Meritorious Award of Honor - The highest award of recognition that AFCI can bestow upon an individual member, past or present. This award recognized an individual who has made a significant contribution to AFCI.

2019    Richard Brown   Brown Bag Management and Consulting
2017    Mark Peters    Duncan Enterprises
2016    Larry Olliges    Dee's Crafts
2015    Herb Lantinga    Notions Marketing
2014    Gail Czech    The Creative Network
2013    Mike Hartnett    Creative Leisure News

Hall of Fame Recipients - Presented to individuals for extraordinary contributions leading to the success and growth of their organization(s) and our industry as a whole.
  • Ken and Barbara Griffin, Ben Franklin Stores
  • John Laurie, Coats & Clark, Association Board Member
  • Aleene Jackson, Craftmaker's Caravan
  • Andrea Grossman, Mrs. Grossman's Paper Company
  • Bill Korr, Hobby Distributor
  • Bob Gatti, Frank's, Nursery & Crafts
  • Bob Vogelsberg, Dee's Crafts Store
  • Bob Ross, The Joy of Painting
  • Bruce Walthers, Model Industry Association
  • Bud Rothschild, Founder of Craft World
  • C. Boyd, Industry Pioneer, Sales
  • Carl "Gus" Gustafsson, Craftmaker's Caravan
  • Catherine Kay, Elam-Kay & Associates
  • Clapper Family - John & Edna, Clapper
  • Dan Little aka "Mr. Bar Code", Indie Retail Pioneer
  • Dave Catanzarite, Pat Catan’s Arts & Crafts Stores & Darice
  • David Cunningham, Plaid Enterprises
  • David Ladd, Walnut Hollow
  • Duncan Family, Duncan Enterprises, iLoveToCreate
  • Emma Gebo, Ben Franklin Crafts
  • Eric Dickenson, Michaels Stores
  • Ginnie Thompson, Ginnie Thompson Originals
  • Hazel Pearson Williams, Craftmaker's Caravan
  • Henry "Hank" Dubbs, Industry Pioneer, Sales
  • Howard Hoffman, MJ Designs, Deco Art, Toner
  • Jack Wax, PCM Magazine
  • Jane Anne Davis, Plaid Enterprises
  • Jerry Hacker, Image Design
  • Jim Tierney, Ben Franklin Retail Stores
  • Jim Scatena, Floracraft, Wilton Enterprises, Binney & Smith, Association Board Member
  • John E. "Jack" Parker, A.C. Moore Arts & Crafts, Inc.
  • Julie Stephani, Stephani Ink.
  • Karen Ancona, Craft & Needlework Age
  • Larry Fine, Michaels, A.C. Moore & Horizon
  • Mike Dupey, Michaels & MJDesigns
  • Moe Gherman, Craft Magazine Pioneer
  • Pat Catan, Pat Catan Stores, Darice
  • Pat Depke, Pat Depke Books
  • Pat Desantis, ACCI Board Member
  • Patricia Nimocks, Society of Craft Designers
  • Priscilla Hauser, SDP Pioneer
  • Randy Putnam, Randy Putnam & Associates, Inc. (RPA)
  • Reich Family - Hilda & Berthold, Jo-Ann Stores
  • Rohrbach - Sigmund & Mathilda , Jo-Ann Stores
  • Sallie Strauss, Craft Industry Ambassador, Executive Vice President & CFO Activa Products, Inc
  • Sandy Wilmot, 1st Female Chairwoman of the HIA Board and independent retail store owner
  • Sbars Family, Sbars Inc.
  • Robert Workman, Provo Craft & Novelty, Inc, Association Board Member
  • Ron LaRosa, President of Delta Ceramcoat Paints
  • Thompson Family – Dick & Robin, Pioneering Sales Reps
  • Tom Yaley, Sr., Yaley Enterprises
  • Vincent Naccarato, Wilton Enterprises
  • Wally Raley, Delta Paints
  • William "Bill" Mangelsen, Mangelsen's, Makin's Clay
  • William "Bill" Neu, Deco Art, Testor Corporation

Industry Achievement Award - Recognized an AFCI member (individual, group and/or company) that has made a significant contribution to the growth and vitality of the creative industries as a whole.

2020   Chris Williams   Marketing Director of Education, Plaid Enterprises
2020   Marsha Walling   former CEO of Fabric Editions
2019   Tammy Browning Smith   Browning-Smith P.C.
2016    Katherine (Kathie) Stull    KS Productions
2015    LaDorna and Robert Eichenberg    Ellison®
2014    Georganne Bender and Rich Kizer    KIZER & BENDER Speaking

Special Recognition Award - Presented to a person, group and/or company for their extraordinary contribution in an activity that showcases the creative product industry in a positive way. Award recipient(s) need not be a member(s) of the Association.
2020   Stacey Wiener   founder of S.A.C.K.  (Supporting A Community with Kindness)
2019   Doug Earle   H.A. Kidd and Company
2018   Jill MacKay    Jill MacKay Enterprises - Special Recognition Award 
2017   Therese Hennessy   Polkadots and More
2017   Shurtech Brands
2016   Chip Purkey    Help Hospitalized Veterans (HHV)
2016   Spinrite's Caron United
2016   Elena Lai Etcheverry    Charity Wings
2015   Joann Pearson    Michaels
2014   Lion Brand Yarn Co.
2013   Mari Eriksson and the staff of Fusion Beads   Fusion Beads

Best Creative Brick and Mortar Retailer of the Year - AFCImember independent brick and mortar retailers around the world, with or without a digital presence, awarded for showcase excellence and outstanding achievement across a broad range of categories.
2020   Craft Warehouse
2020   Memory Bound
2019   Pinspiration

Best Creative Online Retailer of the Year             
AFCI member e-commerce retailers around the world, without a physical presence, who showcase excellence and outstanding achievement across a broad range of categories.
2020     Simon Says Stamp
2019     The Hedgehog Hollow