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2015 Study

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2015 Study Overview

NAMTA is pleased to announce the third edition of the Artists and Art Materials Study in 2015. This is THE study of the U.S. and Canadian artist markets and includes the results of authoritative surveys of more than 6,000 active artists and 150 specialty art materials retailers and a summary of market size and trends. The goals of this study are to ensure a robust future for art, help art materials makers and retailers serve artists even better, and ensure these mostly family-owned businesses are around to serve artists for years to come. This study is independently produced by Hart Business Research for NAMTA.

 2015 Artist Survey Results

The focus of the survey is active artists, typically those who have created 10 or more artworks in the past year. Artworks include acrylic, watercolor, and oil paintings; drawings using pencil, colored pencils, pen, markers, ink, or pastels; mixed media or collages; handmade books, cards, and visual journals; 3-D art using sculpture, ceramics, or found objects; fiber art; functional art; communication art; and digital art. All data is segmented by U.S. artists; U.S. professional, student, and recreational artists; and Canadian artists. The report includes data from all three study years: 2009, 2012, 2015. 

Report table of contents

  • Your Artworks: types, favorites, quantities, time spent 8
  • Materials Used for Art: materials, tools, digital, trends 19
  • Returning to Art: at what age; inspirations; use of classes, people, media 29
  • Professional and Student Artists: college classes, income from selling art 32
  • Art-Related Content: types, websites, social media, smartphones, buying decisions 34
  • Spending on Art Supplies: participation, spending, percentage by product category 44
  • Spending by Retail Channel: participation, percentage by retail type, nearby retailers 55
  • Feedback for Retailers: store features importance, art supply store ratings, chain ratings 59
  • Demographics: gender, age 63
  • Creative Activities by Age: art, fiber, paper, décor, jewelry, photography, woodworking 65
  • Regional Data: percentage per U.S. region 72
  • Artist Survey Questions 2009, 2012, 2015 73
  • Methodology in Detail 76

Number of Respondents

  • USA total: 5,136
  • USA professional artists: 604
  • USA student artists: 349
  • USA recreational artists: 4,183
  • Canada: 879

2015 Artists & Art Materials Market Summary
Read the only data available on the 2015 size and growth of the art materials market in the USA and Canada. Market Summary includes the following data: market size, number of artists, growth 2012-2014, market share by retail channel, market share and growth by product category, number of art materials retailers, number of crafts chain stores, art materials retailer gross sales and growth, retailer sales by art materials product category, category growth areas, artist time spent creating art, artist spending by product category and retail channel, kinds of artworks created, art materials and tools used, what artists want to try, social media use by artists and retailers, impact of digital tools on art output, and how to reintroduce older adults to art. 

2015 Retailer Survey Results
Get the results of a 2015 survey of 150 art materials retailers in the USA and Canada: core financial metrics, growth trends, product trends, marketing and business best practices, challenges, and feedback for suppliers. The report includes data from all three study years: 2009, 2012, 2015. 

Report table of contents

  • Business Overview: product segments, number of stores 6
  • Marketing: ratings of marketing methods, social media, supplier support, store strengths 7
  • Business Practices: expansion plans, obstacles 11
  • Retailer Total Sales and Growth: gross sales levels, growth 2005-2015, % growth 12
  • Sales of Art Supplies: sales of art supplies, classes, framing, other; online sales 15
  • Art Supplies Sales by Category: POS use, sales by product category, growth categories 16
  • Ordering: for new products vs. reorders, methods (POS, PDA, fax, etc.) 18
  • Region 19
  • Retailer Survey Questions: 2009, 2012, 2015

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