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NAMTA provides its members, whether retailer, manufacturer or rep, with an advantage in the art/creative materials industry. The association provides our members with the products, services, networking and information they need to grow and prosper. Because we focus on, and effectively respond to, the needs of our members, NAMTA confidently offers a money back guarantee with every membership dues investment.



The RESOURCE Advantage

NAMTA Members have the Resource Advantage with industry newsletters, industry surveys and more.

The NETWORKING Advantage
NAMTA Members have the Networking Advantage with the opportunity to view the latest products in the industry, attend educational sessions, learn from industry experts and network with fellow members at Art Materials World, plus access to the their industry peers with the Online Membership Directory.

NAMTA Members can receive discounts on travel, shipping, office supplies, payment processing and more with the Savings Advantage.

Questions about your NAMTA Membership, or joining NAMTA - email NAMTA or call 704.892.6244

NAMTA Members See the Benefits . . .

"Being a member of NAMTA has helped me tremendously and one of the foremost reasons why my business is successful. When my husband and I decided that we wanted to open an Art Supply store in San Diego, we ran across the NAMTA website in our initial research as to how to open an Art Supply store. We really did not know what NAMTA was nor did we have any idea how much of a vital resource it would become to us. We became members by the urging of our distributor rep and attended our first show in Pittsburgh the weekend before we opened our store. Through NAMTA, I gained direction, learned fundamentals and met some amazing people whom shaped me into the retailer I am today. The Retail Operations Manuals alone, have guided me, educated me and are my go-to resources. I refer to them quite often and have used the Toolbox Forms numerous times in my operations. Not only has NAMTA provided me with training manuals, business tips and results from research studies in our industry, but it also provided me invaluable relationships with other retailers and vendors. Through the networking NAMTA makes possible, I was able to gain a greater understanding of the Art Materials world and get a view into this industry from members who have years of experience. I am so thankful for all that NAMTA has helped us with in starting our Art Supply store from the ground up and continues to be an asset to us in so many ways. I look forward to growing more in this industry and hoping to one day be an even bigger part of NAMTA." 
- Chelsea Merigan, The Art Stash, La Mesa, CA

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