Membership Dues Rates
Namta Membership is a Company Membership, based on the Calendar Year
Rates updated October 2021


Retailer Dues - based on Annual Gross Sales

An individual, partnership, firm or corporation dealing in the retail sale of art and creative materials in individual or small quantities directly to consumers operating under a specific brand name identification that is promoted and known to the public, regardless of its corporate structure and, where required by law, has secured an appropriate resale license or certificate. Said retailers may also conduct catalog and/or Internet sales in the normal course of conducting business.
No one shall be considered a retailer who purchases art materials and products solely for his, or her, or its, own use.

Under $2M:    $200
$2M to $5M:    $900
$5M to $15M:    $1,700
$15M to $25:    $3,500
$25M to $250M:    $5,000
Over $250M:    $10,000

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Supplier Dues - based on Annual Gross Sales of Art & Creative Materials

A Supplier is one of the following -

  • DISTRIBUTOR: An individual, partnership, firm or corporation that purchases from multiple suppliers and product categories; warehouses, promotes, and ships product to retailers for resale; and does not sell to the general public.
  • IMPORTER: An individual, partnership, firm or corporation that imports artists’ products and materials from foreign countries and maintains a substantial merchandise inventory for the purpose of resale to distributors, jobbers and retailers.
  • MANUFACTURER: An individual, partnership, firm or corporation that manufactures or creates the art materials and/or products it sells or distributes through established channels.
  • PUBLISHER: An individual, partnership, firm or corporation that prints or publishes magazines, books or trade papers whose subject matter deals with art materials.

    Under $250K:    $500
    $250k to $2M:   $800
    $2M to $5M:   $1,200
    $5M to $15M:   $1,700
    $15M to $25M:   $3,500
    $25M to $50M:   $4,500
    Over $50M:   $6,500
    Non-North American /Non-Exhibiting:   $500 dues

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Independent Representative:   $200

An individual or firm that sells art and creative materials and products for one or more manufacturers or distributors.

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Associate:   $385

Individuals, partnerships, firms or corporations that provide products and services of a nature other than art or craft materials that are necessary and important to the business operations of this industry.

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Creative Professionals - $200

A Digital Content Creator posts original, creative arts products industry related content at least once per week to their blog, YouTube, or other social media platforms; or are paid to post content on behalf of a creative arts products industry supplier or retailer. Their content extends beyond newsletters, forums and/or personal diaries.

A Designer is an individual or a firm that conceives, invents, creates or executes decorative crafts or artistic work for licensing or for sale to members of the creative arts industry.

Upon Application approval you will be notified and an invoice will be sent to your company’s main contact. The membership dues rate for Creative Professionals is $200 annually and membership begins on January 1, 2022 and ends on December 31, 2022.



Changes to Membership Eligibility: Namta and its trade show, Art Materials World featuring Creativation, is designed to bring together Retail companies and Manufacturers of creative products for the purpose of purchasing and selling products for their businesses. For this reason, the Namta Board of Directors has made the decision to no longer include the Professional Maker/DIYer as a category for membership or for this category to be eligible to attend the annual trade show. In the future Namta hopes to pursue the possibility of a consumer-based event and would welcome this category of membership to this event.

AFCI Members previously in the Educator/Demonstrator membership category, while not eligible for membership on their own, are able to attend Art Materials World Featuring Creativation if contracted or hired to work with a Namta Supplier member in their booth. 

Thank you and if you have any questions please reach out to any member of the Namta Staff.