2023 Industry Survey Report

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NAMTA, a trade association for the art/creative materials industry members, has conducted consistent research among its consumers and retailers since 2009. This research has added value to its members to help them learn more about art/creative material users. The organization wanted to field a new wave to include crafters in its scope, as this is a new member base since its merger with AFCI.

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Creators expect to spend more in 2023, but inflation is a key factor.



Creativity starts at home.

Professionals are finding savvier ways to shop, including buying in bulk and finding items on sale. Others are increasing spending as they are becoming more serious with their work and want higher quality products.


The influence of family and friends is impactful when it comes to involvement and starting in this field.




Social media is central to creatives.



Growing and starting a business is a priority.

It is the leading source of inspiration, any many professionals want to expand their social following.



As digital platforms have made it easier to sell online, creatives are earning money even though it is not their full-time job.




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The full Industry Survey Report is member-only exclusive content. Become a member today to access the full report.

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The Provoke Insights dashboard is an interactive tool to help you dive deeper into the data provided by Provoke Insights.

Will NAMTA hold NAMTA Connect sessions about the survey report?
Yes, the NAMTA team has put together several sessions to digest the survey data and teaching sessions on how to utilize the Provoke Insights Dashboard.

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NAMTA will start fulfilling survey report requests as soon as possible. If you have any questions please email us at [email protected]