Updated August 2022

PartnerShip FedEx Discounts

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Rely on FedEx for all of your shipping needs and save through the Namta benefits program. Members receive 40% off FedEx Express and 30% off FedEx Ground. If you currently ship with FedEx, you’ll be able to continue using it the same way you do today. After you enroll in the FedEx Advantage Program, the discounts will be added to your account and then automatically applied to your shipments. Don’t have an account? No problem - you can open one when you enroll.

PartnerShip Freight Savings

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Namta members save on shipments with TForce Freight, YRC, XPO, Saia, and many others. These competitive rates are made available through our endorsed shipping provider, PartnerShip®. With this free NAMTA member benefit, you’ll reduce your freight costs, easily rate shop between carriers, and get dedicated support from shipping experts. Whether you’re shipping a single pallet or a full truckload, PartnerShip will help you ship smarter.

Carriers include:  SAIA LTL Freight, TForce Freight, YRC, ESTES, ArcBest, XPOLogistics, R+L Carriers

Shipping program can be used in USA only

Healthcare Coverage Options and Solutions for Namta Members (USA Only) has a team of licensed consultants who have answers to help small business owners solve the large financial burden of confusing healthcare coverage.

In obtaining this goal has created a streamlined enrollment process, with WOW customer service, all with plan options with $0 contributions from the employer.

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isit or call (888) 272-1513 Mon-Fri 8am-9pm EST.

An additional benefit for all Namta members is Clever Rx. Download Clever Rx (even if you are not obtaining coverage through MHC) on your smart device to save on prescription medication. Download and start saving upwards of 80% on prescriptions for your entire family, pets included!

For more information, visit the website at or call (888) 272-1513 Mon-Fri 8am-9pm EST.

"As a small business owner, with time constraints always a problem getting a handle on health insurance coverage for your company can not only be a hassle, but it can also take up an extreme amount of valuable time. For years we used a local broker, whom always did our quotes and even came in the store to sign everyone up. He was a nice enough guy, and it was simple. However, rates went through the roof and simple doesn’t pay the bills.  I started to look around at other options. On a whim, I checked in to see what NAMTA had to offer through Manufactures Healthcare (UMH). To my surprise, the rates were far more competitive than I had imagined, and I was able to save the company a few dollars. UMH provides easy dashboard use for both employer and for employee.  I found that this last year’s open enrollment process to be extremely easy and streamlined.   
I recommend that you check it out."
Howard Krinsky  - Binders Art Supplies & Frames - April 2022

Namta Member Account #: 8012 806 1458

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updated August 2021

  • CRAFTalytics is a set of EASY online tools and services designed specifically for the digital marketing needs of local craft businesses like yours. In today's digital economy, these tools are essential to stay in touch with current customers, to reach out to new customers, and to stay competitive. Build a better and stronger online presence with Listing Management, Reputation Management, Social Marketing, Digital Advertising, and Content Marketing services that make it easy for customers to find and value your business - FOR Retailers and Suppliers.
  • CRAFTalytics' partnership with Namta makes it possible to provide exclusive offers for Namta members.

FOR MORE INFORMATION about the most popular services and contact information - CLICK HERE.

Updated August 2022