Pandemic Safety Signage - PPE Supplies - and more....


We have partnered with The Corporate Graphic Center to bring you Covid safe signage- perfect for encouraging social distancing, wearing a mask, one way aisles, advertising store hours, and more. 

TCGC is a second generation family owned company founded in 2002 with more than 30 years of printing experience. They pride themselves on offering their clients unparalleled service in marketing campaigns, printing and graphic design as well as promotional items, all tailored to their specific needs.

Available to Namta Members in the United States and Canada

Check out the Namta member specific signage, personalized with our Art Advocacy logo,
plus several additional products - perfect for keeping your employees and shoppers safe.

To Order from TCGC - click here

When shopping with The Corporate Graphic Center use discount code 'NAMTA5' at checkout to receive 5% off for being a Namta member.

TCGC social distancing orders ship free within the United States!


Namta has partnered with Pulsar to bring you affordable and readily available PPE  to keep you, your employees, and your customers safe. Since 1997, Pulsar Eco Products has worked with major brands to create and produce thousands of custom consumer products.

In anticipation of the PPE shortage, they worked with their manufacturing partners to increase capacity and shorten lead times. Pulsar knows the need is urgent and because of that, ships all products direct from the factory to your location.

  • Pulsar can offer Namta Members competitive pricing and minimums, and an easy-to-use online ordering platform.
  • Check out deals like 400 disposable masks about 48 cents each and digital thermometers for less than $6 – plus 5% off total purchase.
  • For additional information on Pulsar products - click here
The Pulsar Catalog of Products includes:



Antibacterial Hand Sanitizers
Infrared Thermometers
Digital Thermometers
Disposable Face Masks
Medical Face Masks

To Order from Pulsar - click here

When checking out make sure to use code 'NAMTA' to receive a 5% discount for being a Namta member!