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NOVEMBER 18, 2020


In the absence of a physical show this year and next, Namta Art Materials World will partner with The Association for Creative Industries (AFCI) to co-host our first ever virtual trade show and conference. This event will be held March 15-19, 2021.

The partnership with AFCI will not end in 2021, but will continue to grow when Namta members finally reunite in person in 2022. AFCI and its members will join Namta at Art Materials World 2022 in Orlando, Florida for our first ever co-located event.

2021 AMW Virtual

Watch your emails, Namta Social Media, and for details for the following:

Attending AMW Virtual 2021
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Exhibiting at AMW Virtual 2021

Contact Rick Munisteri
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AMW Virtual 2021 Schedule
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AMW Virtual 2021 Education
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AMW Virtual 2021 Networking Events
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"we are the heART"

Namta Member Instagram Campaign and Contest


This campaign is designed to celebrate you. Namta sees your dedication and drive, and we stand with you and celebrate you- for your ability to provide art materials to the world despite the hardships of 2020.

You will need to print and fill out the sign, and take a picture or video of you and/or your staff for Instagram.

All member photo submissions with the sign will have a chance to win one of three different (incredible) prizes!

Savannah's video below.

Then go to the
'we are the heART"

on for more details and options for sending image to us and
printing your sign.
NOTE: INSTAGRAM is temporarily hiding new tags due to elections posts - PLEASE USE OPTIONS a. or b. from the choices on the web page.

Comment on Instagram about the "we are the heART" Campaign

"Those are all fantastic prizes! And I can't wait to see everyone, in person, in Orlando!!" (Orlando AMW 2022)

Membership Renewals

Video Message from Namta

Membership Renewal Invoices

Invoices have been sent by email and by mail, giving you the choice to pay online or by mail. There is no additional fee to pay online.

If you n
eed help renewing, have questions about your membership, or need to change your company's main contact to receive the renewal invoice, please contact Sue Cohen - [email protected].

Member-to-Member Fund

If you are interested in contributing to the Namta Member-to-Member Fund, to help those whose membership may not be feasible because of the COVID pandemic, please fill out this form.

Thank You to our Members who have generously donated!

 Member News

Tombow Announces Third Annual Create Your Best Work Art Scholarship 
to aid two promising art students with tuition costs.


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ARTVENTURE LLC introduces a new line of fun products made of eco-friendly materials designed to inspire and educate with hands-on experience.

Watch Tuesday's ARTVENTURE Video in Namta Connect Demo Alley


A Millennial's View
by Savannah Davis

My husband and I have been together since I was 16 so there aren’t a ton of moments where I hear something from him and say, I didn’t know that about you! The childhood stories that still reside in our memories or are retold by loved ones, have mostly been shared and I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on who child-Jacob was. I know in 3rd grade he didn’t like his teacher and faked sick all the time so he could go home. I know he rode a skateboard....


Member Comment on Namta Connect and Demo Alley Zooms

"Love this kind of education on the products...Hope this will be the new norm. Thank you."


New Post/Question in the Gallery Forum under Retailers

"At this time, we’re contemplating having to move once again. This has generated the following question: If we were doing well, and our staff was being paid healthy living wages, what percentage of revenue should we reasonably be expecting to spend on rent? Is there a rule of thumb?"

How Namta Connect on Zoom Can Work for You


These sessions are a great way for YOU and YOUR STAFF to learn about products, and can help make your staff more confident and knowledgeable for your customers.

 Sign up to schedule a live session showing your products in Demo Alley. Your Demo doesn't end when Zoom ends - Demos are recorded and made available for all members to watch.

Sales Representatives
Make sure your suppliers know that you can Demo Alley their products on Namta Connect on Zoom.

Namta Connect Zoom Schedule



If you've missed recent Namta Connect Zoom sessions, you can watch the Recordings.


Namta Connect on Zoom


November 19
6 pm Eastern Standard Time

Meet Special Guest
James McElhinney
Visual artist, blogger, author, and fine press publisher.

Old Fashion Cocktails
with Bartender Rick and Savannah


 There will be no Zoom Sessions for the Week of November 23rd

December 1, 2020
3 pm Eastern Standard Time

Ranger Industries

Extraordinary Abstract Art
with Tim Holtz® Alcohol Ink

Presented by Sharen A.K. Harris
and Colleen Verardi


Public Schools Are in Crisis. Museums Can Help Fill the Gap - But Only If They Survive

The president of the American Alliance of Museums makes the case for boosting museum funding as homeschooling drags on. The formal education system is in peril. Museums in every community can help fill the gap—but unless we act quickly, thousands of cherished institutions will close forever.

Due to COVID-19’s grip on the country, many school systems are engaging students virtually to safeguard the health of their students, teachers, and communities. Other school systems have or will be opening their doors, some think prematurely, and causing many families with means to consider alternatives to the classroom environment until the coronavirus is under control....READ ARTICLE


"With COVID-19 still creating havoc on the educational system, teachers have been turning to museums as an added resource to educate not only to for the arts itself but to teach children to learn how to be creative in their quest for knowledge, which makes their survival in this difficult economic environment even more imperative."



Interesting Web Articles 

Your Brand is Probably Missing Out on the True Value of Influencers

In October, we celebrated the 10-year anniversary of Instagram, a platform that has transformed the notion of (and arguably created) influencer marketing. While reviewing the last decade of influencer marketing, I could not help but reflect on what happened this year alone and how brands are still not getting influencer marketing right … and 2020 has been quite a year.

Events like COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement have shown us that social media continues as a hugely powerful medium, and that the current consumer marketplace is incredibly complex and changing quickly. It got even more complicated when some of the biggest brands participated in a Facebook boycott (with some doing so until the end of the year). On top of that, throw in an election....READ ARTICLE

Instagram Is Redesigning the Home Screen with Prime Spots for Tiktok-Like Reels and In-App Shopping — See What It Looks Like

Instagram is officially changing its home page for the first time in years, it announced in a press release. Existing tabs will be rearranged to make room for Reels and Shop tabs.

The social media platform first announced that it was testing new layouts in September, and now it's rolling out....READ MORE

Discounted PPE Options

for Namta Members
in the United States and Canada



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Healthcare Options for Namta Members

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Take a One-on-One approach to Healthcare. Find out how your Association healthcare offering can benefit you!

Set up a time to speak one on one with a team expert to learn how your program works. This personal approach gives you the information you want at a time that works for your life.


NAMTA member Art Supply and Framing store for sale. Located in the western half of the United States, more than 40 years in business with great cash flow.

E-mail [email protected] if interested!


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A Millenial's View - by Savannah Davis

Hello friends,

My husband and I have been together since I was 16 so there aren’t a ton of moments where I hear something from him and say, I didn’t know that about you! The childhood stories that still reside in our memories or are retold by loved ones, have mostly been shared and I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on who child-Jacob was. I know in 3rd grade he didn’t like his teacher and faked sick all the time so he could go home. I know he rode a skateboard sitting, down a hill, and ended up ripping through several layers of clothing before sustaining moderate road burn. I know when he went to his first boy-girl party, his “girlfriend” cut her mouth with her braces after an unfortunate trampoline incident and all the girls called him mean for not kissing her- bloody braces and all. Over the years we have laughed together (or cringed) while sharing our various awkward, uncomfortable and funny coming of age stories.

I mention all of this to say, I was actually shocked when Jacob tossed out, during an episode of The Queen’s Gambit (a new show on Netflix), that he was once the president of an 8th-grade chess club. “ can that don’t play chess”, I stammered out at him. “Nope, I don’t, but I liked being in clubs and so I joined the chess club and became president.” He answered that so matter-of-factly, like it wasn’t odd to join a club of a skill you don’t have. Naturally, I dug deeper because my husband was all of the sudden a ‘non-chess playing president’ stranger to me. As I unpacked his participation in the chess club (which was minimal and he still doesn’t know all of the rules), he began to look less like a stranger. He laughed as I peppered him with questions forcing a reflection upon his youth- but for him it was as simple as liking to be in a club. He enjoyed staying after school with groups of people, focused on a hobby he though he would ultimately catch-on to (he did not catch on).

I think about the divisions in our world today and how intoxicating it is to be within a circle of people all impassioned by a similar focal point. Anyone who spends any time mindlessly scrolling on Facebook may relate when I say, sometimes I wonder if any of us having anything in common anymore? The inability to create connection and unity, especially now when social distancing is so encouraged, would make anyone feel anxious and isolated.  

I did a quick google search for, “effects of extracurricular activities” and not surprisingly was bombarded with articles researching and concluding that the students who actively participate in extracurricular activities achieve higher, increase leadership and teamwork abilities, and have a more regular class attendance. While most of the articles I found were focused on elementary through college aged kids- I feel safe assuming the same positive effect is applicable to adults.  We all want a feeling of together-ness, and when we have it, we are generally better versions of ourselves.

Being in the midst of membership, I can’t help but think about how when I first started this job in March, I couldn’t quite wrap my head around who Namta was and what they do. Sure, I had gotten the overview of what an association is, the different member types, art materials, etc.. But I really was able to define Namta after participating in Namta Connect.  Watching members get on Zoom and share with each other passionately about their products and doing demos, showing off the vibrancy of colors or ease of use, and then simultaneously answering inquiries about techniques and pricing and anything else thrown at them- that is what defined Namta for me. Likewise, I learned from getting on the happy hour calls and witnessing the joyful interaction of relationships that have been 20+ years in the making or brand new, sharing industry specific troubles and jokes…connecting, relating, bonding. Namta is a members only club where all you have to have in common is art materials. It’s a body of people who you know you can turn to, that care about the same industry you do. Namta is the resource that is right there waiting for you whenever you have time to engage. And the Namta staff, are people who work around the clock to create opportunities for connection, networking and interaction.

I hope that you have gotten a chance to participate in any of the Namta Connect sessions, but if not, the door is always open. Likewise, I hope you are considering participating or exhibiting in the 2021 Virtual Art Materials World (in partnership with AFCI Creativation+) and counting down to the in person 2022 Art Materials World. I hope you know that if you have a question there is an audience for you to reach out to on The Gallery (our forum). Most importantly, I hope you feel like more than a job-related association member, but that you are part of a close-knit club that serves as a home-base for fellow art materials friends all around the world. And finally, I hope you know my inbox is always open if you have any suggestions for how else Namta can be supporting you and making you feel included and connected to this community.

Savannah Davis, First Lady of the 8th grade Chess Club


Member News

Tombow Announces Third Annual Create Your Best Work Art Scholarship
to aid two promising art students with tuition costs.

  • Your Best Work Art Scholarship is available to high school seniors graduating by June 2021 and college freshmen and sophomores in the United States.
  • To qualify, students must be currently enrolled or accepted and seeking a visual arts degree at a U.S. university, college or art school.

“We are excited at the prospect of assisting two more up and coming art students with their tuition costs,” said Chief Marketing Director Cathy Daniel. “Every year the applications get better and better. No doubt this year we’ll see even more talented artists sharing their unique perspectives.”

  • The top two applicants will be awarded non-renewable scholarships to be used toward tuition, fees, books, supplies and equipment required by the educational institution for the upcoming school year starting in Fall 2021.
  • The grand prize winner will receive a $5,000 scholarship, and one runner-up will receive a $2,500 scholarship.
  • Tombow will notify scholarship recipients, and distribution of the scholarship will be made directly to each recipient.
  • Scholarship recipients will also receive a package of Tombow products for use in their works, with an approximate retail value of $500. In addition, the high school that the student graduated from will receive a package of Tombow products, with an approximate retail value of $500.
  • Product-only awards in the amount of $100 will be made to five additional runners-up.
  • Awards will be distributed in July 2021.

Application deadline for the scholarship is March 1, 2021 – applications should be submitted digitally and include a portfolio, artist’s statement, letter(s) of recommendation and transcripts. Students can download applications and find more information about applying at

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ARTVENTURE LLC introduces a new line of fun products made of eco-friendly materials designed to inspire and educate with hands-on experience - sustainable alternatives in Art Material and Educational supplies.

"Hands-on experience is an essential part of the learning process. While homeschooling or remote learning have affected so many students in recent months, ARTVENTURE's mission is to offer eco-friendly tools and solutions to provide hands-on experimentation, even if the teaching is done remotely."

President and Founder Edouard Andre-Hessig has over 25 years of successful product launches and brand management from Stationery to Fine Art, and sales and marketing on five continents.

** On Tuesday, ARTVENTURE presented in Namta Connect Demo Alley on Zoom – if you missed the presentation, catch the session recording on the Namta Connect Recordings Page.