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Behind The Scenes: with NAMTA Staff

While the holidays are upon us, show season feels even more full steam ahead for the NAMTA Staff.

Rick, Mary, Sue and Leah (pictured) went to New Orleans for the board meeting and finalized reception locations. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating time on and off the show floor because Creativation by Namta 2024 is shaping up to be the most incredible show yet. 

Savannah and Jeni finalized the mobile app selection and are working away on that and getting registration ready to launch- aiming to provide you all with seamless experiences for both. Effective, entertaining…and esthetic, 

Jeni is in the background working hard designing visually appealing elements to showcase a more modern and colorful approach to Creativation branding both on and off the show floor. Mary has breathed life into demo alley and reinvigorated it with themed days meant to better engage attendees as suppliers showcase their products in fun and interactive ways.

As you likely know, the education proposal deadline is approaching and historically those stagger in right at the deadline and shortly after, however, we are thrilled to share that we have received a record number of proposals already and the potential educators have passionate and important subjects to present. Finally, while the team races towards New Orleans the contracts for 2025 are being finalized and we are bursting at the seams trying to hold in the secret of our next location. You can anticipate the location announcement while in New Orleans. In addition to the next host city, you can also expect to see the first look at the Creative Products Certification (CPC) training program in New Orleans- this video series presents essential elements that every staff member needs in order to fully support customers and industry growth. Leah, Rick, Sue, Karyn, Jeni, Mary and I collectively have countless other updates but you will have to stay tuned for the next ‘Behind The Scenes’ for more!! As always, and despite the busy season, your NAMTA staff is always available for our valued members. Talk soon!  - Savannah Davis


NAMTA is proud to support the arts and we are grateful to have wonderful partners that support creative expression in our communities!

Thank You Bob Ross, Inc.!

NAMTA’S Sue Cohen (pictured) recently attended the Bob Ross Birthday Celebration where all the event proceeds went to the NAMTA Art and Craft Advocacy program, resulting in Bob Ross, Inc. generously donating over $9,000.
Reflecting on the event Sue said, “In supporting the arts you are enabling a lifeline to creativity which benefits not only individuals, but communities as well.”


Education Days
SATURDAY  March 23, 2024
SUNDAY  March 24, 2024

Trade Show Days
March 25, 2024

TUESDAY  March 26, 2024
WEDNESDAY  March 27, 2024

Vieux carré means old square and is the French term for the French Quarter, the oldest part of New Orleans.

New Orleans Marriott
555 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA 70130 

"the only NAMTA-endorsed hotel"

NOTE: When making your reservations for Creativation please remember that the days of the show are different in 2024.

  • Education will take place on Saturday and Sunday, March 23 & 24.
  • The Trade Show will be Monday through Wednesday, March 25 – 27.
  • The headquarter hotel for Creativation by NAMTA 2024 is the New Orleans Marriott. The hotel places the best of the French Quarter within your reach. It is located near the Warehouse District, Bourbon Street, Jackson Square, and the Convention Center.
  • CLICK HERE   for more details and link to book your room(s).
  • Or, go straight to reservations

"Once again, the NAMTA team did a great job in Columbus: it was a very busy show, great feedback and a positive attitude overall. I would highly recommend attending, both for buyers to discover new products and for manufacturers."  
Édouard Andre-Hessig - ArtVenture 
2024 Creativation by NAMTA Exhibitor


2024 Creativation by NAMTA Exhibitors

to Penny Black Inc., and  Crescent Creative Products - each of these 2024 Exhibitors won a Show Promotion Package in the most recent booth-sign-up drawing.

Each package includes four floor clings at the show to direct attendees to your booth, and a pre-show social media post on each of NAMTA’s social media accounts – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Creativation by NAMTA 2024
Things to Know

Proposals due Dec. 1 2023


Submit proposals by December 1st, 2023. All information, images, attachments for your Workshops and Business Seminars must be submitted via proposal form.


Travel Savings

NAMTA has partnered with Southwest Airlines to offer discounted airfare and up to 25% more Rapid Rewards bonus points on flights to and from New Orleans, Louisiana for travel between March 20 - 31, 2024. DETAILS HERE


Your 2024 Membership


Attending Creativation by NAMTA is a member benefit in 2024 - if you need help renewing, contact Susan Cohen.


"NAMTA (Creativation) is a valuable resource for improving my business from marketing to merchandising. More importantly,  meeting up socially with suppliers and other retailers over the years has led me to make some very good friends that have indirectly mentored me in so many ways."
-  NAMTA Retail Member


Member News

Holiday sales expected to reach pre-pandemic levels -  an article by Rick Dandes -

We recently found a Web article about retail shops looking forward to the upcoming Black Friday and Small Business Saturday - and one of the shop owners interviewed, is NAMTA member Kathy Snyder, owner of Brushstrokes, in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Brushstrokes has served their area with gallery, art supplies, and framing for 34 years.


 Read the article from DAILYITEM.COM


Jack Richeson
Oct. 27, 1932 — Oct. 27, 2023

Jack Richeson died peacefully on his birthday October 27, 2023, at the age of 91. Jack worked in the artist materials industry from the age of 16 helping to manage sales for the leading manufacturers in the world.  At age 49, he founded Jack Richeson and Company in his home on State Street in Appleton, Wisconsin.  Over the next 40 years, he grew the company to become an industry leading manufacturer of art materials, benefactor to artists and a collector of contemporary artwork.  His collection featuring over 500 works can be found at his gallery in Kimberly, Wisconsin. Jack never retired and was interested in his business and new materials until the end of his life.  Jack was grateful to all the people at the Richeson factory that helped him to achieve his dream.  Nothing energized him more than walking the factory and interacting with people making his materials possible.

Jack Richeson - Paying it Forward

A Letter from David Pyle, Pyle Creative Studio

Jack Richeson's passing in late October left me not only deeply saddened but also considering what it means to 'pay it forward' in our unique community. He was profoundly generous with his time and encouragement, helping me early in my career after I'd just launched an art materials store. In 1986, I'd sent a lengthy, impassioned (and somewhat naive) opinion editorial to the then-trade journal for Namta. Within a few days of publication, I received a very kind letter from Jack in which he supported my views about what we now call 'community engagement'. From then on, anytime we crossed paths, he had a supportive word and was unstinting with thoughtful - and always well-considered - advice.

The ongoing central thread through that stream of advice always centered on the importance of focusing less on peripheral business distractions and ALWAYS on how we, as a community, can fuel art-making. His laser-like focus was on serious practicing artists - and he built his business around their welfare - a principle that applies to any creative-maker community and serious growth initiative today.

But that only touches on Jack's contributions. What stands out most clearly for me was his deep love for the creative core at the heart of this business and community. His authentic and sincere wishes for my success - and all the others for whom he made very real contributions - were born out of a lifetime of uncompromising passion and dedication. With that passion, Jack helped me to find and shape my fit in this community.

Thanks, Jack, for 'paying it forward' with me. I'll do all that I can to do the same whenever, however, and with whomever I can.



Say Hello to a couple of New Members


Fargo Enterprises, Inc.

Fargo Enterprises, Inc. is a Distributor specializing in the needs of the photo & jewelry trades.
With the photo industry changing at rapid speed, Fargo is staying on the cutting edge of Technology to be able to offer the industry the latest and greatest.

So why the jewelry trade too? Back in the day of mechanical cameras, many camera repairmen use to also do watch repair. Micro-Tools got its start supplying the camera repairmen with their tools. With the change in times, the camera and watch repair industries have downsized where the jewelry side of the trade has grown.

A 2024 Creativation by NAMTA Exhibitor


Yangzhou Conmigo Brush&Art Co..

Yangzhou Conmigo Brush&Art Co., Ltd is a manufacturer for all kinds of art brushes including artist brush, paint brush, wax brush, Chinese brush and foam brush, pottery tools, stretched canvas and other art materials as well.
"We have the confidence to bring good products suitable for professional or beginners so we can color the world together!"

A 2024 Creativation by NAMTA Exhibitor



Stencil1 is a street art-inspired brand founded in 2004 by artist, painter, graphic designer and DIY enthusiast Ed Roth. Providing customers customization tools to enhance their lives and create beautiful one of a kind art, design and decor items is our brands mission.

A 2024 Creativation by NAMTA Exhibitor


Cantoo City | Canto Company

Established in 2021, Cantoo City is a Canadian online Arts & Craft store offering affordable, quality art supplies. Whether you're a student, educator, hobbyist, or budding artist, we provide the essential tools to fuel your creativity.
"At Cantoo City, we're here to nurture your artistic journey, driven by a mission of spreading happiness. Whether you're refining your skills or embracing a fresh creative path, we're here to accompany you every step of the way."



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Thursday, November 16


“The Arts and Crafts Intersection”
David Pyle with Tamara (Tammy) Honaman -
Expert in Digital Content Development, Author, and Creative Artisan

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   Tuesday, November 28


“Life at The Top of the Funnel or Fishing in the Big Pool”
with David Pyle

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