Exhibitor Rules & Regulations

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This constitutes your contractual agreement. Please read carefully.

All attendees of Creativation by Namta 2025 must either be a member of The Association or have paid the non-member fee. Contact The Association with questions.

The Association’s purpose in conducting this conference and trade show is to provide our members with forums to exchange information, and resources to enhance their effectiveness and opportunities for growth. In keeping with this purpose, exhibitors are encouraged to be educational, communicative, and informative in their exhibit displays and contact with attendees.

Conference and Trade Show Management
The conference and trade show is sponsored by and shall, at all times, be conducted under the direction of The Association. The Association, through its Board of Directors, shall have full power to interpret and enforce all Exhibit Rules and Regulations contained herein. The Association reserves the right to deny the right to exhibit, to restrict access to, or to remove any exhibit(s) and/or exhibitor(s) from the conference and trade show areas for any infraction or non-compliance with these Exhibit Rules and Regulations or The Association’s Code of Ethics.

The Association also reserves the right to locate an exhibitor’s booth space based on the exhibitor’s priority points, type of display, and overall space demands. The Association will, however, use its best efforts to honor an exhibitor’s preferences.

  1. ELIGIBILITY: Eligibility to exhibit in the trade show is limited to suppliers in the categories of manufacturer, distributor, importer, publisher of fine arts & creative materials, and Associates.

  2. APPLICATION FOR BOOTH SPACE: Parties desiring to exhibit must complete and return to The Association an Application for Booth Space. A floor plan will be provided, showing the booth space layout in the trade show facility. Booth space is assigned on the priority point/earliest receipt system established by The Association, after which space(s) will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis without regard to priority points. The Association reserves the right to limit the amount of space assigned to one exhibitor.

    The Application for Booth Space provides three choices for the designation of the exhibitor’s desired location. These requests will be respected as much as possible. However, The Association reserves the right to make final assignments.

  3. EXHIBITION DATE: For purposes herein, this is defined as the first day the exhibition is open to the buyers.

  4. PAYMENTS: Please refer to the current Exhibitor Prospectus and Booth Application for specific dates.

    All outstanding financial obligations owed to The Association must be paid in full prior to the opening of the trade show. Exhibitors failing to meet outstanding financial obligations will not be allowed to exhibit.

  5. CANCELLATIONS: Please refer to the current Exhibitor Prospectus and Booth Application for specific dates.

    Should the Exhibitor be unable to occupy and use the booth space contracted for Creativation by Namta 2025, The Association must be notified immediately in writing.

    The Association reserves the right to resell, reassign, or utilize the booth space canceled by the Exhibitor.

    In the event that an exhibitor is prevented from traveling to Creativation by Namta 2025 due to travel restrictions enacted by any government due to COVID-19, the exhibitor shall have the right to request a deferment to the 2026 trade show or a refund.

    1. Occupancy of booth space by more than one exhibiting firm is not allowed unless written permission is received from The Association.
    2. No exhibitor may display any product other than those manufactured or sold in the regular course of the exhibitor’s business.

    One priority point (ppt) is given for each show in which a company exhibits. The Association may, at its discretion, award additional priority points for any reason it sees fit.

    Priority points cannot be combined when companies are merged, acquired, bought out, etc. However, the acquiring company may take on the priority points value of the acquired company if the acquired company has a higher priority point value. For example:
    • Company A (with 10 ppts.) acquires Company B (with 30 ppts.)

    • Company A may continue using its 10 ppts. or it may choose to instead begin using Company B’s 30 ppts. Under no circumstance would Company A now have 40 ppts.

  8. EXHIBITOR KIT: An Exhibitor Kit containing general and technical information regarding the trade show, the facilities of the trade show site, and all pertinent forms, instructions, and rates concerning shipping, drayage, labor, power, and decorating needs will be provided to each exhibitor in advance of the Exhibition Date.

  9. EXHIBIT DISPLAYS: Dimensions of all booth spaces are provided on the trade show floor plan. All booths are furnished with an 8’ high draped back wall and 3’ high draped division side rails. Erected displays or other construction may not exceed 8’ in height, except when used in islands, where they may not exceed 10’ in height.

    No erected display or other construction at an 8’ height is allowed to extend outward at the sides of a booth more than half the full booth dimension from the booth back wall.

    Exhibitors are encouraged to check with The Association before preparing any special displays. No walls, wings, partitions, decorations or other obstructions may be erected that will in any way interfere with the view of another booth. No perimeter wall can be completely solid on any booth or island; a line of sight must be maintained.

    The floor of each exhibit booth must be completely covered with carpeting or other standard floor covering. Aisle carpeting cannot be altered without the express written permission of The Association.

    Booth cleaning is the responsibility of the Exhibitor and must be accomplished prior to the Exhibition Date.

    Exhibitors desiring to use other than standard booth equipment, or any signs, decoration or arrangement of display materials conflicting in any way with these Exhibit Rules and Regulations, must submit a detailed sketch of the proposed layout at least ninety (90) days prior to the Exhibition Date and receive written approval from The Association. Unless prior approval from The Association has been obtained, such deviations will not be permitted.

  10. INSTALLATION AND DISMANTLING: The official drayer for the receipt of exhibit materials and delivery of these materials to the trade show will be designated in the Exhibitor Kit. Exhibit materials must be shipped prepaid and should be scheduled to arrive at the official drayer thirty (30) days prior to the Exhibition Date. Neither the trade show facility, nor its staff, is prepared or authorized to receive or handle an exhibitor’s shipment.

    Installation of exhibits will be done only during those hours as designated by The Association. Installation of exhibits and removal of exhibit crates, boxes, etc., must be completed by the designated time prior to the Exhibition Date. Exhibit materials arriving later than this hour will be accepted into the trade show only after the closing hour or before the opening hour of the following day.

    Electricians, carpenters, common laborers and porters necessary or where required by the regulations of the trade show facility for the unpacking and erection of displays, as well as dismantling and packing, will be furnished at prevailing local rates by the official show drayer.

    Nothing shall be posted on, tacked, nailed, screwed or otherwise attached to the columns, walls, floors, furniture or other parts of the trade show facility. Damage resulting from such action shall be repaired at the expense of the exhibitor.

    It is the duty and responsibility of each exhibitor to complete the installation of his/her display before the opening of the trade show and to dismantle and remove the display immediately after the close of the trade show. Exhibitors expressly agree not to begin packing or dismantling displays until the official closing hour of the trade show. Exhibitors failing to comply with this rule may be penalized, including, but not limited to, the loss of priority points, prevented from exhibiting in future shows, or moved to the back of the exhibit hall.

  11. REGISTRATION OF EXHIBITORS: Each exhibiting firm shall submit prior to the Exhibition Date, on a form provided by The Association, a complete list of all personnel working in their exhibit, excluding Independent/Manufacturers’ Reps. Admission will be by badge only. Identification badges are non-transferable.

    Non-member suppliers to attend the trade show will need to pay the non-member fee. If you are an exhibitor, please advise them of this policy.

  12. CONDUCT OF EXHIBITORS: All demonstrations or any other activities must be confined to the limits of the exhibitor’s booth or space contracted for by the exhibiting firm. Distribution by exhibitors of any printed matter, promotional materials, souvenirs or other articles is strictly limited to the confines of the exhibitor’s booth or space. No firm or organization not assigned space in the trade show will not be permitted to solicit business within the trade show area, nor in any public spaces controlled by The Association.

    Distribution of food or beverage of any kind is prohibited unless consumed within the exhibitor’s booth or space. Prior approval from the association is required to serve alcoholic beverages in your booth. Any infraction of this rule may make it compulsory for The Association to close the exhibitor’s booth for the remainder of the trade show.

    The Association reserves the sole right to limit or cancel booth space if the exhibitor’s personnel are not appropriately attired or if the space is used to display material of any nature that is suggestive or generally not in the best interest of the trade show. This includes, but is not limited to, printed matter, equipment, signs and objects of art.

    Live human models, including nude models, may be used within the confines of an exhibitor’s booth, so long as such activity meets the local laws, ordinances and standards of decency within the state and/or municipality in which The Association trade show is held. Rules and regulations of the convention center also apply. The Association's interpretation of compliance with such laws will be final. Models can only be unclothed during times in which they are the subject of drawing, painting, sculpting, or other active artistic creation. Even then, models should be as far back in the exhibitor’s booth as possible and the modeling conducted in a manner that is the least disruptive to attendees in the aisles and surrounding exhibitors working in their booths.

  13. PROTECTION OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS: Exhibitors agree that neither they, nor their employees or agents, nor any one working for them in any capacity will obtain, attempt to obtain, or divulge proprietary business information, standards, specifications or other protected intellectual property rights of products or companies outside of their own company or employer, nor will they betray through such acts, the confidentiality invested with them by their company or employer. It should be noted that such acts constitute a violation of The Association's  of Ethics.

  14. SIGNS: Only signs that are educational, communicative and informative will be allowed in the exhibitors’ booth or space and in the trade show area. Signs that are considered by The Association to be reasonably objectionable to other exhibitors will not be permitted. Signs or specialty promotional items must be kept within the 8’ or 10’ height limit, as applicable.

    Hanging signs are only permitted in Island Booths.

    At the exhibitor’s request, The Association will furnish one uniform identification sign listing the company name, city, state and booth number of the exhibiting company. In the case of distributors, publishers or importers, the first name on the sign is that of the exhibiting distributor, publisher or importer; names of the companies they represent may also be listed on the sign if the represented company or companies are current members of The Association. This sign will be attached at the top of the draped back wall.

    The represented company may also receive a listing in the convention directory, but only the exhibiting distributor, publisher or importer’s contact information will be published. The biographical portion of the listing will be that of the represented company.
    In no event will the name of a non-member manufacturer be listed either on the sign or given a classified listing or paid advertisement in the convention directory.

  15. MACHINERY, AUDIO, AND VISUAL EQUIPMENT: The use of internal combustion engines is strictly prohibited in the trade show facility. Exhibitors demonstrating or operating power equipment are urged to contact The Association directly with regard to the assignment of their display space to avoid potential problems. The Association reserves the right to restrict any exhibit(s) which, because of excessive noise or other reasons, may be objectionable to neighboring exhibitors.

    The use of audio and/or visual display equipment is permitted within an exhibitor’s display as long as it does not in any way intrude upon neighboring exhibitors or the environment of the trade show in general.

    The use of public address, sound producing or amplifying devices that project sound beyond the exhibitor’s booth or space is expressly prohibited. The use of special lighting effects, such as strobes, flashers, etc., is expressly prohibited. Exhibitors are responsible for adhering to any music copyright regulations or laws.

  16. HOSPITALITY ROOMS AND EVENTS: Private or public rooms for any purpose will be available only to companies that have contracted space in the trade show. Prior permission from The Association is required before such space will be released. Exhibiting firms must confine these activities to hours that do not conflict with The Association activities. The distribution of promotional material for hospitality events in any public areas of either the host hotel or trade show facility is forbidden.

  17. FIRE REGULATIONS: In accordance with local, city, state and federal fire regulations, no combustible materials, such as crepe paper, tissue paper, cardboard, corrugated paper, etc., shall be used in either the construction or decoration of an exhibitor’s display. “Fire-proofed” paper is not considered non-combustible, as interpreted by fire inspectors. All muslin, velvet, silken or any other cloth decorations, carpet and drapes must be certified and stand a flameproof test as prescribed by fire ordinances. All materials and fluids that are inflammable must be kept in safety containers. All packing containers, excelsior and wrapping paper must be removed from the trade show floor and may not be stored under tables or behind displays.

  18. LIABILITY/SECURITY/INSURANCE: Neither The Association nor its agents or employees, nor the owners of the trade show facility, nor its representatives or employees, shall be liable for any damage to the property or loss of business to the exhibitor, or any loss by theft, or damage by fire or other means, or for any injuries to the exhibitor, its employees, agents, customers or guests, arising from any cause or matter whatsoever, even though occasioned, caused or contributed to by the negligence of The Association or the trade show facility, their agents or employees.

    The exhibitor, on behalf of itself, its employees and agents, agrees to protect, indemnify, save and defend, and hold harmless The Association, its agents and employees, the trade show facility, its agents and employees, from all costs, losses, damages and expenses arising out of or from any accident or other occurrences connected with the use or occupation by the exhibitor of its booth space.
    Security guards will be maintained at all times by The Association. The duty of the guards will be to control admittance and exit to the trade show area, and to protect the general trade show area against fire or other catastrophes. The presence of the guards does not constitute acceptance of any responsibility by The Association for the safety of the exhibitor’s products and property but is merely a service to aid exhibitors during the period of the trade show.

    Exhibitors are advised to add to their existing insurance, a portal-to-portal rider at a nominal cost to protect them against loss or damage to their materials by fire, theft, accidents, etc.

    Any return to the exhibitor or proportionate payments made for the rental of booth space for the trade show shall be made at the sole discretion of The Association, determined for each specific situation where events that can be termed, “Acts of God,” are involved.

  19. PENALTIES: Failure to comply with these Exhibit Rules and Regulations, or any amendments hereto will be sufficient cause for The Association to require the immediate removal of the exhibit of the offending exhibitor, who will forfeit all further rights to exhibit during the year, together with all fees and rentals paid. The Association may then lease any space so forfeited to another exhibitor.

The Association, through its representatives, shall have full authority in the interpretation and enforcement of all Exhibit Rules and Regulations contained herein; and shall have full authority to make such amendments or further Exhibit Rules and Regulations hereto as it shall consider necessary for the proper conduct of the trade show. Exhibitors may appeal any decisions made by The Association regarding the above Exhibit Rules and Regulations to The Association’s Board of Directors, whose decision shall be final.


Code of Ethics