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   eNEWS Member News:  March 29, 2017 

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Art Materials World

NAMTA Officers Bet the Farm on Cornhole Teams in Salt Lake City

Strathmore’s Sabrina Schwietzer and Sara Prentice (above) are holding the debt-of-cheese being sent to Golden Artist Colors as a result of a bet between now Immediate Past President Barb Schindler of Golden Artist Colors and current President Jim McDermott of Strathmore Artist Papers.

The championship match of the 16-team tournament was won by Golden's Bill Hartman and Seth Golden (right) who defeated Strathmore’s Schwietzer and Prentice.

Had Strathmore won, it would have been the recipients of delicious Maple Syrup from Golden. Maybe next year!

2017 Show Awards
Each year a group of NAMTA Retail Members attending Art Materials World are selected to be Show Judges for the Show Awards. See who was recognized this year in Salt Lake City.

2017 Post Art Materials World Surveys
We want your opinion! If you have not seen or received a survey request from NAMTA in your eMail Inbox, you can still take it by clicking the appropriate link below.
Exhibitor Survey          Attendee Survey - anyone not exhibiting   


Exhibiting in Dallas
Take a look at the 2018 Exhibitor Prospectus. You can reserve your 2018 Art Materials World booth now. Fill out the Online Booth Application or contact Rick Munisteri.


Andrew Lenz Jr.
Vice President
Lenz Arts, Inc.


What do you eat for breakfast? 

Since I often have a good-sized dinner around 7 pm, I often wait for lunchtime to eat.

What was your first job?
Lenz Arts, of course! Being that I have a computer science degree from the University of California at Santa Cruz, my first full-time employment outside of the art industry was software engineering for a company called Mountain Computer. They made tape-drive backup systems for computers. That was in the late 1980s. While I was good at writing code and they wanted me to stay more than the few months that I was there, the cubicle life wasn't for me, so it was back to the family business.

What advice would you give someone who wants to get into the industry?
Find a location with an art store need and fill it. And take advantage of NAMTA and the annual trade show to network with other retailers.

If you could go back ten years and tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?
Absolutely do what it takes to delegate and take more time off from work. I've spent far too many years working six days a week. Being the son of the owners, I always felt the need to prove myself and set a good example of strong work ethic. I believe I've done that many times over.

Technology - what do you need and/or what could you do without?
My wife thinks I spend too much time on my phone and iPad. I'm a nerd at heart. I want to know what makes things tick, including art materials. Art Graham once asked if I was a closet wannabe paint maker after I called and asked him a bunch of questions about catalysts in oil paint. As for what I can do without, Facebook, but it's helpful in keeping up with relatives who live far away.

What’s your hidden talent?
I play bagpipes. Though that's not to hidden. I have a bagpipe reference website - -  that has made me famous over the last 20 years in the bagpiping world. I met the bagpiper who toured with Madonna and he responded, "Oh! With the website!" That kind of thing happens all the time when I meet bagpipers.

From which single individual have you learned the most from in your life and what did they teach you?
One person? That's difficult. I didn't have a single mentor. I'd have to say my parents who showed me how good people act. And my wife who taught me to be less of a perfectionist all the time and she has also played devil's advocate and makes me really think about things. I like to believe she's a better person too for having married me—you want to always bring out the best in your spouse. I've taught her patience, that's for sure!

What is your favorite travel destination and why?
My most favorite trip was for my mother-in-law's 60th birthday to a house on the beach in a somewhat isolated area in Mexico. It was a week of no phones, no email, no TV, no radio, no newspapers. That was the life!

What is the quality you most admire in others. Why?
Followed by humility. On rare occasions, a customer will come in and be condescending, but almost all customers are great.

What is one thing most NAMTA members probably don’t know about you?
I have a penchant for absent-mindedly facing and straightening everything I see at and on the Art Materials World show entry registration desk. The NAMTA Staff counts on me now!  

Advocating for the Arts

Watch for a new issue of NAMTA's Art Advocacy eNewsletter in your eMail inbox in April. This eNewsletter is sent to NAMTA members, along with artists, educators, other industry people and companies. Share it with your customers and friends when you get it. See past Art Advocacy eNewsletters here.

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Fact of the Week 
Differences in arts participation rates between adults in urban and in rural communities vary considerably given the concentration of arts venues in cities. However, differences between urban and rural participation rates were negligible when it came to art-making.
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John C. "Jack" Wayman 

Mr. Jack Wayman passed away on March 7th. He worked in the art supply industry for Western Art Supply, Grumbacher then Strathmore. Mr. Wayman was retired from the industry for many years but made a special trip to Art Materials World 2016 where he is pictured (center) with Cynthia and Andy Lenz of Lenz Arts. Read more . . . 

 Member News

Strathmore Artists Papers had a celebratory cake at Art Materials World recognizing their 125th Anniversary.  Read more  . . .


Freudenthal Sales Group's Joyce McBriarty's daughter Erin (right) earned her Girl Scout Gold Award by helping families in their community with Project ArtBox - an idea to build an art 'library' and have an actual ArtBox containing supplies to benefit children and their families being treated at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, many of them staying at the Ronald McDonald House. Erin is hoping that experiencing art will bring a creative release for the children and families to de-stress during a very time of their lives.
See Erin's Presentation 

  Send Erin a Letter of Congratulations. Along with her award, Erin will receive a special binder filled with congratulatory letters and NAMTA Members can email congratulations to Erin to All letters must arrive no later than May 1.


New Members 

Melior Innovations - Pic Onyx Melior Innovations is a materials technology company that created PicOnyx that produces M-Tone™ functional black additives, an innovative, cost-effective, stir-in deep jet-black ceramic additive that is an environmentally safe alternative. Read more about PicOnyx.

Mooselips Art Gear and Provisions
is a Start-up outfitter for traveling artists. Contact

National Book Store, located in Mandaluyong, Philippines, sells stationery, arts and crafts supplies, books and novelty items.

Hyacinth Fine Papers USA offers premium art paper products including HYACINTH branded watercolor pads, sketch pads, drawing pads, mixed media pads, fancy notebooks and colored DIY papers.

 Sinhan Commerce Corp. has been in the import and distribution field of art materials, stationery and fine writing for over 35 years. Contact

The Anomaly House of Art
is in progress of setting up shop in Penticton, Canada with quality art supplies, classes, and an environment where artists can connect. Contact


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