Namta’s Art Advocacy Grant Program was launched in 2018. The program awards grants in the amount of $1,000 to $5,000 to applicants who support the arts in any of four categories - Public Art, Art Education, The Military, and Health & Healing. 

The 2019 Grant application period has ended.

Notifications will be sent out by October 1.

2019 Sponsors


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Namta Art Advocacy Grants are for any program that promotes and fosters the visual and creative arts in one of the following categories.

  • Public Art - “The arts enhance property values. The arts make neighborhoods attractive places to live, work and play. The arts help to revitalize blighted areas and strengthen both commercial and residential housing markets.“

  • Art Education - “Excellent visual art teaching helps learners navigate through our visual world using two qualitative and interlinked experiential processes: creative expression and critical response.”

  • The Military - “Art Therapy shows promise as a means of treating hard-to-treat symptoms of combat-related PTSD, such as avoidance and emotional numbing, while also addressing the underlying psychological situation that gives rise to these symptoms.”

  • Health and Healing - “Arts in health and healing is the integration of any art form to a wide variety of healthcare and community settings for therapeutic, educational, and expressive purposes and has been proven to benefit patients, their families, and their caregivers.”

All grant applications are reviewed and selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Funds available

  2. Number of requested grants

  3. Feasibility of any project proposed

  4. Impact of the proposed project in the category in which it supports.

2018 Recipients

Supporting Art Education, Lindy Casebier received $2,500 for expenses for Children’s Fine Art Classes (CFAC), a hands-on visual art experience for Louisville’s youth that is an after school program hosted at K-12 schools and youth centers. The program meets weekly for two hours, giving students ample time for in-depth art-making, for ten weeks in the fall and spring. CFAC provides intensive, in-depth studio art experiences for talented and motivated students, grades 4-12, and elementary and middle school students are offered concentrated studies in drawing, painting, mixed media, art history, critique, and aesthetics. CFAC students “graduate” with the ability to discuss their work and their peer’s works intellectually and emotionally.


Supporting Health & Healing, Mary Curry Mettenbrink received $2,500 for Young Audiences of Houston health and healing program that for more than 20 years has partnered with local children's hospitals and specialized treatment centers, providing free programming for children undergoing treatment as many hospitalized children are required to be out of school for extended periods of time. The goal of Young Audiences of Houston’s Healing Arts programming is to use the tremendous power of the arts to spread joy, give hope, manage pain, support treatment, and leave positive memories for hospitalized children and their caregivers. Young Audiences Healing Arts programs also serve homeless youth facing challenges and tackling issues, the arts become a valuable tool for creation, discovery, expression, hope and healing.


Supporting Art Education, Alice Brinkman received $2,500 for Creative Connections, a before/after school program offered at REACH Studio Art Center for Lansing area youth ages 6-12. The school district provides buses for the students to get from REACH to 3-6 targeted schools each 16-week semester for their delayed start on Wednesday mornings. Lansing School District students enroll free of charge in the program. Up to 100 students will have the opportunity to enroll in one term or semester of the program, where they will engage with local artists on integrated art learning through special projects that build on the previous week’s lessons and projects. Each term of the program covers a different, engaging theme which is planned and run by an artist/teacher and will involve guest artists, college students, volunteer mentors, and partnerships with other local organizations. Goals include building the student's confidence, and art experiences to improve decision-making and problem solving skills, indicated by their ability to complete art projects and participate in program activities.

A Very Special Thank You!

. . . to the group of Namta Members who were the 2018 Grant Judges!

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