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Ampersand Art Supply

Oversized Gessobord

2" DEEP Cradled 48 x 72

Museum Series Gessobord is a trusted professional quality prepared wood panel for artists. The superior quality acrylic gesso ground does not dull colors and the wonderful lightly sanded surface provides exceptional brush control with both oils and acrylics.

Made with premium warp-resistant 1/8” FSC-certified Hardbord™  and protected with an exclusive Archiva-Seal technology, the surface is acid-free, non-yellowing and truly archival. The cradled frames are handcrafted with premium grade 13-ply birch plywood for maximum stability and a clean, finished look.  New oversized Gessobord panels are also available in 48 x 48 and 48 x 60. Made in the USA. Each Gessobord is handcrafted in Buda, Texas

Aerosol and acrylic on Gessobord by Taylor Reinhold

Claybord Art Tiles

Claybord mini tiles for all your project needs! Ampersand’s top selling Claybord surface in 5 unique small sizes perfect for Artist Trading Cards (ATCs), stamping, painting, jewelry making, collage, coasters, magnets, ornaments, scrapbooking, embellishments, and much more! Available sizes ranging from 1”x1” to 3.5”x3.5” in open stock or with a convenient counter or tabletop display.

The Claybord surface is sanded to an ultra-smooth, highly absorbent finish. Work into the surface by thinly applying paint or ink, then remove it, reapply it, even scratch through it to add contrast, texture and fine details.

Claybord can be used with inks, egg tempera, acrylics, collage, pencil, pen, airbrush, photo-transfers, casein, watercolor, gouache, mixed-media, and to mount papers, prints and fabrics.


Fredrix Artist Canvas

Fredrix Mixed Media Archival Board
The unique texture of an all-natural 100% cotton canvas with a specially formulated acid-free coating delivers a uniquely new mixed media experience.

These professional grade canvas boards are constructed with the highest quality, non-acidic archival materials. The tempered hardboard core will not warp, become brittle, or deteriorate over time. Mounted with proprietary acid-free adhesive ensures they will stand the test of time.

Fredrix Pro Series
Marker Canvas

Introducing a totally new archival surface for markers. Starting with our smoothest poly/cotton weave, we have applied a proprietary ink receptive coating that is unlike anything in the market. Our USA primed weight is 11oz (372 g/m2) and the bright white surface is bleed proof ensuring sharp vibrant colors.

Indoor Vinyl Floor Graphics
Indoor Vinyl Floor Graphics with Self Adhesive Back. 17”X17” OR 10”X10” SIZES. Printed in San Diego, CA.

FREDRIX presents a firm, versatile surface for a variety of media. Our Artist Series Cradled Canvas Board is finished with our USA-primed poly/cotton archival quality canvas.

The canvas has a universal acrylic titanium formula that is suitable for painting in acrylics, oils, water soluble oils, alkyds, spray paints, paint markers & permanent markers.


WOODEN FRAMES from ArtVenture!
Discover the NEW LINE of Home Decor
Fun to assemble, Customizable to make a creative frame, Beautiful result

14 different designs:

Assembling the EWA Kit

Unicorn Home Decor Puzzle

•  Bring this symbol of purity and grace to your living space. This model of the legendary creature is made of unique polygonal shapes with a stylish design and clear assembly process.

•  Eco-friendly 3D models to assemble and customize at school or at home.
•  The home decor range offers 14 different designs
•  Eco-friendly material made of FSC certified wood.
•  Very high precision with laser-cut plywood with amazing details.
•  All-inclusive boxes, self-assembly. Does not include the tools or nails/screws to hang the model on the wall.
•  No messy glue required.
•  Clear colorful step-by-step assembly instructions.
•  Number of pieces in this model: 265
•  The dark stained wood when placed directly on a wall, will stand out beautifully against the surface. It can also be painted or used as a frame to customize with your own artwork.
•  Recommended age:14 years or older.
•  Fully certified ASTM D4236, LHAMA and GCC
•  Proud member of 1% for the Planet, a global organization supporting sustainability programs.

PLANETARIUM from ArtVenture
A very elaborate mechanical simulator of the Solar System to assemble yourself.Hours of fun to assemble the precise pieces.Great educational information displayed on the different parts and planets.This planetarium is part of a full line of 60+ eco-friendly 3D models to assemble and customize at school or at home. Includes stationery, home decor, animals, and even models invented by the great Leonardo da Vinci.

Sustainable material made of FSC certified wood.Very high precision with laser-cut plywood with amazing details.All-inclusive boxes, self-assembly. No messy glue required.Clear colorful step-by-step assembly instructions.Very sturdy construction.Beautiful retail displays for retail, images, and videos available for online sales.

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Star Products
“Student Art Folios” With Handles
Star Products is happy to introduce an addition to the “Student Art Folio” family:

The Student Art Folio line has been Star Products biggest winner the last 12 months.
School Suppliers have found that Teachers & Students love colors.
We introduced this line for Parents of Children and Students to store & transport their art.
We are now expanding the line into the larger & bestselling sizes of portfolios.
They are still made from the same 15 Pt. Heavy Fiber and steel reinforced soft webbed handles.
The handles are reinforced with tearproof mylar on the inside for added strength.
• Acid free/ archival quality
• Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) certified
• 30% PCW & 100% Recyclable
• Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF)

Logan Graphic Products, Inc.

New form LOAGN-Cos-Tools are accurate, easy to use, able to cut circles, straight edges, beveled edges, V-Grooves & small holes. For use on various EVA foams used in Cosplay costume design and prop building.

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Grafix Mixed Media Journal

Grafix NEW Mixed Media Journal is a disc-bound journal composed of Grafix most popular materials.

• .010” Clear Dura-Lar Film
• .004” Wet Media Dura-Lar Film
• .005” Matte Dura-Lar Film
• .010” Opaque White Craft Plastic Film
• .010” Opaque Black Craft Plastic Film
• .057” Natural Chipboard.


These materials can be used with a wide range of mediums; inks, stamps, adhesives, pens, markers, embossing, scissors, punches, techniques, and die-cutting systems. With the ability to add and remove sheets, the creative possibilities are limitless! Your customers can customize their own art journal or planner with these unique blank surfaces.

This Mixed Media Journal is a great introduction to Grafix materials. Not to mention, a fun variety of surfaces for all ages and skill levels. Available in an assortment disc-bound journal with 2 sheets of each style and single packs with 12 sheets of one style. Mixed Media Journals will be shipping by the end of June 2021.

Itoya ProFolio

Kuretake ZIG
We are very excited to re-introduce Kuretake ZIG markers and Gansai Tambi paints to North America.

We have an extensive catalog of products which include brush markers, calligraphy markers, dot markers, and Gansai Tambi watercolor paints!


Art ProFolio for Comic Books
Comic book collectors rejoice! Introducing the Art ProFolio for Comic Books!The Art ProFolio for Comic Books is the first in a new series of ProFolios for Collectibles.

Each one is designed to hold 12 bagged and boarded current and Silver Age comic books. The inside is filled with clear pockets, built with patented gussets that automatically expands when a comic book is inserted into them. The pockets have special welds on the inside edges so that each page turns perfectly like a book, making it a breeze to showcase your comics!

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Original Art ProFolio product without our famous acid-neutral black paper inserts in each pocket, making sure everything is archival quality to keep your comics safe and looking great for years to come.

Hanaduri GugimFolio
The GugimFolio is a beautiful, hand-painted folio, complete with a notebook insert.

The GugimFolio takes its name from the process used to make its cover, where paper made from mulberry trees is repeatedly crumpled and flattened. After this is done, each notebook is painted by hand, making every one of them truly one-of-a-kind.

All three sizes of GugimFolio are available in four eye-catching colors. Each GugimFolio includes a refillable, fountain-pen friendly notebook with high quality blank paper, and a hand painted, vibrantly colored spine.

The Original Art ProFolio

12'' x 18''

Introducing the newest size in our famous Original Art ProFolio line: 12'' x 18''! The best-selling Original Art ProFolio is the only storage and presentation book of its kind!

Each clear pocket is completely acid-free through its polypropylene, PVC-free construction and quality craftsmanship, and contains black acid-neutral mounting paper in each pocket. The Original Art ProFolio is archival safe, making it the ideal place for storing photographs. Top-loading, clear polypropylene sheets will not stick to copier toner and are also perfect for storing a vast array of artwork and memory projects.

Coming in a wide array of sizes including portrait, landscape, metric and multi-page formats, it is easier than ever to find the best Original Art ProFolio for your favorite photos, artwork, and documents of all sizes. Worried about keeping track of what you have in each Original Art ProFolio? Not a problem! Simply pull out the reversible spine insert which allows for customizing titles and organization.

PuniLabo Stand Up Pen Case
PuniLabo Stand Up Pen Cases are the perfect companions for any stationery lover. Each animal pen case can be zipped closed for easy transportation, and transformed into a pen cup to hold your favorite pens and pencil upright on a desk when you’re ready to use them.

Simply place your writing supplies in the body, your eraser in the elastic on the top, and zip closed. When you want to use the contents, open the case, press the bottom down on a desk, and watch the case transform into a cup that pushes your writing supplies upward to make them easy to see and use.


 Jacquard Products


Procion MX & Acid Dye
4-Color Starter Dye Sets
Jacquard’s 4-Color dye sets have undergone a beautifully elevated package re-design!

The Procion MX and Acid Dye 4-color Sets offer a comprehensive introduction to color mixing with dyes. With the three primary colors + black, virtually any color can be achieved! NEW color wheel-style mixing chart and complex color mixing ratios are included in the sets and make exploring color space easier than ever. Novices and seasoned dyers will both agree, these sets represent the fundamental color palette that every dyer needs in their toolbox.

• Each set features three primary colors + black. With these four colors, virtually any color can be achieved!• The Color Wheel Mixing Chart (included) is an excellent tool that provides an introduction to color mixing with dyes.

• Includes formulas for creating over 20 different colors.

• Provides everything needed to learn to dye, and color mix, like a pro.



Paint with a GoEasel
The world’s most complete painting station — and eliminate the frustration of time-consuming setups and cleanups, especially when you want to change location.

Whether you enjoy painting in various spaces in your house, studio, or classroom, or whether you like to paint in the outdoors or at painting parties, the GoEasel lets artists focus on their art rather than on setup and cleanup.

Specially engineered with professional artists, amateur hobbyists, and students in mind, the GoEasel simplifies the art creation process by combining the following elements into one portable, easy-to-clean painting station:-A deep bowl to hold water for cleaning brushes.-A circular palette that can be hooked to the side of the bowl while painting and stored inside the bowl for transport.-Slots along the rim of the bowl for holding up to five long brushes horizontally.-Holes along the rim of the bowl for holding up to 12 shorter brushes vertically.-Large and narrow slots on the sides of the bowl to hold artboards or canvases at the perfect painting angle.

The GoEasel can securely hold artboards and canvases up to ¾ inches in thickness. It can also handle canvases as small as 6 by 6 inches and as large as 16 by 20 inches in size. Even larger canvas sizes can be tried if water is placed in the bowl, giving the GoEasel added weight and stability.

The lightweight, minimalist GoEasel comes in five colors — light gray, charcoal, black, teal, and fuchsia — and is easy to rinse out in the sink or clean in your dishwasher. It’s also compact and stackable — an especially useful feature for schools and painting studios that purchase multiple GoEasels.This all-in-one easel is easy to use, requires no assembly, and works with all art paints, making it an excellent product for all ages.

Created by a professional artist for all artists, the GoEasel is an expertly crafted solution that will bring joy back into your painting process as you express yourself on your canvas.

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Uchida of America, Corp.

IMarvy Uchida
DecoColor Outliner Paint Markers
It’s Here! Our New DecoColor® Outliner. t is a paint marker that allows you to do two colors with one stroke.

These Awesome markers write with a silver metallic paint with a colored outline of either red, blue, green, or violet ink.

These oil-based paint markers work best on un-coated card stock, light or white copy paper and crafting paper.

These are sold in a 4-pc set.


Marvy Uchida LePen® Retro
Our World Famous LePen's have 6 brand new colors.

Check out Le Pen Retro. This new collection contains Magenta, Pale Mauve, Mustard, Jade Green, Sepia and Navy Blue.

The 6 piece set has a great re-usable plastic case that allows you to store your pens while you are using them. Slide the top back on and take your Le Pen Retro on the go. Available open stock, carded and in a set of 6.

Marvy Uchida Opaque Brush
Marvy Uchida Opaque Brush Metallic Brush Markers have a great flexible brush tip that allows you to easily create thick and thin strokes.

These beautiful Brush Pens are Pigmented and Opaque and work great on both Light and Black Papers.

They are perfect for hand lettering, brush lettering, planners, journals and more - You have got to see these!

Available in open stock, carded and a set of 6.

Winsor & Newton Fine Art Paper Ranges
To select the ideal paper for customers 'purposes can be quite difficult, especially given a remarkable variety to choose from. The new design of Winsor & Newton paper range will help customers to navigate more easily by clear differentiations, expressive images and mentioning not only usage suggestions, but also corresponding products on the inside cover for each paper type. Our Papers Winsor & Newton create the world's finest art materials, and as colour experts, we know the importance of a paper's performance in influencing the final work. However, some artists don't know what makes one paper perform better than another. So, we work with expert papermakers to test quality papers, across price points and select superior surfaces that maximise the performance of the art material used, whatever your skill level.Our Range Our pads now clearly signal the exceptional paper quality inside. Improvements include:

  • Better shelf standout: with emotive imagery that consumers found inspiring in research
  • Easier shop-ability: with clear, consistent guidance and labelling by type of paper
  • Clearer quality differentiation: so artists can select papers that are best for their needs

Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Synthetic Hog Brush
Driven by innovation and the increased consumer desire for non-animal hairbrushes, Winsor & Newton developed a new professional range. Our new Artists' oil brushes are synthetic, but with uncompromising quality and performance. On top of that all brushes come with Winsor & Newton's unique ergonomic double-bodies short handle, for perfect control and comfort.
Round: A traditional full belly round ideal for fine detail, lines and glazes
Glaze: A wide flat brush with square edges for covering large areas or applying mediums including glazes and varnishes
Fan: A fanned head for blending, softening edges and creating textures
Flat: A flat brush used to blend, glaze or cover a large area
Filbert: A flat head with an oval tip for creating a broad mark with a soft edge
Bright: A short flat head for creating sharp edges with control

Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor Synthetic Sable Brush
Driven by innovation and the increased consumer desire for non-animal hairbrushes, Winsor & Newton developed a new professional range. Our new watercolor brushes are synthetic, but with uncompromising quality and performance. On top of that all brushes come with Winsor & Newton™ unique ergonomic double-bodies short handle, for perfect control and comfort.

  • Rigger: An extra fine point for fine lines, lettering and detail One-Stroke: A short flat brush for edges and shapes or to apply washes
  • Wash: A wide wash brush for covering large areas and applying glazes and varnishes
  • Round: A traditional full belly round ideal for fine detail, lines and washes
  • Mop: A domed wash brush ideal for broad washes with thinned colour and blending
  • Quill: A synthetic squirrel brush, the quill shape is conical with a thick belly. The quill shape provides excellent colour carrying capacity and controlled washes
  • Pointed Round: An adaptation of the round, the extra fine tapered point provides fine control and allows for fine detailed work whilst the belly holds colour

Winsor & Newton Graphite Pencils Studio Collection
Create everything from beautifully fine-detailed drawings to spontaneous, expressive sketches with these versatile, high-quality pencils. Ideal for capturing movement or inspiration on the go. The classic charcoal and graphite pencils included in the Studio Collection range blend easily to create evocative shading, making them ideal to create life drawings and still life pieces while on the go, at home, or in the studio.
Graphite and charcoal pencils - A range of grades to choose from - High quality, break-resistant leads - Available in smart metal tin sets


Winsor & Newton Watercolor Pencils Studio Collection
Explore stunning water colour effects and rich, vibrant hues with these wonderfully versatile thick-core pencils. Use dry like a regular pencil, or experiment with a wet brush to transform the pencil colour into paint  - perfect for creating gorgeous, expressive artworks on the go. They're beautifully smooth to use and sharpen cleanly, with cores and points that won't break under pressure. Highly pigmented, brilliant colours. Exceptional solubility. Excellent lightfastness. Available in smart metal tin sets.

Winsor & Newton Studio Collection Colour Pencils
The Studio Collection colour pencils have a soft texture that blending easy and the high-quality cores mean they're beautifully smooth and responsive to use, whether you're building up intense colour or working on delicate shading. A desirable essential for any budding artist looking to create their next marvellous masterpiece in style.•Soft texture, rich and easy to blend - Highly pigmented, brilliant colours - Excellent lightfastness - Available in smart metal tin sets
Winsor & Newton Promarker 6 Skin Tones 1 Set

Choose from Ivory, Satin, Almond, Putty, Coral and Soft Peach in this mini palette of Promarkers. As with all Promarker sets, it has been specifically curated to provide illustrators and artists with beautiful colours, every day. Contains 6 x Promarkers: Ivory, Satin, Almond, Putty, Coral and Soft Pea.
Winsor & Newton Promarker 6 Skin Tones 2 Set

Highlight, contour and shade to create beautifully realistic skin colours and portraits with the Promarker Skin Tones 2 set. The colours included in this set have been carefully chosen to complement each other and to broaden any illustrator's palette. This set includes. Burnt Sienna: with the richness and depth to build darker skin tones and create shading in medium ones. Cinnamon: one of the lighter shades of the earthy colour spectrum, with hints of red and brown. Tan: the pinkest shade in the brown spectrum of colours, it blends effortlessly into cinnamon tones.Blush: delicate with a hint of warmth, and strong enough to convey depth in light, peachy tones. Dusky Pink: has a subtly pink tone that is almost chalky in effect, and is closer to tan than pink. Spice: warm and rustic, it adds depth and intensity for lively hair colour and reflections.

Winsor & Newton Promarker 12 Tattoo Set

The colours in this set were carefully selected to provide you with all the essential tools you need to sketch your ideal traditional tattoo on paper before moving onto skin.Alcohol - based markers. Twin tipped: chisel nib and bullet nib.Contains Promarker x 12 - Lipstick Red, Pumpkin, Sunflower, China Blue, Indigo Blue, Plum, Forest Green, Green, Spice, Burgundy, Warm Grey 4, Ice Grey 4 and Blender
Winsor & Newton Promarker 6 Green Tones

Expand your Promarker collection with these 6 green tones; Meadow Green, Apple, Mint Green, Grass, Emerald, and Holly.Alcohol - based markers. Twin tipped: chisel nib and bullet nib

Winsor & Newton Promarker 6 Red Tones
Website -

Expand your Promarker collection with these 6 red tones; Soft Peach, Salmon Pink, Lipstick Red, Berry Red, Maroon, and Burgundy.Alcohol - based markers. Twin tipped: chisel nib and bullet nib.
Winsor & Newton Promarker 6 Yellow Tones

Expand your Promarker collection with these 6 yellow tones; Buttercup, Lemon, Canary, Vanilla, Mustard and Amber. Alcohol - based markers. Twin tipped: chisel nib and bullet nib.
Winsor & Newton Fineliners Cool Grey
Winsor & Newton Fineliners Indigo Blue
Winsor & Newton Fineliners Sepia
The W&N Fineliner Pen is perfect for traditional sketching and adding shading effects to your next project, featuring a smoothly tapered nib and a longer barrel to sit comfortably in the hand and allow for flexible grip adjustments. Water resistant, non-fading pigment ink, consistent and reliable ink flow. Sizes - Fineliner 0.1 - Fineliner 0.3 - Fineliner 0.5

Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Colour Cadmium Free Colours
Developed by chemists in partnership with artists, discover 9 new Cadmium-Free Artists' Oil Colours. Our innovative range is formulated to match the vibrancy, opacity, lightfastness and permanence of traditional cadmium colours so you no longer need to compromise when seeking an alternative.
Cadmium Free Green Pale - Cadmium Free Lemon - Cadmium Free Yellow Pale - Cadmium Free Yellow - Cadmium Free Yellow Deep  - Cadmium Free Orange - Cadmium Free Red - Cadmium Free Scarlet - Cadmium Free Red Deep

Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Colour New Colours

Made from high-quality pigments, Winton Oil Colours are durable, lightfast and permanent. Delivering consistent colour every time, their ready-to-use formulation in means you can effortlessly work at any scale. Increasing the choice and range with eight new accessible colours, your palette can be broader than ever. Explore the enhanced spectrum for yourself
Cadmium Scarlet Hue - Quinacridone Deep Pink - Dioxazine Blue - Phthalo Yellow Green - Azo Yellow Green - Phthalo Deep Green  - Dark Verdigis - Azo Brown

Liquitex Professional Iridescent Pouring Medium
Liquitex Professional Matte Pouring Medium
Liquitex Crackle Paste Medium
Liquitex Masking Fluid Medium
Liquitex Silk Screen Medium
Liquitex Glass Medium
Liquitex Gold Metallic Medium
Liquitex Silver Metallic Medium
Liquitex Satin Medium
Liquitex Satin Gel
Liquitex Acrylic Ink Bismuth Yellow
Liquitex Acrylic Ink Yellow Deep
Liquitex Acrylic Ink Yellow Orange
Liquitex Acrylic Ink Bright Orange
Liquitex Acrylic Link Naphthol Red Light
Liquitex Acrylic Ink Perylene Maroon
Liquitex Acrylic Ink Rubine Red
Liquitex Acrylic Ink Purple
Liquitex Acrylic Ink Prism Violet
Liquitex Acrylic Ink Phthalocyanine Blue (Red Shade)
Liquitex Acrylic Ink Turquoise
Liquitex Acrylic Ink Hooker™ Green Hue Permanent
Liquitex Acrylic Ink Sepia
Liquitex Acrylic Ink Iridescent Rose Gold

Liquitex Acrylic Ink Fluorescent Yellow
A vivid mid-range yellow made with polymer coated dyes to give instant fluorescence.
Liquitex Acrylic Ink Fluorescent Orange
A vivid mid-range orange made with polymer coated dyes to give instant fluorescence.
Liquitex Acrylic Ink Fluorescent Red
A vivid mid-range red made with polymer coated dyes to give instant fluorescence.
Liquitex Acrylic Ink Fluorescent Pink
A vivid mid-range pink made with polymer coated dyes to give instant fluorescence.

Liquitex Acrylic Ink Fluorescent Blue
A vivid mid-range blue made with polymer coated dyes to give instant fluorescence.

Liquitex Acrylic Ink Fluorescent Green
A vivid mid-range green made with polymer coated dyes to give instant fluorescence.

 Hahnemühle USA


Agave Watercolor is a natural white watercolor paper made of 70% Agave fibers and 30% Cotton Rag.Its cold-pressed surface texture is suitable for all kinds of watercolor techniques, especially for glazing.The unique surface of the 290 gsm / 135 lb. paper permits brushes to slide over the surface quickly and provides for brilliant color gradients. Agave Watercolour is acid-free, non-aging, and vegan, which allows effortless washouts and modifications. All Agave Watercolour blocks have four glued sides.Use our Hahnemuhle Bamboo Folder to remove individual sheets with ease. By using sisal, a fast-growing, resource-saving raw material, Agave Watercolor paper is the ideal painting surface for environmentally conscious artists. We are proud of what we have achieved so far and are constantly working towards further measures and finding more environmentally friendly and sustainable ways to run our business. Our proximity to the natural world provides a daily reminder of what we need to protect. For us, this is both responsibility and an incentive.

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Hemp Sketch is a natural white sketch paper made of 60% Hemp fiber and 40% Cotton Rag.

The 80gsm / 40 lb. fine-grain hemp fiber ensures excellent color abrasion. It is suitable for all dry techniques such as graphite, red chalk, colored pencil, and charcoal, characterized by superior erasability. All Hemp Sketch sketch pads contain 80 sheets glued at the top. The paper is acid-free, age-resistant, and vegan.

Hemp Sketch is a first-class drawing paper that is unique due to its remarkable properties and its sustainability. By using fast-growing hemp fiber, slow-growing resources are conserved.

We are proud of what we have achieved so far and are constantly working towards further measures and finding more environmentally friendly and sustainable ways to run our business.

In addition, our proximity to the natural world provides a daily reminder of what we need to protect. For us, this is both our responsibility and an incentive.

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Hahnemühle Bamboo Sketch 105gsm / 50 lb. is the first sketch paper in the Hahnemühle

Traditional FineArt Collection made of 90% Bamboo fibers and 10% Cotton fibers. The natural white paper, extremely age-resistant, has a unique and rough surface suitable for sketch and drawing techniques. In addition, this warm-toned, premium quality paper allows excellent contrast and color adherence.

Because of the use of highly renewable bamboo grass, Hahnemühle Bamboo Sketch stands for natural and resource-saving paper production.

Moreover, the Bamboo sketchbooks are real eye-catchers: the cover features beige bamboo stems, which coincide nicely with the paper inside.

The bamboo sketchbooks are available in portrait formats A5 and A4, and each comes with 128 pages.


Bamboo Mixed Media

Hahnemühle Bamboo Mixed Media 265 gsm / 125 lb. is the first paper quality 90% Bamboo 10% Cotton Rag Hahnemühle Traditional FineArt Collection made of bamboo fibers. Available in blocks, sheets, and a roll.

The natural white paper, which is exceptionally age-resistant, has a unique surface suitable for different painting & drawing techniques such as watercolor, acrylic, pastel, sketching, and drawing with charcoal and red ochre. This warm-toned, premium quality paper allows excellent contrast and color vibrancy. It offers brilliant color flow and ensures high luminosity.

Due to highly renewable bamboo grass, Hahnemühle Bamboo 265 gsm stands for natural and resource-saving paper production. We are proud of what we have achieved so far and are constantly working towards further measures and finding more environmentally friendly and sustainable ways to run our business. Our proximity to the natural world provides a daily reminder of what we need to protect. For us, this is both a responsibility and an incentive.

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Hahnemühle Toned Watercolor Pads

Artists have waited many years for Toned Watercolour Pads.

Hahnemuhle Toned Watercolour pads combine the artist's desire for a grey or toned beige paper with a smooth fine grain watercolor texture unique to the market. These fine art papers' already provided natural background color allows the artist to focus on the motif. The use of masking fluids, adhesive tapes, and erasers is possible without residue.

The Toned Watercolour Pad is available in grey or beige paper and glued on the top edge. Colors lift effortlessly from the paper due to the surface sizing. The gently toned 200gsm watercolor paper has an even fine-grained surface structure, and each pad contains 20 sheets of smooth fine-grain toned watercolor paper.

Hahnemühle Toned Watercolour Pads are available in A5 and A4 and square format, 20x20 cm.

Hahnemühle toned watercolor papers are Acid-free and age-resistant.


GodHandUSA Corp.


Hobby Working Box GH-EHSB

For Cutting resin and plastic with nippers and filing by rotary tools.

Perfect for preventing parts from flying.

Tray makes waste clean up easy!The lens makes for more productive and detailed work.

Made from PET, so hard to be broken and easy to assemble.

Brushwork, Short Grip, Sharp Point Extra Fine (GH-EBRSYP-KG)

The shorter grip makes it easier to handle. The harder bristles and fine tip allows for precision detail.

Length of brush: 9.5 cm.

This product is great for detailed work. The brush has a shorter grip and harder bristles. The short grip allows for more control while the harder bristles make for more detailed and accurate painting.


Glass Cutter Mat GH-GCM-B5-B

The Glass Cutter Mat is a super durable product.

It is designed with tempered heat-resistant glass to help give you the best results with any project.
Can be used for papercut art, cutting fabric, cutting with a hot knife, etc.1

51mm X 227mm