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 eNews:  March 25, 2020

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You are all very important to Namta.

Please know that we are thinking of each and everyone one of you every day, and hoping for the best for each of you.



Managing Business in a Coronavirus World

In these times where almost the entire world's stores, manufacturers, independent representatives, distributors, publishers and import/export members find their companies in a temporarily closed, work from home, online and Social Media dependent situations, we thought we'd have a special page on the site where we'd post a variety of information about the situation at hand.

Please take a look at Managing Business in a Coronavirus World.  There is also a link to this page on's home page that is open to anyone who visits the site.

We can help you get your messages out about your stores operating status and/or activities you want them to know. We will place them on Managing Business in a Coronavirus World, and push them out on Namta's FB and Twitter.
For instance:

  • Drive up pick up (where possible)
  • Delivery (where possible)
  • eMail or call-in orders
  • Shop by appointment (where possible)
  • Online Services – buying, demo or instructional videos
  • Links to your store activities on YouTube
  • Or, something else you are doing

Send information to Karen. We’ll post it as fast as we can!


 Important Message for

APRIL Art Materials World 2020 Attendees

All  Hotel Reservations for April have been Canceled

Namta is working with the Hyatt Regency in Chicago
regarding July 2020 dates.


Caitlin Bradford
Art Department Manager & Buyer

Hi Caitlin!

What do you do, and what is your favorite part of your job?
Caitlin:  I manage employees and purchase stock for the art department at Voertman's College Store in Denton, TX! I also organize and build kits for several schools in the DFW area. My favorite part about my job is finding out about new products, and getting feedback from customers about new products. I love experimenting with products to gain the best knowledge for my customers.

Do you create art? 
Caitlin: Yes! I mostly work with watercolors, but I like to try as many mediums as I can. Currently, I make somewhat surrealist watercolor paintings of nostalgic memories.

What INDUSTRY person has taught or influenced you most?
Caitlin: Andy Cozic from Royal Brush is one of my favorite people to be around because of his enthusiasm for his products! Also, I couldn't live without Gretchen from SLS Arts! She makes my life so much easier and more fun.

What NON-INDUSTRY person has taught or influenced you the most?
Caitlin: My mom has been an artist for a long time and still encourages me to make art and experiment with mediums! She's always open to new experiences with art and that inspires me a lot!

Do you have something special to say about the history of your company?
Caitlin: Voertman's has been a staple of Denton life for almost 100 years now! The business was founded in 1925 by the Voertman family. It's a cool experience to be a part of a store that has been a part of this town for so long.

Do you have any advice that you would give a new person coming into the art materials industry?
Caitlin: Be open to learning. There's so much to learn about art materials, how they interact with each other, and even business and trade.

Where on the planet have you been that you were the most impressed with the visual art?
Caitlin: Chicago; Not only are there some amazing art galleries and museums, but the graffiti in Chicago is also something that I love to seek out and admire!

Thank you Caitlin!




We're doing it a little different this week. Some Namta members might be struggling more than others in the current situation we are faced with - both financially and emotionally.

Do you have a member-to-member message you would like them to see?

We hope to get a lot of answers that we can print in the next eNews.


Last issue's question was "Who is the lady in orange" to the far right in the picture?" 

That lady is your Namta Executive Director, Leah Siffringer, at the Orlando 2012 Art Materials World. Leah has been with Namta for 10 years and took over the position in January 2020. Pretty much since January, Leah has been working diligently to keep you all informed about Art Materials World Chicago, and then about the current situation  -  making some hard decisions from day-to-day about what is best,  #1 for our Members, and #2 for your Association. 

The Namta Staff can't wait to be with all of you at another President's Reception, where we can get Leah up on the stage dancing again!



The good old 90s, when hair was hair - and suits were comfortable!

1991 Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center -  Boston
Bandelier - Best Single Booth

Are you in this picture?
Did you know of Bandelier? 
[email protected]





New Exhibitors for 2020

Alpha 6 Corporation • Anhui Union Arts Imp and Exp Co. • CAS Paints •  Chappell Digital Marketing
Educational Art and Craft Supplies • GoEasel • Himal Design • Hong Hua Vietnam Art Tool
Lindy's Stamp Gang • Papier Plume • Portable Painter •  Step By Step Group • Prat Paris
Product Evolutions • Quarto Group • SAMPRO •  Sanghi Brushwares •  Smiltainis
Spicebox Product Development • Sustain & Heal • The Airbrush Institute • The Artful Maven
The Japanese Paper Place  • Tintoretto • Toss Products • Turner & Su

For a full list of Exhibitor who signed up for 2020, visit the Floorplan.

  • Keep an eye on eMails from Namta, along with the Art Materials World page, as we are updating information.
  • Email Karen at Namta with any questions you have.


All  Hotel Reservations for April have been Canceled

Namta is working with the Hyatt Regency in Chicago regarding July 2020 dates.

Thank You Art Materials World Sponsors:



In business since 1930, serving the needs of Harvard, MIT, Cambridge & Greater Boston, Bob Slate Stationer is a full line, old-school stationer located in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA, focusing on sketching, drawing, watercolor and ink media.

Along their art collection, they offer journals, planners / diaries / calendars, notebooks, office supplies, social stationery, greeting cards, gift wrap and other gifts.

Arteza is an online retailer, offering their brand of art supplies .



See these New Product details -  plus more New Products

Golden Natural® Blend Short Handle Brushes
and - Bristlon® Short Handle Synthetic Brushes



Dura-Bright Black Film

CAS Paints
CAS Paints - Reformulated Solvent-Free Fast Dry Alkydpro Paints
38 New Colors



from Product Evolutions

The Artful Maven®





The Arts Action Fund's mission is to enlist and mobilize one million citizen activists to advance the arts and arts education at the federal, state and local levels.

The current membership is 415,613. We encourage you to Join for Free.

"Fact of the Week #217: "By incorporating the art of human expression into the healthcare environment, the stress, fear, and apprehension experienced in varying degrees by staff, visitors, and patients can transform into strength, inspiration, and solace."
- from

See more Art Matters Facts on 


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Share these articles with your employees, use them for subjects for employee meetings, or just enjoy reading.

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From PartnerShip Shipping - a Namta Benefit Company

While you’ve been burdened with adjusting to the new normal that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has created, know that we are committed to supporting you and keeping your shipments moving.

Though this is an ever-changing situation, we will remain open. We are taking every possible measure to ensure the safety of our staff while also providing you with the same level of service you’ve come to expect from PartnerShip. Our goal is to minimize any further disruptions to your business. We continue to monitor the situation and will make any changes needed to continue to serve you. If you have any concerns, we are here to help.

We are all receiving a lot of information regarding the Coronavirus. As a member of Namta, one of your benefits is a simple solution to some of the stress you and your employees may now be experiencing.Perhaps you suspect you may have been near someone who has tested positive or you, yourself, have contracted the virus, the last place you want to go is either the Emergency Room, or your doctor’s office filled with patients. What do you do?Why not simply make a phone call or video chat to speak with a Board-Certified medical provider. This provider can advise you of what action you should take, within the CDC regulations and advisements. This valuable consultation achieves great comfort. If you currently offer health insurance you can access this without any additional costs. Those who are currently not offering the coverage can do so at a very minimal cost of $34.95 per household.The services include:

  • Telemedicine - so at the first sign of illness you can speak with a certified-health professional. Learn more about Telemedicine included in Prosper Benefits.
  • Confidential Counseling - to help keep work /life balance even when working from home.
  • Medical Bill Saver - in case of illness an expert negotiator helps reduce out-of-pocket cost.
  • Health Advocacy - to reinforce that you are on the right track and the doctors have your health and wallet in mind while planning care.

Webinar on Creating Relevant Content

• Thursday, March 26 at 12:00 PM - CENTRAL TIME

A Big Thank you to AFCI, The Association for Creative Industries, for sharing this Webinar with Namta Members.

Register Now
Topic: Amplifying Useful and Relevant Content To Thrive During Challenging Times
When: Thursday, March 26 at 12:00 Noon Central Time
Speaker: Traci Reuter, Founder/CEO of Divine Social
Learn how to share useful and relevant content with your customers and potential customers.
Connecting with your audience in a new and creative way is important for any business during normal times. During challenging times, it becomes crucial. The creative industries are ideal for utilizing digital and social media platforms, and with the majority of your customers now staying home, there are more individuals on social media more than ever before.
It’s time to create a proactive plan to help your business be a value to the community and position yourself to come out of these times stronger than when you went in.


2020 Grant Applications will be available on May 1st.

Interested in being a 2020 Grant Sponsor, email Sue Cohen

USE  #myfavoriteartstore  AND   #namta   AND  #artmaterialsworld on Instagram

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