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February 10, 2021


CONGRATULATIONS to the Winners of the We Art The HeART Instagram Contest
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And be sure to check out their entries on Instagram @namtaartmaterialsassociation

Namta is collecting pictures that we'll combine with  all of the
We Art The HeART pictures, to make one big collection of our retail members for the Namta's Virtual Booth at Virtual Art Materials World 2021 / Creativation+.

If you'd like to participate, fill out this form before March 5th - these are the types of picture we want:

•  Storefront with your sign or something in your window or near your door, clearly stating who you are.

•  Or, inside your store, preferably around the main section of the store, such as the checkout area - again with either your logo or something clearly stating
who you are visible in the picture.

•  Or, if you are online only - you can use a picture of your staff in your place of business with a visible logo in the picture, or something that shows your business with a logo.


Unlock your All-Access Pass!
for March 15 - 19

Namta 2021 Art Materials World Virtual
for information you need to know about registering as a buyer, exhibiting, and more.......

Art Materials World 2021 Virtual & Creativation+ promises to deliver 5 days of engaging exhibit hall experiences, a New Product Showcase, pre-recorded workshops, live exhibitor and sponsor sessions/demonstrations, along with a Buyers Guide and Attendee Match Making platform!  

When you attend from the comfort of your home, office, or facility, you will have the same opportunity to access the latest and greatest innovations in the art materials industry. You will also have access to the expanded audiences with the AFCI partnership.

20+ Education Sessions
Included in Your Registration!

Check them out right here!

Buyer/Retailer Early Bird Registration
until February 12th








How Will the Virtual Tradeshow Work?

Watch these five short videos

They will help explain how to navigate and what to expect at Virtual Art Materials World 2021/Creativation+.

These videos were provided by Swapcard, the virtual show platform.


Contact Karen at [email protected]

Or call 704-892-6244 

Hall of Fame and Lifetime Achievement Awards

Namta will not be naming recipients for these awards for 2021. 

As a result of the pandemic and cancellation of Chicago 2020 and 2021, we have not yet had the opportunity to carry out the tradition of honoring Namta's 2020 Recipients in person  - and we plan to do just that at Art Materials World 2022 with Creativation in Orlando, Florida!


Information Coming Soon

2020 Hall of Fame
Steve Aufhaüser

2020 Lifetime Achievement
Deirdra Silver

2020 Lifetime Achievement
Dave Thompson


Welcome New Members

Art Department is a fiercely independent, woman-owned art supply store in the heart of downtown Salem, Oregon. Art Department's mission is to support artists from inspiration to celebration.


MACKart is a family owned art supply company founded to provide quality art supplies to artists of all levels, and inspired by owner Matt Hoffman's 6-year-old son Carter who shares a love of art, as well as giving back to the community through donations collected by selling his own works. A portion of the sales through MACKart go to help charitable organizations throughout  the year.


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"The sustainability and fragility of our environment- the world that surrounds us and everything we rely on to survive- is crucial. Whether as a way of advocating, innovating, or educating, the arts are playing a crucial role in raising awareness and driving change."

from American for the Arts

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Healthcare coverage in 2021 is like art. You need a medium to create your art. Some use clay, others paint, or metal, the list goes on and on. Healthcare coverage is much the same, with products for part time employees, full time employees, groups, and individuals. As you explore your medium of choice, we have expert representatives who are here to ensure you find the coverage that fits your needs.


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