The Hall of Fame

NAMTA’s highest award, The Hall of Fame, is to recognize those who have been supporters, volunteers, and champions of the association.

2024 Namta Hall of Fame Recipient
...will be announced at Creativation by Namta 2024 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

2023 Namta Hall of Fame Recipients

Jim Scatena - C-Suite Strategic - former AFCI Director

Barbara Schindler - Golden Artist Colors

NOTE: As a result of the pandemic, there were no in-person NAMTA Trade Shows in 2020 or 2021.
The 2020 recipient was recognized at Creativation by NAMTA 2022 in Orlando, Florida.

2020 NAMTA Hall of Fame Recipient

Steve Aufhaüser

Steve has been in the Art Materials Industry since practically birth. He joined his family’s business, Continental Art Supplies, at the age of 25 and ultimately ran the store which operated in Southern California for 50 years.

Steve served on the NAMTA’s Board of Directors in the early 2000s, and as the 2005/2004 NAMTA President.

A few of Steve's NAMTA peers and friends had these comments:
“His sarcastic wit is a breath of sassy air”. . .  “Very popular and vocal, and had tons of friends in the industry”. . .  “Always concerned with quality and integrity” . . . “Steve always brought levity to the table, but when it was time to get down to business he was relentless in his efforts to improve the art materials trade.”

Steve stayed busy. During his career, he was very active with the iAMart buying group. He donated art materials to private non-profit organizations who wanted to start their own art programs. In the Los Angeles art community, he always attended gallery shows, art walks, and open studio events, lectured at local schools, and provided space for art shows in his store.

Congratulations Steve!

Hayley Prendergast  2019

Reggie Hall, 2018
Retired - NAMTA Executive Director 2011 - 2019


Richard Goodban  2017 

Eric Zelenko  2016 (pictured left)

Frank Stapleton  2015

Lou Reeves  2014

Beth Bergman   2013

Sam Seelig   2012

Don Dow   2011

Dennis Kapp   2010

Jeff Goldfarb   2009

Reuel Ware   2008

Jim Cieslinski, Sr.   2007

George Bussinger   2006

Claudia Myers   2005

Henry Meininger   2004

J.A.T. (Jim) Daler   2003

Jim Weissenborn   2002

Jack Young   2001
Bill Banta   2001

Gregory C. Hyatt 2000

E. Peter Hopper   1999

Steven Steinberg   1998

Gene Takei   1997

Jack Richeson   1996

Zora Sweet Pinney   1995

Walter Zarichak   1994

Paul Stormo   1993

David O’Leary   1992

Jack Rhodes  1991
Laurie Cappiello   1990

Derek Pool   1988

B. Warren Brown   1987

Charles W. Hyatt   1986

Kathleen Herbert  1985

Robert Serafin   1984

Jack Bear   1983

John Griffin   1982

Jennie Zachs   1981

L. D. Solomon   1980

John R. Swanson   1979

Elliott J. Koenig   1978

Stan Obermiller   1977

Harry G. Daniels   1976

Arthur Brown   1975

Leonard Bocour   1974

Leonard Bocour (1910 – 1993) was an American artist. Bocour was born in New York City. Around 1933 he formed the New York City based company Bocour Artists Colors. He was the co-developer, along with Sam Golden, of Magna paint in the late 1940s.
Golden Paints History

Bert Cholet   1973

George E. Muth   1972

Henry W. Levison   1971

Charles W. Crysler   1970

Joseph L. Alvarez   1969

Theodore Morrissey   1968

Gordon E. James   1968

Frank J. Peters   1968

Bert L. Daily   1968

Edward H. Ellison   1967