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 What we heard about Orlando 2022

  • Encourage more Stamp & Scrapbooking companies to have a booth at the next show (2023) - that is our line of interest and we wish to see many more.

  • Great job in Orlando! ............. fabulous to see everyone in person! Looking forward to Columbus!

  • So proud to be a part of the fabulous event .......... can’t wait for Columbus!

  • Thank you so much for the time and effort ..... put into orchestrating Namta Creativation ............ I cannot imagine all of the planning and coordination that were initiated to ensure the success of the event. You definitely helped us organize our thoughts more thoroughly and it's been a fantastic journey in the last few months. 

  • Thank you so much! I thought it was great. We had a blast! We got to mingle and get to know other people.

  • Happily, I was so busy and on Tuesday I was by myself in the booth, and who knew - I can sell!!! For someone who has never worked in the business world, that was an amazing feat!  Thank you & the whole Namtastaff for all your help and encouragement.  I had a ball!   

  • My colleague and I are tremendously grateful to you all for an excellent show. It exceeded our expectations and was only possible through your hard work and imagination.

  • It was fabulous to meet you “face-to-face”! Was a great show!!!! It took me all day to walk it and yet had time to stop to converse, ask questions, or do a make-it-take-it at some booths. Got to see some old friends, which I so miss! Overall, I think the merge was a good one! I liked the demo alley and saw product “in action”!

  • A fabulous show. The energy was felt all day on the show floor and at the events were fun.

  • Great job to your entire team and extended family you pulled in to work the show. and the merger is great.

  • It was evident, after three years of not meeting in person to discuss our mutual business interests, that a zoom meeting can never offer the same level of interaction and understanding as face to face dialog.

  • We attended the Namta Creativation 2022 and we were happy to see the hard work that went into merging the two shows. It was a great opportunity to learn about the products and support the vendors that committed to attending. We know that it's important as retailers to attend if we hope to see the industry thrive and continue to grow. We hope next year is even bigger and better!

  • Any art materials retailer (or vendor) who is serious about their business will be at each annual Namta show. It is the heart of our industry.

  • As a stand-alone brick and mortar store, it is so important to really know the products we carry and be able to guide our customers through what products will work best for their projects. The relationships we are able to nurture and the creativity we are able to experience at a show like Creativation/Namta, allows us to gain the knowledge we need to be the best we can be for our customers. Thank you for making this show work this year!

  • Attending Namta Creativation was an opportunity to be introduced to new products and vendors, get ideas to take my art business to the next level, get inspired for new content creation ideas, and make meaningful connections.

  • Fun, informative and well-organized show

  • I was so inspired on the first day I was filling my notebook with ideas and already thrilled with the conference and feeling that it was worth every penny to go. By the second day I was overwhelmed with information and starting to get stressed out because I made so many lists of things to do when I get back! I loved the Presidents Reception at Discovery Cove and everyone that I met was so interesting and kind and helpful along the way. It was great to finally put faces to names of people I’ve been ordering from for years and never got the chance to meet. I look forward to attending again in the future.

  • It was so good to see the new vendors, and the educational sessions were all good. Having them before the show really freed up time to stay focused on meetings and vendors. Orlando was a great venue! 

  • Kudos to Namta for bringing the creative industries back together in a celebration of the ARTS!! It was wonderful to come together in a beautiful setting to learn, share ideas, meet new people and see all the creative products - including the inventive new things born from the pandemic. All events were refreshingly welcoming to newcomers. Thank you Namta Staff for your thoughtful selection of hotel and access to convention center. The walk across to the show was surprisingly easy & couldn’t have been more beautiful - I was not the only one stopping to photograph the flora and fauna! Looking forward to experience planned in Columbus for 2023!

  • Really enjoyed it. Great job everyone!

  • Stamperia stood out.

  • The best Namta show I have experienced in many, many years!

  • The intrinsic value of our trade show is not found anywhere else. From seeing new products, to making life long business connection, that can all only be found at a Trade show

  • The Namta Creativation show was just what I needed after two years of being on lock down and virtual shows. The socials and networking opportunities were on point as well as the show in general. I strongly encourage craft store owners to attend next year.

  • The Namta staff was welcoming and very helpful to those of us joining from AFCI.

  • Very enjoyable.

  • We were impressed with the care Namta took to ensure that Creativation retailers felt included and comfortable. Our classes were well attended and networking opportunities on the show floor and beyond were plentiful. Art Materials World featuring Creativation was a good investment for all. We are already looking forward to Columbus in 2023!

  • While the show was small for the paper craft retailers, the vendors that showed up were fabulous! I found new items from the Art Materials vendors to bring in that enhance our offerings and could widen our customer base.

  • Wonderful! Time for this industry to conquer the art world once again!