award program began in 2003 to honor the men and women who have made significant impacts on the Fine Art, Craft, and Creative Materials Industry.

2024 NAMTA Life Time Achievement Award
...will be announced at Creativation by NAMTA 2024 in New Orleans, Louisana.

2023 NAMTA Life Time Achievement Award

Keith Baizer
– ArtMart

Kathy Brennan – Preston’s Art Center

Bob & Shirley Ferguson – Ben Franklin Crafts

Edward Flax – Martin F Weber, Silver Brush Limited

Jim Geary – Jim Geary and Associates

Michael Ginsburg – Legion Paper

Pierre Guidetti & Maureen Labro – Savoir Faire

Jeffrey Mink F.M. Brush Company

As a result of the pandemic, there were no in-person NAMTA Trade Shows in 2020 or 2021.
The 2020 recipient was recognized at Creativation by NAMTA 2022 in Orlando, Florida.

2020 Recipients NAMTA Life Time Achievement Award

Deirdra Silver
Silver Brush Limited

Familiarly known to NAMTA members as Dee, Deirdra Silver has been a mentor and a friend to many members and artists regarding the manufacturing, sales, use and care of artists brushes.

Well-known throughout the industry, for over 40 years Dee has contributed to NAMTA and the industry through continuous membership as a manufacturer’s representative, and as a manufacturer.

Dee is notably one of the first women in the industry to start and run a US based manufacturer, pioneering the way for the many women leaders who now populate the world of art materials.

Congratulations Dee!

David Thompson

His reputation is one of a true gentleman, and the people who know and work with Independent Representative Dave Thompson describe him as professional, industrious, honest, and collaborative, with a lifetime of commitment and care for a wide swath of customers.

Dave advocates for both his customers and his manufacturers. He is dedicated to retailer success, using his expertise regarding products and marketing, and attention to details that others may have missed.

Dave was instrumental in getting iAMart – the Independent Art Materials Retail Marketing Co-Op – up and running and continuing to grow. He received the iAMart "Golden Mannikin" for his dedication to the group and to independent retailers.

Congratulations Dave!

Not awarded in 2019

Allen Shefts
Jerry's Artist Outlet


Mark Golden
Golden Artist Colors

Robert Gamblin
Gamblin Artist Colors

Cynthia and Andy Lenz
Lenz Arts

Lynn Klein
Jack Klein
Nora Hackenberg
Artist and Display

Rick Rousseau
Artist Hardware
Howard Kaufman
Princeton Artist Brush


Frederick Mink
FM Brush

Jay Shapiro

Robert Toth

Stu Beattie, MacPherson’s

John Jonker, Demco
George Stegmeir, Grumbacher
Leonard Flax, Flax Art

Claudia Myers, Spokane Art Supply
Zora Sweet Pinney, Zora’s

Kenneth Eastman, The Eastman Group
Bill Powell, Wilson Art Stores
Bob Serafin, Graphic Products Corporation

Jim Caraghar, Jim Caraghar Company
Eugene E. Maynard, Maynard Associates
Russell Woody

Bill Cicherski, Asel Art Supply, Inc.
Steve Pleune, ColArt/Winsor & Newton
Dominic Sennelier, Sennelier Company

Vera Freeman, ANW Crestwood

Jerry Haines, The Color Wheel Company
John Benator, Tara Materials, Inc./Fredrix/Tara Picture Frame
Wally Klarman, Tara Materials, Inc./Fredrix/Tara Picture Frame

Jean Bourges,Bourges Color Corporation
Sam Golden, Golden Artist Colors Inc.
Brian Heath, Winsor & Newton, Inc.
Pat Indence, FM Brush Company
Robert Simmons, Robert Simmons, Inc. & Daler-Rowney, Ltd.