New Products 2023

Here are the New Products introduced by Namta Members in 2023. Please click on the company name to be taken to their new product listing.

Artist Angle 3
Abroli LLC

Adhesive Technologies
Airbrush Institute, LLC
Aitoh Co. (WCG Group LLC)
Ampersand Art Supply
Arteza Inc.
Bob Ross, Inc
Crafters Companion
da Vinci Artist Brushes
DecoArt, Inc.
Eclectic Products LLC
Etchcom Inc.
Faber Castell USA
Global Creative Inc.
Grafix, Inc.
Grex Airbrush
HK Holbein, Inc.
Iwata Medea, Inc.
Jacquard Products
Katy Sue Designs
Lineco/University Products
Needleart World North America / Diamond Dotz
New Wave Art
Ohh Deer and Artful
P13 Paper Products
Picket Fence Studios
Pinnacle Colors
Resin Rockers
Royal Talens
Silver Brush Limited
Smooth On, Inc. - Chavant, Inc.
Spellbinders Paper Arts, LLC
Uchida of America Corp.
Yasutomo Inc.
Zebra Pen Corporation

Artist Angle

THE BEST perspective device..... The Artist Angle, L-3 is not just for artists - it's also a valuable instrument for anyone working in the fields of geometry, engineering, architecture, and interior design. Whether you're creating sketches for a knitting or crochet pattern or diagrams for a complex engineering project, the Artist Angle, L-3 will help you achieve the correct perspective and make your work look professional and polished.

In architecture, the Artist Angle, L-3 is especially useful for drafting accurate and detailed floor plans, elevations, and section drawings. With its ability to quickly render compositional perspective, architects can save time and effort while still producing high-quality drawings that accurately represent their designs. For interior designers, the Artist Angle, L-3 is the perfect instrument for crafting the perfect furniture arrangements. No matter your profession, the Artist Angle, L-3 will help you bring your ideas to life and ensure that your designs look effortless and stunning.


Eclectic Products LLC


Unicorn SPiT VIBRANT COLORED Metallic gel stains allow you to easily create unparalleled, rich luminous finishes on furniture, home decor, fabric and craft projects. Iridescent mica interacts with light to maximize the shimmer and sheen of the finish. The highly concentrated formulas enable you to create what your imagination dreams, so get inspired! Use Metallic SPiT on wood, fabric, glass, stone, ceramic & many more projects to achieve brilliant finishes! Use SPiT on bare wood or over existing finishes as a glaze. (Seal your work with a non-water-based clearcoat and enjoy!)

  • Gel Stain - use as Stain, Paint, or Glaze
  • Available in 6 vivid colors
  • Concentrated formula can be diluted with water or used full strength
  • Multi-Surface
  • Fast Drying
  • Non-toxic
  • Green Tea scented
  • Indoor/Outdoor

Crafter's Companion


Find your bright side with Colorista by Spectrum Noir. The Colorista range includes Art Markers with translucent alcohol ink, perfect for layering and blending, Coloured Pencils with high quality wax-based pigment that can be layered and blended, Watercolour Markers to create painterly watercolour artwork, Glitter Markers to add a bit of sparkle to projects, Paint Markers filled with water based acrylic paint that will adhere to a variety surfaces and Fine Line Pens for lettering, journaling and illustrating featuring an ultra-fine 0.4 mm nib, a beautiful range of colours and ink that is both water and alcohol proof.

Gemini II - A Cut Above

Set your creative sights higher and aim for the stars with the Gemini II. The latest electronic cutting machine from Crafter’s Companion, has all of the power, precision and performance of the original Gemini, plus updated functions and unique innovations! With technology to apply higher pressure than many other machines, the Gemini II produces crisp clear results every time.

The Gemini II has a new and improved full-length sensor that provides edge-to-edge precision with cutting plates of any size. A foldaway media stand and USB charging ports allow you to craft along with virtual tutorials and workshops on your tablet or phone. Neat storage compartments are perfectly sized to hold your essential craft tools so they are always at your fingertips. A new base provides a stable surface with gliding feet that make it easy to move and maneuver your Gemini Ii.

You are going to love this latest addition to the Gemini family.


Lineco Neutral pH Gesso
Lineco has created a new neutral pH Gesso Primer which is buffered with calcium carbonate to help neutralize acids. Artists can help protect their work from the off gassing of wooden panels and stretcher bars, as well as acids found in the environment. In addition, this white gesso provides a nice textured finish to work on. Helps keep colors bold and vibrant. Price per 238 ml (8 oz) jar.

Pinnacle Colors

Nicker Poster Colour

Nicker Poster Colours are high quality paints with a densely pigmented gouache like texture. They are used to make manga in Studio Ghibli and are also perfect for dip pen calligraphy, brush lettering and many types of painting. 77 colors are available as well as sets. The only binder in Nicker Poster Colours is gum arabic. This makes for a much smoother paint than paints made with dextin. Nicker Poster Colours can be used in watercolor painting.

Spellbinders Paper Arts

BetterPress - Letterpress Made Better

BetterPress is a new, innovative, and easy way to create the elegant look of letterpress without all the mess. This system, combined with your manual die cutting machine, will change the way you create. Spellbinders designed and curated this system with the goal of using your creativity to achieve stellar letterpress effects right at home. Our specially designed Press Plates, Chase, and Platen work inside your Spellbinders PlatinumSIX machine with our special formulation of ink engineered by Ranger, on beautiful 100% cotton paper to give you an authentic letterpress look and feel. Combine BetterPress designs with your die cutting, Glimmer hot foil, 3D Embossing Folders or Sealed Wax Seal designs to make one-of-kind cards, projects and more. Letterpress made Better.

Winner of Best New Product at Creativation by Namta 2023

The Airbrush Institute, LLC

Airbrushing 102

EDUCATION sells airbrushes and supplies! We have demystified the airbrush! Having education available at point of purchase plants a "CAN DO" seed in the minds of your customers.

Airbrushing 102 is the second textbook in a series of airbrush education brought to you by The Airbrush Institute, LLC. Airbrushing 101 introduced basic skills with 50 exercises to learn airbrush mastery in a fun and interesting way, culminating in 4 beautiful final projects. Airbrushing 102 picks up where 101 left off and begins by merging art theory lessons with the progressive airbrushing projects to bring a whole new level of artistic proficiency. There are 16 beautiful projects and 3 final projects that build new skills: multiple uses of a stencil, erasing, control, masking, and color use. New to the industry is our exciting use of QR codes that link the student to a full-color reference and the photos from each lesson!

We are proudly endorsed by Anest Iwata and Grex! Wholesale pricing!

[email protected] 


Altenew Stampwheel

Introducing the Stampwheel, the ultimate tool for crafters who want a quick, clever, and efficient way of stamping. With its innovative flippable clear plate design, this stamping tool allows for seamless layering of stamps, creating beautiful and intricate designs with ease. Use it to make stunning wreaths, mirror stamps, and even stabilize stencils for perfect placement every time.

Features and benefits: * Clear flip plate with lock and key mechanism for hassle-free, consistent stamping* Rotational clear plate with 16 equal intervals for precise positioning and measurement * High-quality, photopolymer mat ensures secure placement of your stamps and stencils.

What's included in the Stampwheel package:* Stampwheel Clear Plate (10 7/8" x 10 7/8")* Stampwheel Sticky Mat Grid (7 1/2" x 7 1/2")* Stampwheel Base (9" x 9 1/2")

Silver Brush Limited

Silver Brush Ltd Artist Brush Sets

Beautiful new artistic packaging for all sets. Set packaging for oil, acrylic and watercolor sets.


Moab Entrada Rag Natural Coldpress 300

Introducing Moab Entrada Rag Natural Coldpress 300 fine art inkjet paper. At one time, it might have been destined for a watercolorist's easel, but Entrada Rag Natural Coldpress 300 was created to be the photographer's best friend. It starts the moment you touch it. The rich feel combined with its comforting heft immediately conveys that you're holding a paper worthy of your best work. We're talking the kind of texture that can complement, elevate and showcase every kind of image - color or B&W. All the while, Entrada Rag Natural Coldpress 300 also offers the kind of resolution that delivers tack sharp results, even around the edges. And that's exactly what makes this textured matte paper so exceptional. Accurate colors, incredible detail, deep shadows and brilliant highlights. Entrada Rag Natural Coldpress 300 truly is the whole, textured package. Entrada Rag Natural Coldpress 300 is 100% cotton with a warm tone available in sheets 8.5x11, 13x19 and rolls 24"x 75ft and 44" x 75ft.

New Wave Art

u.go Wet Panel Carriers

New Wave Art is proud to introduce our new line of u.go Wet Panel Carriers under the u.go Plein Air brand. For the artist searching for a durable wet panel carrier that also provides the flexibility to hold multiple sized panels, we have them covered! The two sizes available are designed to hold your commonly sized plein air panels. Large Size (WPC1): Designed to hold 8 commonly sized panels.

Panel Height: Holds 16" (40cm) or less Panel Width: Holds 10" (25cm), 11" (28cm), and 12" (30cm)Common Sizes Held: 12"x16" (30x40cm), 12"x12" (30x30cm), 11"x14" (28x36cm), 10"x12" (25x30cm), 10"x10" (25x25cm), 9"x12" (23x30cm), 8"x10" (20x25cm), 6"x12" (15x30cm)Medium Size (WPC2):Designed to hold 6 commonly sized panels. Panel Height: Holds 12" (30cm) or less Panel Width: Holds 7" (18cm), 8" (20cm), and 9" (23cm)Common Sizes Held: 9"x12" (23x30cm), 8"x10" (20x25cm), 8"x8" (20x20cm), 9"x6" (23x15cm), 6"x8" (15x20cm), 5"x7" (13x18cm).

Both u.go Wet Panel Carrier models store 4 standard thickness panels, 0.20" (0.51cm) or less, back to back in 2 track systems. Included are 2 u.go 1" Panel Reducer Tracks to carry panels of different widths. Strategically place the Reducer Tracks in multiple positions within the main track system to hold your desired panel widths. Exterior: Made with a durable, waterproof, and solvent resistant material to protect your panels from the elements. Easy to adjust shoulder strap for comfortable transportation. Interior: Rigid aluminum frame for the ultimate protection. Made in USA.

Salmagundi Traditional Artist Palette

The Salmagundi Traditional Artist Palette was designed by today's most recognized names in representational art based on the historic palettes of The Salmagundi Club, and handcrafted in Pennsylvania, USA by New Wave Art. Its smooth lines and classic appearance let you know that this palette was modeled after some of the world's most famous artists' palettes of all time. The palette is coated with a resilient, non-absorbent satin finish resistant to artist solvents and mediums. Ready to use immediately, easily cleaned, and best used with oil paint. Salmagundi was created in 1871 and is one of America’s oldest art organizations. It has continually championed representational art, as well as artists and patrons worldwide.

Today, Salmagundi is in Greenwich Village, NY where it holds one of the world’s largest private collections of American artist palettes. A portion of all proceeds are donated to Salmagundi to support representational art. Salmagundi is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3).

Faber-Castell USA

Goldfaber Sketch Marker

The Goldfaber Sketch Marker is a sustainable, versatile sketching tool with its dual nibs. A soft, flexible brush nib is perfect for painterly work, while a metal encased fineliner tip (approx. .6mm) is suitable for fine details and contours. This alcohol-based dye stuff marker is permanent once dry, pH-neutral and acid-free. The ink dries quickly and does not smudge, layer the ink for 3D effects or to achieve opacity. Colors are easy to blend and can achieve streak free color transitions .Goldfaber Sketch Markers are made of 100% recycled plastic.

Manuscript Pen Company Ltd

Manuscript Plastic Free Packaging

Manuscript Pen Company are launching new Plastic Free Packaging across many of their best-selling calligraphy and stationery lines. For 2023, the new packaging will no longer feature single-use plastic clams. Instead, Manuscript's much-loved calligraphy sets have been reimagined, modernised, and designed in 100% recyclable board. Bold colour categories have been carefully selected to bring together each range and are reminiscent of Manuscript's heritage; whilst also modernising the with clean graphics and inspirational lifestyle imagery.

Resin Rockers

Resin Rockers MagicCure LED Lamp

The MagicCure LED Lamp offers a fully customizable cure for all Resin Rockers UV Resin Formulas! Artists can achieve a 360° non-tacky cure with features such as adjustable wattage, timer, and height, all giving 100% control to the artist!


Michael Harding Artists Watercolours

Michael Harding Artists Watercoloursq

Ohh Deer and Artful

Artful: Clay

Artful is an Art School in a Box with each box featuring all the materials you need to learn that particular medium, including a full 100+ page magazine that is full of tutorials and artist interviews. This box looks at Clay and includes a all the clay and tools you need to get yourself set up.

Winner of Best Packaging at Creativation by Namta 2023


Raphael Innovative Synthetic Kolinsky

Raphael has combined over 225 years of brush making experience with advanced technology to create a new, innovative synthetic fiber that mimics the attributes of natural Kolinsky hair. These brushes offer all the attributes of natural hair but are vegan-friendly. Ideal for watercolor, they have a fine point, excellent spring and water retention. Handmade in Mauritius.

Fabriano 1264 Mixed Media Pads

Fabriano 1264 Mixed Media Pads feature a medium textured acid-free soft white paper with special sizing, suitable for dry or wet techniques. Use with pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, pastel, pen and ink, marker, acrylic, gouache and watercolor. . Paper is made using Hydro-Power and is FSC Certified. Made in Italy. Available in 110 lb. (160 gsm) and 120 lb. (200 gsm), which will support more wet media. It can be used for final and permanent work. Pads are spiral-bound and micro-perforated.

Awagami Thick infused Handmade Postcard Sets

For 8 generations Awagami has made traditional Japanese washi papers in Tokushima, Japan. Now introducing Awagami's thick handmade postcards suitable for printmaking, drawing, collage, letterpress, book arts, crafts and more! Cards feature organic deckled edges and are made using the Tamezuki method, an East-meets-West style of papermaking that produces substantially thick sheets of paper. Each card is made of kozo, alpha cellulose or mixed pulp and is infused with materials such as onion, coffee, wood flecks and confetti. Each set includes ten 3.9" x 5.9" cards.

Grex Airbrush

Grex Micro Spray Gun Set

The Grex Micro Spray Gun set is the ultimate paint gun for fine detailed spraying. It's a spray gun and airbrush hybrid that lets you reach into the tightest areas for that perfect finish. Precision spraying, spot repairs and touch-ups are quick and easy with minimal overspray. Based on our Tritium Series airbrush, this gun even evolves with your needs with plenty of the same accessories and attachments to accommodate all your applications. Like all Grex products, you'll find the same reliability, high performance and quality you've come to expect.


Dura-Bright & Craft Plastic

New sizes and styles!

Grafix has expanded its range of sizes and selection for both Dura-Bright and Craft Plastic. Additional pad and roll sizes and some new styles are available.

HK Holbein, Inc.

Holbein Watercolor Palette with removable pans

A new and innovative watercolor palette from Holbein with removable pans. Now, you can arrange your colors by season, theme or by subject matter by simply removing the pans to add in new or different colors or to simply reorganize your pans by color or preference. Two sizes available. 

Global Creative, Inc.

OLO Marker

Innovation meets extraordinary in OLO Markers premium alcohol marker. Artists love the feel, the consistent smooth ink flow from Japanese nib to paper, and the extensive ink capacity. The patented design delivers performance and value. The ingenuity of OLO allows retail stores to offer a wide variety of 8 or 16 complimentary marker colors in our compact 4 and 8-piece marker sets, respectively. The eye-catching packaging is designed to draw attention and educate, and the well-thought-out color combinations allow customers to easily build creative collections without duplicating color. 

New DECO GELS from Karin Marker

DECO GEL 1.0 is a collection of 50 gel pens for decoration, drawing and calligraphy, divided into color series: MILKY WAY, METALLIC and STARSPARKS. They work perfectly on light and dark paper surfaces as well as on papers covered with watercolor paints, , water-based markers (such as Brushmarker PRO markers) and many other surfaces such as glass, foil, metal or stone covered with acrylic paints and markers containing acrylic paints (such as Pigment Decobrush markers). This variety of surfaces provides unlimited creative possibilities. DECO GEL 1.0 gel pens are precise tools for creating works full of subtle details and light nuances, such as calligraphy, bullet-journaling, scrapbooking, zentangle or mandalas. They are characterized by high covering power (MILKY WAY and METALLIC series), rich colors (METALLIC series), and special light effects(STAR SPARKS series). The covering, pigment-rich, dense water-based inks in DECO GEL 1.0 pens provide a smooth line, do not bleed through to the otherside, are water-resistant (on paper) and lightfast. DECO GEL 1.0 pens feature high-quality tips that allow for the creation of smooth, dynamic lines of varying thickness depending on the pressure and speed of drawing. The tight cap protects the ink from drying, further enhancing the quality of use and reducing the formation of drying gel layers on the pen tip. The sleek design and rubber grip provide comfortable holding, while the transparent body reveals the color of the gel ink.

Bob Ross Company

New Bob Ross Mop Brush!

Our newest addition to the marvelous line of Bob Ross brushes, the Bob Ross Mop Brush is finally here, developed specifically for the soft, flowing and sumptuous strokes inherent to the Bob Ross Wet-on-Wet Technique® for flower painting. It's 5/8" wide and approximately 9" long and gives you the perfect soft touch and versatile blending for floral paintings. Dissolve petals and foliage to a silky soft appearance, diffuse unwanted brushstrokes/textures in small background areas. But don't stop there! The new mop brush also lends the ideal caress to your Bob Ross wildlife creations, enabling you to create the softest of textures in animal fur or feathers. And when used to paint Bob Ross landscapes, the delicate fibers will yield the silkiest of ocean wave transparencies and frothy, splashing foam.

NEW Bob Ross Grab & Go Floral Painting Kits!

Introducing three new Bob Ross Grab & Go Floral Painting kits! Elegant, minimalist palettes make Bob Ross Wet-on-Wet Technique® for florals streamlined, fun and easy. All the Bob Ross designed brushes, soft oil colors, mediums and canvas you need to create beautiful classic gems in a modern, updated way. We’ve taken the guess work out of choosing the right materials for beginners. Clear, concise written instructions and how-to photos guide your customer step-by-step through the process of creating soft, lively florals. Carry all three for a fresh, vibrant grouping of floral paintings dedicated to primary hues. Beautiful but not overwhelming, that’s Bob Ross! Free how-to online videos available too.The HAPPY BLUE HYDRANGEAS Grab & Go Kit contains Bob Ross Liner Brush, Floral Fan Brush, 1/2" Floral Brush, Floral Filbert Brush, and Bob Ross Soft Oil Colors (1.25oz each): Titanium White, Sap Green, Cadmium Yellow Light, Ultramarine Blue, Turquoise, plus Bob’s unique Liquid Opal basecoat, Oil Paint Medium and carefully crafted Bob Ross 9x12 Canvas. The PLAYFUL PINK ROSES Grab & Go Kit contains Bob Ross Liner Brush, Floral Fan Brush, 1/2" Floral Brush, Small Round Brush, and Bob Ross Soft Oil Colors (1.25oz each): Titanium White, Sap Green, Mauve, Cadmium Yellow Light, Flower Pink, plus Bob’s unique Liquid Opal basecoat, Oil Paint Medium and carefully crafted Bob Ross 9x12 Canvas. The SUNNY YELLOW IRIS Grab & Go Kit contains Bob Ross Liner Brush, Floral Fan Brush, 1/2" Floral Brush, Small Round Brush, and Bob Ross Soft Oil Colors (1.25oz each): Titanium White, Sap Green, Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Yellow Light, Alizarin Crimson, plus Bob’s unique Liquid Opal basecoat, Oil Paint Medium and carefully crafted Bob Ross 9x12 Canvas.

Uchida of America, Corp.

LePen Pigment

LePen Pigment Pens are great for drawing, art, planners, journaling, lettering and more. The extra fine synthetic tip delivers a smooth, consistent ink flow. They work great on thinner papers and wont bleed. The ink is a water based pigmented that is quick drying and smudge resistant. They come in 12 dynamic colors - Black, Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Orange, Lavender, Pink, Burgundy, Navy, Teal, Dark Grey. The sets come in a handy, reusable case that allows you to store the pens while you use them. Once you try them, you won't want to write with anything else!

P13 Paper Products

"Precious" Scrapbooking Collection

Precious is one of the newest scrapbooking collections by P13 Paper Products. New gemstone patterns, beautiful flowers and soft colours make it perfect for all your scrapbooking creations. 

NEW: Precious is the first collection including dedicated album base with coordinated paper shapes.

Royal Talens

Talens Pantone Collection

Announcing a comprehensive new range of Markers, Inks and Paper developed in partnership between Royal Talens and Pantone, which means that these products have the official match to the Pantone Color Matching system “ great news for anyone who needs to make color-critical decisions in their work! The collection includes a wide variety of products, including refillable markers with brush and chisel nibs, sets, paper pads and marker inks. The colors are pigment-based and lightfast so they will remain bright and vibrant over time. And because the markers and inks are water-based, fast-drying, waterproof, and have no toxic odor, they're a great choice for anyone who needs to work quickly and efficiently without compromising on quality. “

Collection includes 108 markers, 24 sets, 4 paper pads, and 108 marker inks“ The marker and ink colors are the only ones in the world with the official match to the Pantone Color Matching System “

The paper is smooth, white, 180 gram, acid-free drawing paper that provides the optimal Pantone color match“ A great choice for designers, illustrators, artists or anyone looking for high-quality markers, inks and paper designed to deliver the best color matching results.

Royal Talens North American Paper Pads

Introducing a new line of imperial-sized paper from Royal Talens, specifically tailored for the North American market! This impressive range includes watercolor, sketch, drawing and mixed media papers in grades and sizes based on the most popular school list and standard framing sizes. Artists now have easy access to the sizes they need for all their projects, whether they are just starting out or creating works for display. – Line includes a total of 33 pads in assorted sizes and binding styles– Brands and paper types include: Rembrandt White Watercolor Paper Van Gogh White and Black Watercolor, Sketch, Drawing, and Mixed Media Papers Talens Art Creation White Watercolor and Mixed Media Papers– Paper and size options for practically every type of artist and project.

Ampersand Art Supply

Ampersand Duoframe

The NEW duoframe from Ampersand provides the ultimate versatility for framing your artwork. This innovative frame offers options for displaying artwork from the back or mounting it to the front for a modern floating effect. This unique feature provides excellent flexibility for artists to showcase their work in a classic or contemporary style. In addition, the float mount offers an exciting display option for 3D and fiber artwork. The timeless St. Ives style adds a bold touch to any space and maximizes artwork, making it a perfect addition to any art collection. The solid wood construction of the duoframe ensures its longevity, and the included hanging hardware makes it easy to display artwork right out of the box. Available in White and Black in sizes: 5x7, 6x6, 8x8, 8x10, 9x12, 11x14, and 12x12, it is a perfect frame for flat panels or canvas up to 7/8" deep. Duoframe Modern Versatility. Timeless Style.



Familiar with the cube or the pyramid? Do you know the other 3 Platonic Solids? These 5 volumes have been known since Antiquity and used in Mathematics, Astronomy, Arts, Philosophy, Physics, Chemistry, etc. Aristotle, Plato, Euclid, and Kepler, all studied them. Rich in history and educational value, these unique beautiful models are ready to be assembled by Creative Minds of all ages. These brand-new ARTOYA Platonic Solids are made of eco-friendly material and are recommended for ART and STEAM classes. Assembled without glue, thanks to a truly unique design.

DecoArt, Inc.

DecoArt Translucent Glass Paint

DecoArt Translucent Glass Paint creates the beautiful look of translucent stained glass. Transforms ordinary frame glass, simple glassware, bottles, ornaments. Any glass or porcelain surface can become a stunning work of art. Fully intermixable, permanent, and hand wash safe. Water based for easy use and cleanup.

DecoArt Thriftflip Upcycling Acrylics

New Thrift Flip Paints from DecoArt are a creative way to give new life to old items. Easily turn trash into treasure or personal wood, glass, metal, papier mache, and more. The water-based satin enamel needs no sealing and hardens to a durable, even dishwasher-safe finish. Thrift Flip Textiles are perfect for upcycling wearables like denim jackets and jeans, t-shirts, dresses, and more. Thrift Flip Textile paints can update home decor pieces like pillows, chair covers, drapes, etc. This super soft, flexible, and durable fabric paint will not harden when washed and will remain as bright as the day it was applied. An inspiring range of colors allows thrifty and eco-conscious makers to confidently transform their treasured finds.ize garments and home decor accessories. Thrift Flip Acrylics come in a premium, multi-surface formula ideal for surfaces like 

Americana Decor Your Home

Transform your home with a gorgeous, durable, modern low-sheen paint that brushes on easily and levels beautifully for an even, smooth professional look finish. All-in-one bonder/primer/finisher for an incredibly hard wearing finish even on tough-to-paint-surfaces.

Etchcom Inc.

Aero-Etch Sandcarving Kit

The AERO-ETCH SANDCARVING KIT introduces the arts and crafts practitioner to the fine art of sandcarving at an affordable price. The Aero-Etch Kit includes all the essential materials and equipment needed to learn how to practice the magic of sandcarving in your home workshop, garage, studio or even outdoors. Create your own designs, print your own stencils, and engrave your own products for any and all occasions with Aero-Etch. Each kit is equipped with :New, patented, versatile Aero-Etch Sandblaster specifically designed to achieve superior quality engraving results on glass and crystal. Works on glass, wood, metal, stone, ceramics, on both flat and curved surfaces. Lightweight. Easy-to-use. Portable. Designed for use with 12 oz. aerosol propellant canisters and 8 oz of fine abrasive provided in each kit. Operates at maximum of 60 PSI. Also Included: Sample of variety of stencil types to get you started. Aero-Etch stencil making supplies used by professional engravers and sandcarvers. Supplies include: Inkjet printer sheets, Aero-Etch film pack, washout clipboard, and more. Step-by-step guide to designing and producing your own professional grade engraving stencils. engraving on glass and crystal. Unleash your creativity - if you can print it, you can engrave it, with Aero-Etch

Smooth On, Inc. Chavant, Inc.

Maker Pro Paints

Maker Pro Paints are industrial-grade scenic design paints developed for rigorous themed environment applications at amusement parks, zoos, aquariums, etc. where outdoor durability is critical. Properly applied paints are highly abrasion/scratch resistant, UV lightfast and weather resistant. Maker Pro Paints are "public space" safe and certify to the highest flame rating available; ASTM E-84, Class A. They are currently available in 13 different colors plus an adhesion promoter, and bond tenaciously to Smooth On rigid / semi-rigid urethane or epoxy plastics as well as some urethane flexible foams and rubbers. They will also bond to wood, fiberglass, aluminum, concrete, plasters, steel and many other substrates Maker Pro Paints are no-VOC water based acrylic-urethanes. Colors mix cleanly and easily for color matching, and have consistent uniform coverage with less paint build up. Maker Pro Paint can be applied by brush, roller, or sprayed with an airbrush, spray gun, or touch-up gun.

Alien Clay

Alien Clay is a precision sculpting medium used for a variety of sculpting and fabrication applications. It is one of the most versatile clays available (sculpt, brush on, trowel on or pour) allowing for quick build-up and sculpting perfect detail. Use for sculpting finely detailed miniatures or life-size projects, movie special effects to create monsters, props, spaceships and other models, medical models, cosplay and more. The Alien Clay™ heat resistant container is specially designed for storing, melting and pouring the clay. It has a convenient snap secure lid, two hand holds and pour spouts to allow you to pour liquified clay directly from the container. This method is utilized to make exact reproductions (called castings) of a form by pouring the liquified clay into a mold, that can be further shaped and revised.

Gregory Daniels Fine Arts

da Vinci Cashwrap Counter Mini Displays

 Best Selling 8 items in each display

7 new mini da Vinci cashwrap counter displays featuring only the best selling 8 items of each line shown below: Maestro Kolinsky Sable Series 11 Round Value Kolinsky Red Sable Series 36 Round Petit Gris Pur Quill Mop Traditional Blue Squirrel Sign & Line Painting Kolinsky Red Sable Casaneo Urban Sketcher Quill Mops & Liners Casaneo Urban Sketcher Liners & Slants Micro Maestro and Nova Detail Rounds.

New da Vinci Colineo Synthetic Kolinsky

With da Vinci COLINEO we have succeeded in creating a mixture of synthetic fibers, very similar to its natural ideal. A carefully balanced mixture of different lengths of straight and wavy synthetic fibers with extra fine tips and tapered points, high elasticity and color absorption. This project has long been in the works at our factory in Germany. We offer the following variants and shapes:422 COLINEO Fan brush. Size 31222 COLINEO Rigger, medium length, sharp needle point. Sizes 5/0, 0, 4, 8, 125522 COLINEO Watercolor brush, round. Sizes 5/0, 3/0, 2/0, 0, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 245527 COLINEO Watercolor brush, slanted edge, sword shape. Sizes 10, 145822 COLINEO Watercolor brush, flat. Sizes 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24

Needleart World North America, LLC

Dotzies® by Diamond Dotz® Diamond Dotting Kits

It’s Sparkle Time! with Dotzies® Beginner Diamond Dotting Kits.These kits are fun and easy. Simply Dip, Dot, and Sparkle! Perfect for children 6 years and up.A wide variety of designs to choose from. Each kit includes everything needed to make a lovely work of art. You will be delighted with a high quality color printed fabric piece, a Diamond Dotz® stylus pen, craft tray, wax, and Diamond Dotz® pre-sorted colors.

 My Little Pony Dotzies® by Diamond Dotz® Diamond Dotting Kits

It’s Sparkle Time with a darling collection of Diamond Dotting Kits. Choose from activity kits, diamond dotting kits and Dotz® Box kits. These kits are fun and easy. Simply Dip, Dot, and Sparkle! Perfect for children 6 years and up. Each kit includes everything needed to make a lovely work of art. You will be delighted with a high-quality color printed piece, a Diamond Dotz® stylus pen, craft tray, wax, and Diamond Dotz® pre-sorted colors.Licensed by HASBRO and its logo, MY LITTLE PONY, and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. ©2023 Hasbro. All rights reserved.



Paw Patrol Dotzies® by Diamond Dotz® Diamond Dotting Kits

It’s Sparkle Time with an action-packed collection of Diamond Dotting Kits. Choose from activity kits, diamond dotting kits and Dotz® Box kits. These kits are fun and easy. Simply Dip, Dot, and Sparkle! Perfect for children 6 years and up. Each kit includes everything needed to make a lovely work of art. You will be delighted with a high-quality color printed piece, a Diamond Dotz® stylus pen, craft tray, wax, and Diamond Dotz® pre-sorted colors.©2023 SPIN MASTER Ltd. PAW PATROL and all related titles, logos, characters; and SPIN MASTER logo are trademarks of Spin Master Ltd. Used under license. Nickelodeon and all related titles and logos are trademarks of Viacom International Inc.




Peppa Pig Dotzies® by Diamond Dotz® Diamond Dotting Kits

It’s Sparkle Time with a darling collection of Diamond Dotting Kits. Choose from activity kits, diamond dotting kits and Dotz® Box kits. These kits are fun and easy. Simply Dip, Dot, and Sparkle! Perfect for children 6 years and up.Each kit includes everything needed to make a lovely work of art. You will be delighted with a high-quality color printed piece, a Diamond Dotz® stylus pen, craft tray, wax, and Diamond Dotz® pre-sorted colors. PEPPA PIG and all related trademarks and characters TM & 2003 Astley Baker Davies Ltd and/or Entertainment One UK Limited. HASBRO and all related logos and trademarks TM & 2023 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. Used under Permission.



Baby Shark Dotzies® by Diamond Dotz® Diamond Dotting Kits

It’s Sparkle Time with a fun-filled collection of Diamond Dotting Kits. Choose from diamond dotting kits and Dotz® Box kits. These kits are fun and easy. Simply Dip, Dot, and Sparkle! Perfect for children 6 years and up. Each kit includes everything needed to make a lovely work of art. You will be delighted with a high-quality color printed piece, a Diamond Dotz® stylus pen, craft tray, wax, and Diamond Dotz® pre-sorted colors.©The Pinkfong Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Pinkfong™ and Baby Shark™ are trademarks of The Pinkfong Company, Inc., registered or pending rights worldwide. ©2023 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved. Nickelodeon is a trademark of Viacom International Inc.



Diamond Dotz® Freestyle Custom DIY Diamond Painting

Bring your imagination to life with our Diamond Dotz® Freestyle range. We offer over 400 individual colors, high quality adhesive and canvases to bring your custom design to life. Our DIY Diamond Painting Freestyle range is targeted to people that want the freedom to create a personalized diamond painting project. The limitations of an all-inclusive diamond art kit have been removed. No need to go looking for specific "DIY diamond art kits" or "custom diamond painting kits" as all the high-quality components can easily be purchased individually from our official site. This gives you the great benefit of purchasing whatever quantity you need no matter the size of the DIY diamond painting.


Arteza Skateboard Wall Art Set (ARTZ-4887)

Art and skateboard decks go hand in hand, so what better way to illustrate your passion and creativity than to showcase a custom skate deck on your wall? Express yourself and pay tribute to the riders, artists, and board designers of skateboarding with this simple way to display your own personalized deck.

This kit comes complete with everything needed to decorate and hang a unique skateboard deck art surface. The included 100% maple 8-ply skateboard deck measures 31” x 8” and has a matte coating to better allow mediums to apply to it. We have also provided a variety of mediums to create with, including paint markers, chrome markers, and white pencil. When you are ready to hang your masterpiece, the included mounting system is specially designed to create an eye-catching, secure display with minimal impact on your wall.

Full Set Includes: (1) Black Skateboard Deck with Matte Coating, (1) Wall Mount Kit, (1) White Pencil, (1) Pencil Sharpener, (1) Chrome Ink Marker, (8) Oil-Based Paint Markers, & (1) Instruction Booklet. Available Fall 2023

Arteza Wine Glass & Wood Coaster Party (ARTZ-4881)

Gather your closest friends and family for a night of creativity! This wine and coaster kit is perfect for making memories with your family and friends. Have fun designing and personalizing your own stemless wine glass using Arteza’s oil-based paint markers. Finish off your fun-filled evening by creating a unique coaster using Arteza’s premium wood slices. Pair the wood slices with the included paint brushes, craft paint, and oil-based markers to create wonderful works of art on the wood slices!

Full Set Includes: (4) 12 oz Stemless Wine Glasses, (4) 2 fl oz Craft Acrylic Paint Bottles, (4) Paint Brushes, (4) Wood Slices, (8) Oil-Based Markers, & (1) Instruction Booklet. Available Fall 2023

Zebra Pen

Mildliner Double Ended Creative Highlighter Gentle Color Collection

Five new colors in the beloved Mildliner Double Ended Creative Highlighter range. Available in sets and open stock. Brings entire Mildliner Double Ended Creative Highlighter range to 35 colors in the US market. Mild Honey Orange Mild Sherbet Yellow Mild Soda Blue Mild Lilac Mild Baby Pink.

Pebeo Inc.

Setacolor Leather

The performance of Pebeo’s renowned Setacolor paints now available for leather! All colors of these high-quality, fluid paints are guaranteed to have a uniform opacity throughout the range and great resistance on all types of leather. Best of all, the range is completed with extra fine tip markers for precision work and numerous practical auxiliaries.

Colorex Markers

Pebeo’s new rechargeable watercolor ink markers feature an innovative refill system, which allows you to quickly fill-up markers directly from a Colorex bottle. The markers also include a versatile double-ended brush tip (flip it to get more use out of the tip!) to apply the vibrantly colored transparent inks with precision. Ideal for illustrating and calligraphy.

Jacquard Products

Lumiere Planetary Collection

Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Mars make up our new spacey Planetary Collection. The new colors along with Super Sparkle are highly reflective and iridescent. Have you witnessed the green mist of Mercury or the violet blush of Saturn's rings? A dark backdrop like space, emphasizes their iridescence. Jacquard's reliable and durable Lumiere formula will get you there.

New Fluorescent Acid Dyes

We have added fluorescent Acid Dyes to our most popular line of dyes for Wool, Nylon, and Silk. These are the brightest dyes for protein fibers that exist. These Eye-popping colors will make your wool look like it came from a psychedelic sheep. Chartreus and Hot Fuchsia are old friends in new packaging to let people know these colors glow under a black light. We are also adding, Fluorescent Yellow, Red, Orange, and Blacklight Blue to the roster. Blacklight Blue is especially unique. A pastel baby blue in normal light, this subdued color blazes under black light conditions.


Bokuju and Suzuri Stone Sumi Sets

Introducing Yasutomo's new sumi sets! The Suzuri Stone Sumi Set (SWS600) contains two sumi brushes, one sumi ink stick and one Suzuri stone in a beautiful paper box. Includes an illustrated instruction sheet on how to achieve a classic sumi bamboo painting, complete with a QR code to video instructions on how to grind ink on a suzuri stone and paint bamboo. The Bokuju Sumi Set (SWS700) contains two sumi brushes, one bottle of Bokuju (liquid sumi ink), and a porcelain saucer in a beautiful paper box. Includes an illustrated instruction sheet on how to paint a sumi poppy flower, complete with a QR code to video instructions. Great for both novice and experienced sumi-e artists. Also makes a lovely gift!

Silverpoint Drawing Tools

A Traditional Art Tool Made Modern Silverpoint is a centuries-old technique of drawing with silver on a gesso prepared surface and will tarnish beautifully over time. Now Yasutomo Silverpoint Drawing Tools make it easy for anyone to try their hand at this classic technique! Points are 99% silver for an authentic silverpoint drawing experience. The beveled point shape allows for different line thicknesses. Black, bamboo-shaped handles are fashioned from wood for an elegant appearance and comfortable grip. Available in 1mm and 2mm point sizes (MPC-SP1, MPC-SP2).Refill points are also available in 1mm and 2mm sizes (MPRC-SP1, MPRC-SP2). Simply unscrew worn points from the reusable wooden handle and replace with refills. Silverpoint works wonderfully on Yasutomo Mineral Paper - no gesso preparation needed! Simply draw directly on Mineral Paper. You can even erase unwanted marks! Packaged in a white box with a gray foam insert and clear plastic sleeve with a hang tab. Refill points packaged in a clear bag with hang tab.

Fusion Brushes

With a classical Asian appearance but Western performance capabilities, Yasutomo Fusion brushes combine features of Eastern and Western styles to give you a versatile painting tool with excellent value. Taklon fiber bristles hold a fine point for detailed strokes. Brush tips are responsive and springy for a controlled painting experience, perfect for watercolor and lettering. Dark, synthetic bamboo handles are easy to clean and won't crack. Hang brushes by the end loop to dry. Available in 5 sizes (FS1, FS2, FS3, FS4, FS5).

Picket Fence Studios

Paper Pouncers - Bright Rainbows

What is a Paper Pouncer? Paper Pouncers are a tool for direct ink application on intricate die cuts, stencils, and more. How do you use them? Quick and easy way to apply water based ink, watercolors, & embossing ink. You pounce the ink directly onto your surface, rather than blend. The high-quality sponge will not tear or snag delicate die cuts or stencils. For targeted control, hold where the handle meets the sponge. Are they easy to use? Y es! The Paper Pouncers are ergonomic in design for easy application. This is ideal for anyone with hand, wrist, or elbow issues, the pouncing motion is a gentle action.

Paper Glaze Luxe - Arctic Fox

Paper Glaze Luxe is a luxurious mixed media product which provides luster and shine to porous and nonporous surfaces. This heavy body art medium is infused with mica and lots of glitter to glide across paper leaving a thick or thin layer of shimmer. Luxe can be used direct to paper, through a stencil or transferred from a gel press. Artist quality raw materials, mica and glitter, are used in our in-house lab to assure glitter remains sealed with no flaking. Paper Glaze Luxe can be added to several Picket Fence Studios art mediums to create unique techniques for your card making, scrapbooking or mixed media art projects.


New pigment arts range

High-quality fiber-tip pens with innovative Multi Ink. Multi Ink sets new standards regarding color brilliancy and lightfastness. The ideal all-rounder for mixed media techniques but also for brush lettering, drawing, manga, illustrations or coloring. Permanent and waterproof with no bleeding or ghosting.

Abroli LLC

"PAINT ON WOOD" By Numbers

Abroli's "Paint On Wood by Number" has reinvented the paint by numbers category by inventing a brand new, never before available process of printing paint by number spaces on a beautiful wood canvas made up of the finest cuts of the European Ash tree, allowing your customers to create beautifully realized images on wood that they will be happy to hang anywhere in their home.



Winner of Best New Kids' Product at Creativation by Namta 2023

Katy Sue Designs

Katy Sue Feathers Mold & Veiner

Create beautiful and highly detailed feathers every time using this food grade Feathers Silicone Mold and Veiner. You can use with:Air-drying clay, Polymer clay, Resin, Hot glue, Cold Porcelain Wax, Soap, Fondant, Marzipan, and Chocolate. Featuring three different designs - a feathery curl, a straight quill and a large, textured plume - these feathers are incredibly versatile and can add a touch of elegance to your cake decorating or craft project. Use the included veiner to add texture and detail to the back of the feather, to make a stunning freestanding piece. Innovatively, each mold cavity includes a channel at the base of the feather spine, so they can be wired or unwired as desired.

Miniature Sentiments - Paper Quilling Card Making Kit

Make sweet quilled cards for a variety of occasions with our Miniature Sentiments Quilling Kit featuring a mixed pack of quilling strips, 8 x printed and die cut sentiments discs and 8 aperture cards with envelopes, plus colourful inserts to display your miniature artworks. Also included is a comprehensive full colour instruction booklet, plus online access to how-to videos for quilling techniques shown in the kit. The easy-to-follow instructions have the quilling strip lengths laid out ready to measure against so all you have to do is follow along and watch your paper quilled artwork come to life! Will appeal to beginners and experienced quillers alike. For environmental reasons our quilling tools are sold separately. Makes 8 miniature quilling designs: Friends are like stars, All you need is love, If friends were flowers, Just for you, Good luck, Happy Birthday, You are my sunshine and With Love.

3D Die Cut Decoupage (Papertole)

Our pre cut 3D sheets are perfect for card makers. Printed onto quality uncoated paper they are intricately die cut using traditional European techniques. Each pack contains three sheets of one design. Simply press out from the sheet and layer up with either silicone glue or foam pads to complete your 3D image. Perfect for card making and other paper crafts. 


Narushima Washi Papers

Introducing our newest source for fine paper. Narushima Washi a generations old papermaking facility in Hanamaki Japan. Unique in the way they make paper, and made completely by hand from plant to sheet. These two papers are glorious. 100% Kozo, one with the pulp filtered one with the flecks.


Sizzix ™ Making Tool - Scoring Board & Trimmer

Whether it be creating a personalized card and its matching envelope, the perfectly sized box for a that gift that’s impossible to wrap, or decorative items such as banners, bows and rosettes, it’s now all possible with the Scoring Board & Trimmer. This exciting new tool from Sizzix gives you the freedom to truly customise to your needs and take personalization to a professional level! With the ability to trim and score up to 12:x 12”, you can now create truly custom creations with both ease and precision. Scan the QR code to access our box and envelope size generator paired with plenty of inspiration and supporting instructions to further enhance your creative journey. This craft room must-have with its stylish and sleek design will become a staple making companion that you will use time and time again.


Medea NuWorlds Weathered Worlds Set

Painting shouldn't be complicated. That’s why we designed a specially-pigmented formula with a comprehensive color range. These paints have been developed with a unique blend of resins and additives to make them ideal for painting minis and more. Now it's easier than ever to build dynamic layers with hyper realistic depth. Enter new realms in your mini painting experience with Medea NuWorlds Paint. Let Creation Begin. Medea NuWorlds Weathered Worlds Set (14 Colors + Wash Medium) w/2oz Matte Clear, 2oz 4011 Reducer, 2 x 1oz Medea Airbrush Cleaner.

Boya Unicorn Set

Boya is a soft wax pastel for drawing, coloring and painting. Boya crayons are designed differently, their shape is formed of edges, tips and round sides which allows you to draw with lines as well as colored surfaces or shades main elements of every bdrawing and painting.

Iwata HiLine TH2

Iwata HP-TH2 Gravity Feed Dual Action Trigger Airbrush is your bridge between an airbrush and mini spray gun in both capability and performance. The TH2's unique H6 head system easily atomizes a wide variety of spray materials including candy blends and metallic paints and the built-in micro air control (MAC) valve enables dynamic, incremental control of airflow without needing to adjust your compressor. Round pattern and fan pattern air caps give you options for covering large areas quickly and when combined with the MAC valve, produce an unmatched range of spray patterns and effects.

Adhesive Technologies

Artistick Pro-Strength Premium Glue Sticks

Artistick Pro-Strength Premium Glue Sticks are the strongest-bonding hot-melt glue sticks ever formulated. No matter what materials you're bonding wood, plastic, glass, fabric, foam, you name it—your projects will last the test of time. Artistick glue sticks are optimized for application with AdTech glue guns, with virtually no drips or strings. Available in both mini and full-size sticks, this is better glue than you ever imagined!

Cordless Opti-Temp Project Pro Mini Glue Gun

Introducing the best-performing, cordless glue gun on the market. The engineering geeks at AdTech have created a cordless mini glue gun that performs as good, if not better, than its corded counterpart. The Cordless Project Pro heats up quickly to its Opti-Temp setting, and will run for up to 1.5 hours with its included, and replaceable 2500 mAh battery. Premium features, and a unique palm trigger, make the Cordless Project Pro easy to use for crafts and DIY projects — and the lack of a cord gives you the freedom to glue anywhere! A USB-C charging cord, and 10 sticks of Artistick Pro-Strength Premium Glue are included, giving users a complete adhesive system right out of the box.