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  Tuesday, December 12

3 pm ET
All Sessions are Scheduled in Eastern Time
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with special guest, Cindy Shih


What happens on the consumer journey?
Join David Pyle for this three part series where we’ll explore the
marketing funnel from top to bottom. In part two, we’re moving down the funnel. You’ve introduced yourself and made a connection with a first time customer. How do you move to the next step? How do you start the process of becoming an integral part of their creative process and a trusted partner? How do you lay the foundation for a lasting relationship? You’ll take away strategies to build touch points with your customers, place smart marketing investments, and win the in-store battle. Build your brand and your business with part one of the consumer journey.

Cindy Shih manages Digital Marketing at MacPherson's, growing exclusive brand presence through social media, influencer partnerships, and Google marketing campaigns. She has seven years of experience at Google, Inc. working with large agencies like WPP and Ogilvy Worldwide on search and display advertising campaigns, nine years as social media consultant for comic book, tattoo, fine artists and Savoir Faire, Inc. She is a painter and mixed media artist @cindyshihart. Cindy currently lives in a small suburb of Los Angeles with her husband, two dogs, and her two-year old son, Xavier.


  Thursday, December 14


All Sessions are Scheduled in Eastern Time
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You’re Gonna Do More in 2024:
"How to Start the New Year Off BIG”
with Kizer & Bender


Imagine setting off on a cross-country tour without a map. You'll get somewhere, but probably not where you intended to go. Some things just shouldn't be left to chance - the same can be said for your business.

A new year offers a fresh start, 2024 is right around the corner and you need to be ready. Join KIZER & BENDER and learn the how to evaluate, update, and plan for another year of strong retail sales.


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NAMTA Essential Manager's Toolkit Video Series
The Essential Manager’s Toolkit Video Series:
What do YOU wish that you'd known when first starting as a manager?!?!

How do you create a dynamic, creative culture across your organization?  How can you cultivate deep community engagement that drives sales? 

NAMTA is proud to offer this video education series, The Essential Manager's Toolkit; Management Skills for the Creative Products Community, as a benefit for our members.  Created in partnership with long-time industry leader, David Pyle and his team, this 4-part series was created based upon consultation with dozens of managers in the creative products community.  We asked, "What do you wish you'd known when first starting as a manager?" This is the result...and it's all specifically tailored to the creative products community.

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