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Art Materials World 2019 is over.

Thank you to everyone who exhibited and attended!
We'll be back in Chicago in April of 2020.

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2020 will bring Namta Members back to Chicago's Navy Pier for Art Materials World. Exhibitors can reserve 2020 Art Materials World booths today. Contact Rick Munisteri with questions.

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Are You A Player

or A Coach?

by Tom Shay

Watching a televised college game recently, the announcer was interviewing the winning coach. The questions were the same repetitive questions that are asked of most all winning coaches. The answers and comments were the same as what many of us have heard over the years. Among the comments were, “The credit goes to the players. They were the ones doing the work that allowed us to win”.

I thought about the similarity of the coach and a business owner. Hence, the prompting of the question as posed in the title, “Are you a player or a coach?”.

My observation is that far too many owners of the business think and act like one of the players. They believe they have the most extensive product knowledge and the best sales skills. The employees in the business seem to agree with that view as you see them often defer questions to the owner.

Visiting a business recently, I was amazed at how paralyzed the staff was because the owner had left to go to lunch and to the bank. I observed the business owner who was visiting this commercial business as the staff struggled to address the questions from the prospective customer. What an unfortunate waste of time for the visiting individual! And how easy it would be for a competitor to take this customer’s business.

While it might sound boastful coming from the coach, we think the coach should have answered differently.

The response should have been, “Yes, I do get most of the credit for the success of this team. I have selected the assistant coaches (managers for our businesses) and if they are not successful, I replace them. With my direction, the players (salespeople and support staff) are selected. If they are not always improving (increasing sales, average line count and average ticket size), I can develop methods to teach them how to get the job done.”

“The plays selected (product lines) are there because I require my assistants (buyers) to thoroughly research the competition (the marketplace for us) to develop the best opportunities for us to be successful.

The challenge I see with business owners is that we often think that being in the game means we are to be a player. We can be a player if we work for someone else.  However when you are the owner or manager, the game has to be elevated. Sounds easy but definitely it is a challenge.

Visiting with a business owner recently I watched an employee walk past the manager and bring a concern to the owner. The owner listened; made the decision for the employee; and turned to continue our conversation. The owner was asked why the manager worked part time.

The owner responded that the manager put in 48 hours each week. “They may be here 48 hours, but when you are doing their job for them, they are working part time”, was our comment.

It is tough to make the transition from player to coach. If the business is going to grow, it requires someone to be the coach and many other people to be the players.

Someone has to call the plays; decide which players are in the game at appropriate times and what they are doing. Someone has to stand back and manage the team.

The same is with our business. It may be enjoyable to be on the front line selling and visiting with customers, vendors and staff. However, if it is your business, you have to first be the owner/coach.

You can hire people to do most everything but you cannot hire someone to do your job.

Tom Shay is a fourth generation small business owner, author, columnist, coach and speaker who has authored several training manuals for retailers that can be found in the Resources section of the NAMTA website – His knowledge of small business marketing, business strategy, staffing, and financial management have provided small business owners with the help necessary to increase their profits plus build their business for the future. You can learn more here -


Notable Quote   

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

- Charles Darwin

Art Matters


The National Art Action Summit/Americans for the Arts

Sue Cohen (second from the left in red coat), from the Namta office in North Carolina recently went to Washington DC for the National Arts Action Summit. Along with contingencies from 48 other states, Sue and the North Carolina team which included teachers and executive directors of Art Organizations, walked the floors of the Capitol to seek support for legislation on Art and Artist issues bringing their message of Art Advocacy. Pictured is the visit with North Carolina Congresswoman Alma Adams (third from the left, striped jacket), who is a strong and adamant supporter of the arts. Sue's group also visited other NC Senate and US House of Representatives offices asking for the same intentions.

Sue said of her visit, "It made me realize the importance of being involved and making our voices heard to our representatives, so they can let Washington know that the budget should always include and support the arts!"


Member News

F&W Files Chapter 11
The New York-based company, one of the country's largest publishers of specialty and enthusiast media, said it plans to sell its businesses while continuing to operate, in order to "maximize the value of their estates for the benefit of all their stakeholders."

F+W's portfolio is diverse, including online education, print and digital books and magazines, subscription video sites, consumer and trade events, and curated e-commerce stores.


New Products from Namta Members


Paper Crafting Glue Range

Supertite offers a large range of kid safe adhesives.

From bright Neon Glitter Glues to No-wrinkle Paper Glues. Supertite was the first to offer Glow-in-the-dark Glues globally and have the brightest colors to offer. Slime Approved and office strong.

Choose from our range to be creative and decorative with your paper and fabric projects.


Supertite Adhesive Multi-Grab 360

No Odor • Zero Cancer Warnings • Zero Birth Defect Warnings • Zero Prop 65 Warnings • Glue Will Not Dry Out in Tube • Stronger than E6000 Once Cured • Instant Tack • Clear Bond • Impact Resistant • Permanent • Foam-Fabric-Glass-Metal-Wood Safe.

Supertite offers the Safest Glues for the Toughest Jobs.

Legion Paper 

Stonehenge Aqua Coldpress Black

Black paper is not a new thing, but black 100% cotton paper sized for watercolor is.

Utilizing their vast experience producing new papers for emerging markets, Legion was able to work directly with artists to create something totally new and desirable. And with recent introductions of new metallic and pearlescent watercolor paints, pencils, pens, markers and inks, the timing couldn’t be better for Stonehenge Aqua Coldpress Black to bring these media to life. Black paper is an exciting, new world. Instead of building up shadows, one builds up light. It’s a place where negative space is transformed into positive. And while it may be dark, it’s a chance for those who live and breathe watercolors to bring a new breed of creativity to light. Stonehenge Aqua Coldpress Black pads.

Sheets consist of 140lb/300gsm weight paper with 15 sheets per pad available in sizes:

  • 8x10, 9x12 and 10x14 with pricing ranging from $13.50 - $20.99
  • also available in a sheet size of 20x30 with plain edge starting at $4.60


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