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Applications must be received by

This program awards grants in the amount of $1,000 to $5,000 to applicants who support the arts in any of these four categories:

Public Art  •  Art Education  •  The Military
  •  Health & Healing


Notifications will be sent out by October 1.

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 2019 Grant Sponsors


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Would You Like To Help?

 Grants are funded by donations and Namta. If you are interested in sponsoring the Grant Program with a donation click the jar to the left to donate online, or you can contact Sue Cohen at Namta at 704-892-6244 or [email protected].



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Last Year's Grant Recipients

Funds for the 2018 Grants came from contributions from colart and Fredrix Artists Canvas, along with sales of Art Matters Merchandise.

Take a look at this list of organizations and people that have ideas about, or are actively involved with, Public Art, Art Education, and Art Therapy.

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What is Namta®

Namta is The International Art Materials Association. Its strategy is to provide its art/creative materials industry members with the products, services and information needed to grow and prosper plus be recognized as an international leader and unifying force in the support, sustainability and advocacy of art and the art/creative materials business.

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Art Materials World 2019, San Antonio

At each Art Materials World, exhibitors are recognized in certain categories and are voted for by Namta Member Judges. See who won the 2019 Show Awards.

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 to see what these two Namta Members did at Art Materials World 2019 in San Antonio that no other Namta Member has ever done!

See Supplier Presentation videos featuring a variety of products, each providing a great opportunity for you to better educate your staff, customers and associates. 

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Art Advocacy

Advocacy is the pursuit of influencing outcomes - including public-policy and resource allocation decisions within political, economic, and social spheres.

Namta's Art Advocacy Program works hard to bring you in the art industries and art communities the information and resources you need to support the arts. Namta will inform you when important legislation is pending and when your calls to congress are needed as well as updating you on your representative’s voting records on issues that can affect the arts. Namta Art Advocacy features stories on their website and enewsletters that highlight the arts and how they positively impact education, health and healing, military personnel, and communities. Namta also recognizes it’s members who have given back to the arts in their communities by featuring them on the site and enewsletters as well.

Visitors to the Art Advocacy website, Namtaartadvocacy.org, will also find news, resources, and facts - plus news and resources for Canadian art advocates.

Namta partners with Americans for the Arts whose mission is to build recognition and support for the extraordinary and dynamic value of the arts and to lead, serve, and advance the diverse networks of organizations and individuals who cultivate the arts in America, and with Americans for the Arts Action Fund, a national arts advocacy organization dedicating 100% of their time, money, and political clout to advancing the arts in America with a mission is to mobilize one million citizens to join them in support of the arts and arts education around the country.


Art Advocacy NEWS
April 2019  

A quarterly enewsletter with stories and information about advocating for the arts. 
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Mind, Heart, and Art: Art Therapy for Full-Body Wellness
by Lucy Naylor

Art therapy has been used to assist a number of different types of people, including (but not limited to) the elderly, children, prisoners, war veterans, people with physical disabilities, and those with mental disabilities as well. The reach of art therapy has extended far past its original implications. Every kind of creative process, from charcoal on canvas to working with clay, offers a number of benefits for the mind, one's emotional wellness, and the body . . . read entire article

Organizations, Groups, and Individuals

. . .  with ideas for advocating and helping through art . . . click here for a list

Surveys & Studies

2018 Artist & Art Materials Study

Namta’s 2018, tri-annual Artist & Art Materials Study is another of Namta’s great member benefits and represents the fourth in a series of valuable survey data about the Art Materials business and its customers. The Survey was conducted in the fourth quarter of 2017 for Namta by The Olinger Group of New Orleans.

The 2018 Artist & Art Materials Study is packaged in 3 reports:

  • Tables and Trending
  • Artists & Art Materials Survey Report
  • Artists & Art Materials Survey Comments

All three reports are free to download for Namta members.
Non-members can purchase Study for $500 - click here.

This study was based on an online survey of 7,090 professional artists, student artists, and art hobbyists. This very large sample size yields a very low margin of error of ± 1.1%. Every survey involves some degree of error – that is, some difference between the survey result and the actual population result if every member of the relevant population were measured. A margin of error ± 1.1% means that we are 95% confident that the survey result is within only ± 1.1% of the true population value.This extremely high degree of precision ensures that the survey-based estimates presented in this report are accurate and trustworthy.
Because the population was sampled by inviting respondents to self-select to participate, we are unsure which sources participants came to the survey from. But considering the large number and variety of participant sources, there should be no particular bias toward respondents from any one particular sample source. - The Olinger Group 

2018 Retailer Study

Namta’s 2018 Retailer Study, the second piece of the association’s tri-annual Artist and Art Materials Survey, is a 36-page report, free to Namta members. Conducted by The Olinger Group of New Orleans, the study is the fourth report of art materials retailer research (previously studies were done in 2009, 2012, 2015) designed to identify and monitor current and future trends in the art industry. Both US (153) and Canadian (15) art materials retailers participated in the study, which was conducted between February 15 and March 9 of this year.
See 2018 Studies here.

Past Studies

2015 Study
  • Artists Survey Results from over 6,000 US and Canadian artists.
  • Artists & Art Materials Market Summary has data on 2015 size and growth of the art materials market in the USA and Canada.
  • Retail Survey Results from 150 art materials retailers in the US and Canada - core financial metrics, growth and product trends, marketing and business best practices, challenges, and feedback for suppliers.
Studies were also independently conducted in 2009 & 2012, with surveys of artists in the USA and Canada. Studies are FREE for Namta members.

Retail Operations Manuals

Free-for-members. Click here to see them all.




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