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NOVEMBER 4, 2020




Art Materials World
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With the end of the year in sight and the uncertainty of COVID-19 continues, our organization once again needs to address this pandemic in an effort to keep our members healthy and safe and have made the difficult but necessary decision to cancel Art Materials World 2021 Chicago.

While we know this news is disappointing, we have some very exciting news to announce – in the absence of a physical show this year and next, Namta will partner with The Association for Creative Industries (AFCI) to co-host our first ever VIRTUAL TRADE SHOW conference, March 15-19, 2021 – and our partnership with AFCI and its members will continue at Art Materials World 2022 in Orlando, Florida for our first ever co-located event.Read more

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Savannah Davis
A Millennial's View

There are a few things, for me, that signal the closing of a year. The smell of a wood burning fire place mixed with cold air, the leaves transitioning and falling to their final destination of making a perfect crunch beneath our shoes… and the record setting anxiety that fills my chest as I wake up on November 3rd*. Election day. I know as you read this it will be at least 12 hours into the future and maybe our fate will be known by then- or at least an indication.... READ ARTICLE


If you missed these recent Namta Connect Zoom sessions, you can watch the recordings.

How to Generate Income on Instagram
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Retailers and Sales Representatives - these sessions are not only good for you, but also for your customers and your staff.
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Thank you for being a Namta member. We know this year has been unprecedented and came with more challenges than any of us could have anticipated. As we head into membership renewal, we at Namta want to commend you all for your ability to pivot and adapt. Your unwavering support of the Art Materials Industry has not gone unnoticed and we deeply appreciate you. As we approach 2021, we look ahead with great anticipation for what is to come for you as a Namta member and the Art Materials Industry as whole. 

If you haven't seen the video below, please take a few minutes to watch as Savannah talks to you about the Association.

And now, you can add VIRTUAL ART MATERIALS WORLD, co-located with AFCI in March, to the list!


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"Kids immersed in arts get the opportunity to experience the world, and themselves, in a different way; one that cultivates cognitive abilities, nurtures positive character traits, and fosters critical thinking.” 



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The 1974 Namta
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Leonard Bocour was an American artist. Bocour was born in New York City. Around 1933 he formed the New York City based company Bocour Artists Colors. He was the co-developer along with Sam Golden of Magna paint in the late 1940s. From 1952 until 1970 he and Sam Golden were partners in the Bocour Artists Colors Co. - Wikipedia

What We Heard This Week


When Karen Parsons from Yasutomo read this article in the recent edition of The Palette, she sent us this email:

"I loved the article about David Lee Roth!

When I managed the Art Store in the old town Pasadena before joining Yasutomo in 1997, he was one of my best customers! He was beginning at learning art, and I remember selling him his first set of paints, brushes, and inks. He came in every Tuesday after having lunch at the restaurant across the street to buy more supplies. Small world, isn't it?"

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NAMTA member Art Supply and Framing store for sale. Located in the western half of the United States, more than 40 years in business with great cash flow.

E-mail [email protected] if interested.

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A Millenial's View - by Savannah Davis

There are a few things, for me, that signal the closing of a year. The smell of a wood burning fire place mixed with cold air, the leaves transitioning and falling to their final destination of making a perfect crunch beneath our shoes… and the record setting anxiety that fills my chest as I wake up on November 3rd*. Election day. I know as you read this it will be at least 12 hours into the future and maybe our fate will be known by then- or at least an indication as to what the final outcome may be. This will not be an article that is political in nature, but I simply cannot let the significance of this day pass without mentioning the tone and energy that keeps slipping into every topic I consider covering. It’s unavoidable and all-consuming for me, today. But I think that is okay. I think it is good for me to sit in the magnitude of election day because so many before me fought so I could be allowed to participate in it. On these monumental mornings, I always reminisce my history teachers from elementary school and beyond and wish I could call and apologize for not paying closer attention. For allowing my ignorance to influence how I received the knowledge they shared as if it had no effect on me. As if every single moment of my being wasn’t made possible because of the choices and actions of those that came before me. Now I know. I know it’s monumental to live in a country where I get to participate in the beauty that is democracy. It’s a privilege to march or post on Facebook or put a sign in your yard and then follow it up with a matching vote.  While I won’t be voting today (I voted early), it’s impossible to not feel refueled by the feeling I got as I selected my choices on a touch screen electronic ballot.  I am not talking about the candidates- I am talking about the experience. The ability to pick what matters for me, and have a say in who I think best represents the United States of America. Am I the only person who is floored by this honor, every time I have the ability to participate? It’s just such a big deal.

It is refreshing to look at the events of the last year (or four years) and say this is what matters to me and I will vote for this candidate because of it. I don’t know what your “thing” is/are- maybe it’s racial injustice, or tax rates, healthcare reform, environmental initiatives, 401ks, unemployment, the stock market, coronavirus, or the economy, etc.. but I do know that today, you get the ability to play a part in deciding how you want these “things” to be addressed in the future. It is both an honor and a responsibility.

I will be fully transparent and say it is really hard to write an article today and find a way to transition into something lighthearted. I can’t sensibly try to make a connection between virtual etiquette on a Zoom call and Election Day of an extremely polarized nation. Maybe a writer much better than the likes of myself could do that- but I don’t feel it is appropriate for me to even try.

So my change in topic, though far from seamless, now transitions to you. And my only connection is that as I stay glued to the news today – I cannot help but reflect on what this year has brought on. So much loss, so much heartache and fear and grief, and strife – but it has also brought hope, determination and the steadfast pursuit of doing what is “right” (even if we can’t agree on what right is). So like Namta has done before, on the morning of Election Day, I commend you for just surviving this year. It’s hard to feel like the world is burning down around you and still get your job done, but we have somehow managed to do it, despite all of the chaos.

We will be launching an initiative to celebrate you, and your business. Because very simply, like voting: art has the ability to give us hope, to help us heal, and gives us a voice. You helped keep art alive and accessible this year. In our membership video we mentioned retailers often being the heart and soul of a town’s artist community –  we want to double down on that statement and expand it to all of our various member types.

In an effort to do so, we will be launching the We are the heART’ campaign.

More information will be coming soon but in short, on our webpage you will soon be able to have access to a downloadable image that was created for you. We would be overjoyed if you could print that image, personalize it with your business name and location, and then send us a picture or video of you holding it, positing it in your window, or however you want to display it. We will be collecting all of your images/video messages and hope to create a small video showcasing all of them. If you post it on your social media, we ask that you tag us and use the hashtag- #wearetheheart – and together we will be able to showcase the world wide Namta members who have shown resilience and dedication to the art materials industry in 2020. I just wanted to put this on your radar but will be sharing more about it in the days to come.

* I wrote this article on November 3rd, and have readdressed it today with very tired eyes after staying awake all night consuming the election result updates. It reminds me that as inspiring and monumental as democracy is- it is also just purely exhausting to witness the continued division. But it is still a privilege. I’m sure owning a business in 2020 (and always) has also been exhausting- but offering art materials to people matters. The hobby artists quieting their minds with a task, the professionals sharing their talents with the world and creating history, the art therapists that save lives and support healing, the students who have found a passion- I could go on, but the point is, these people need you and you delivered.

Namta sees your dedication and drive, and we stand with you and celebrate you.  You are the heART.