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   eNEWS:  January 31, 2018 

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A Message from Barb Schindler

Barb is the President and COO of Golden Artist Colors in New Berlin, NY. Barb joined the NAMTA Board of Directors in 2010, serving as President in 2015-16.

How perfect, that one of my last acts as a NAMTA Board member is to write one final article! First and foremost, thank you to my fellow board members over the past eight years. It has truly been a delight meeting and serving with each of you. And thank you to the NAMTA staff ­ Reggie, Leah, Rick, Sue and Karen ­ for all of your contributions to our organization, and personally to me and my learning curve over the years!

This leads me to think about “giving back” and serving. Our industry, in particular, is one that continuously gives! Whether it’s artists’ time and artwork, retailers donating supplies and resources to community and school projects, or similarly with suppliers, donating product and services to community and school projects ­ we are an industry that gives!

To inspire “giving back” throughout our organization and to strengthen Golden Artist Colors, we provide paid time for Community Service. Every full-time staff member has up to 40 hours of paid leave annually and if they serve as a firefighter or EMT, they have access to 80 hours of paid leave a year.

A good share of the Community Service time is used by staff who is volunteering with children, either through coaching sports, leading Scouts or supporting youth activity organizations. The balance of the group is volunteering for local non-profit organizations and events they hold throughout the year. Within the communities surrounding GOLDEN, we recognize the needs of many and choose to advocate those needs and provide resources for staff to be able to follow their hearts and serve.

I wish I could close by sharing that we have 100% utilization of this benefit, but I can’t. However, use of this benefit grows each year, and right now we have 25% utilization, which is roughly 2,000 hours that our staff currently volunteers each year. This is just one small contribution toward making a difference.

Each of you reading this has your own story to share that someone else may read, inspiring yet another small difference. I encourage you to give these stories to Karen and Leah – granting them permission to communicate about them with our membership. Our industry is active in giving and by recognizing these efforts, we realize that no effort is too small to make a true difference!

By The Numbers


About 88 percent of Millennials have at least one retailer app on their mobile phones, and 86 percent access those apps at least once per week.

Moreover, 87 percent of Millennials have used a “click-and-collect” feature in which they made a purchase on their mobile phone but picked up their order in person.

From ICSC - Shopping for the Truth

Notable Quote

"Follow the masters! But why should one follow them? The only reason they are masters is that they didn't follow anybody!"
- Paul Gauguin

Interesting . . .
One thing that separated Paul Gauguin from other artists at the time was that he used heavy outlines in his paintings.  Impressionists blended pieces together to achieve a sense of time in the painting.  Gauguin separated out objects with clear outlines instead. Gauguin painted outlines in watered down Prussian blue. Later the blue outlines would be filled in with opaque colors. The idea was for the dark outline to heighten the intensity of the other colors used.
From Gauguin Gallery


Art Materials World 2018
March 4-6 in Dallas, Texas

Please Note
Spammers have sent some of our members an email that says Attendees list of National Art Materials Trade Association in the subject line. THIS IS NOT FROM NAMTA.

If you want us to register you badges, send the names to Karen and we'll have them ready for you when you arrive in Dallas.

NAMTA's Headquarter Hotel is the Hyatt Regency Dallas, 300 Reunion Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75207
Shuttle will be provided from the Hyatt to the Convention Center.

Important - Please Be Aware
NAMTA does not contract with, or authorize anyone to contact our members regarding hotels for the conference and trade show. Should you be contacted by anyone offering incredible deals for hotels in Dallas, please remember, if it seems too good to be true it probably is. You should never give your credit card information to anyone who contacts you. If you do reserve through one of these companies you probably won't have a reservation when you arrive in Dallas.

Online Badge Registration and Ticket Purchases   
Hotel Reservations and Travel Information
NAMTA Floorplan
CAMEX Floorplan
Show Schedule
Presentations & Demos
Brede Exhibitors Guide & Booth Package ordering forms (drapes, carpet, furniture, electric, etc.)
Partnership Freight Discounts
Mobile App for Art Materials World 2018 - DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE NEXT WEEK
Cornhole Tournament

Important Deadlines

2018 Membership Renewal
The grace period for access to and Online Registration, for 2017 memberships, ends today, January 31.
If you need help renewing for 2018, contact Sue Cohen or call 704.892.6244.

Online Registration
Open until February 16.
If you need help registering badges, contact Karen at [email protected] or call 704.892.6244.

Hyatt Regency Dallas - Don't Wait - Book Now
Reservations must be made by February 6, 2018 to receive the group rate.
300 Reunion Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75207$199.00 Single or Double Occupancy
To make your reservation please click here.

If you have questions about Art Materials World, let us know.
Send Karen and email, or call 704.892.6244.

Art Advocacy

Visit for news, resources, and facts about Advocating for the Arts.

For the military common transitions, such as enlistment, training, or deployment, have an impact on individuals' cognitive and behavioral outcomes. The arts can help build resiliency pre-deployment and for the deployed, including strengthening family bonds.
See all the FACTS

Member News

MacPhersons has announced that Frank Stapleton (left) is stepping down from his role as MacPhersons' CEO after leading the company over the span of a 45-year career.

Steve Robinson (right) is also stepping down from his role as president, a role that he has served in since January of 2017. Steve has been with MacPhersons for over thirty years. Jim Semitekol will return to lead the company during the transition period as interim managing executive and will work with Frank and Steve to ensure a smooth transition.

Nitram Charcoal shares a video of artists they had at their booth at CreativeWorld in Frankfurt, Germany.  Play Video.



Check out General Pencil Company in The New York Times! Photographer Christopher Payne shot a Photo Essay available online and the Sunday Edition of The New York Times Magazine, Sunday January 14th, 2018. Christopher has visited the factory dozens of times in the past few years documenting many phases of the manufacturing process.


Speedball Art Products Company has announced an agreement to acquire the assets of Global Art Materials. Click here to see the announcement and press release.


Welcome New Members

Trekell Art Supplies is committed to offering professional, sensibly-priced art supplies that will be conveniently shipped to your door.  Trekell has thirty years of business experience and a wide-array of satisfied customers from all reaches of the art world.

Fully Artomatic
is owned and managed by Luan and Ruby Luu who bring their love of comics, manga, and urban art to create a business that caters to a unique, artistic clientele, and the best art brands to their customers.

Carlisle Art
, a husband & wife team with a small staff, is an artist supplies shop and business in northern Victoria, Australia that sells online, by website and in store.

New Products

The following products are on the New Products Page - see all the New Products.

Artist Supplies & Products
Art Materials World Exhibitor
GILDERS® Paste Wax

Chameleon Art Products
Art Materials World Exhibitor
Chameleon Kidz Blendy Color & Airbrush

Silver Brush Limited
Art Materials World Exhibitor
The Art Sherpa® Brushes & Brush Sets

Paint Puck
Art Materials World Exhibitor
Paint Puck
Mini Paint Puck
The Ultimate Rinse Cup

The Crafter's Workshop

Art Materials World Exhibitor
TWC Metallic Modeling Pastes


Art Materials World Exhibitor
Grafix NEW Artist Series Shrink Film!

NAMTA regularly searches the web for articles and stories that may be of interest to members.


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