The Studio

An Information and Learning Management System
for Namta Members


We recommend you read everything on this page first,
but you can also go directly into The Studio

Directly to The Studio (log in with your login and password)

  • Or go to  and log in
  • Logging in takes you to the ‘welcome’ page.
  • You’ll see The Studio link
  • When you go in this way,  you get to the Studio page, you are already logged in, but you still have to click the LOG IN on the top right corner.
  • Then scroll down a little and click (sometimes double click) on the topic you are interested in

......... and you are in - contact [email protected] for assistance or log in info.


In the Studio, you will find a collection of sorted material from the Namta Connect Zoom sessions. You must be logged in to view recordings and PDFs that are stored here. (You will log in with the same username and password that you do on If you need help resetting this password, please contact [email protected].)

There are four main packages that should be visible to you: Membership News, The Café, Suppliers and The Theater.

View an introduction video of The Studio here


To access The Studio

Log in with your user name and password


How do I access The Studio?
  1. The link for The Studio will reside permanently on For quicker access, we recommend bookmarking the main Studio page to your internet browser.
Why can’t I see any of the content?
  1. You must be logged in to be allowed access.
  2. The Studio is a member-only benefit and is not open to the public.
What is my username and password?
  1. You will log in with the same username and password that you do on For log in assistance - [email protected].
What is stored in each package?
  1. Membership News- Announcements and resources that come directly from the Namta Staff on your membership and Art Materials World. You will also find member benefit Namta Connect videos here.
  2. The Café- Happy hours and Roundtable recordings. Past roundtables that are no longer up to date will not be uploaded- as we want this area to remain up to date and relevant.
  3. Suppliers- Demo videos organized alphabetically by supplier
  4. The Theater- Educational videos organized by repeat presenters or topic.

I did a video for Namta Connect, why do I not see it on The Studio
  1. We made an effort to put all recordings that are found on Vimeo onto the Studio. Because of the extensive backlog of content, if we missed your video, please contact Savannah Davis. We will get it added to the Studio asap.
I have a presentation scheduled with Namta Connect in the future, where will that recording go?
  1. All Namta Connect Content will now be stored on the Namta Connect LMS. As we transition members to using this system, we will continue to have duplicate recordings temporarily housed on Vimeo.
What type of content is on The Studio?
  1. The Studio supports embedded mp4 uploads up to 1GB as well as pdfs.
I want to share a video on The Studio with someone who is not a Namta member, can they have a login?
  1. The Studio ties directly with our database, so we can only grant access to individuals listed there. Contact [email protected] for a public link that has the ability to be distributed to a non Namta Member.
I am having trouble with The Studio, where can I get support?
  1. For any questions regarding the Studio please contact Savannah Davis at [email protected]