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Namta® is The International Art Materials Association. Namta members are retail sellers, supplier manufacturers, distributors and importers, and independent representatives of art materials products. The Association provides members with the products, services and information and is recognized as an international leader and unifying force in the support, sustainability and advocacy of art and the art/creative materials business. 71 Years and still going strong - see a little
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– get ready for the upcoming "Trusted Guide" sales skill series!

This will be a different sales-skills workshop than any I've ever delivered.  Many of the essential skills are the same, but the selling landscape demands a different approach.  Knowing that we can all learn from each other - and given the speed with which the selling landscape is changing -  I'll be encouraging as much lively dialog as possible.  I believe that the program will be valuable for all of us who sell - managers, product sales reps, advertising sales teams, customer service peeps - all of us!

I hope you'll join us for this four-week series, beginning on Tuesday, June 29. We're going to map it out together. Sign up links on the Namta Connect Schedule. - See you there! - David Pyle

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Comment from recent Demo Alley attendee
Speedball Photo Emulsion Stencils in Minutes

"I thought this was the best NAMTA demo I've attended so far. Christina the presenter was well organized and so informative - not only about the product, but some tips and tricks for success with screen printing in general."

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

6 Make-You-Think Statistical Points

by David Pyle - Pyle Creative Studios




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