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  DECEMBER 18, 2019

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Ashley McIntosh

Some interesting items that Ashley from the University of Minnesota Bookstores told us -

What do you do, and what is your favorite part of your job?
Ashley: I purchase office, art, and medical supplies for the University of Minnesota Bookstores. My favorite part of the job is seeing all the new products and creating interesting merchandising stories.

Do you create art? If yes, tell us about it.
Ashley: In college I worked for a small toy store which personalized children's products using paint pens. It was something I really enjoyed, and now that I'm an aunt I've picked it back up to create personalized gifts for my nieces & nephews.

What non-industry person has taught or influenced you the most?
Ashley: Anthony Bourdain gave me the confidence to explore the world and learn from every experience.

Do you have any advice that you would give a new person coming into the art materials industry?
Ashley: Don't panic! It is a lot to learn. Thankfully there are a lot of people willing to teach you!

Where on the planet have you been that you were the most impressed with the visual art?
Ashley: Brussels, Belgium has really amazing murals along the Comic Book Route. Philadelphia also has amazing murals depicting moments in the city's history.

Thank you Ashley!



1929 - 2019

Mr. Robert Sachs passed at the great age of 90. He lived a full life.

His friend Howard Demar, a founder of Arts Supply Warehouse in Westminster, CA in 1977, recently spoke to Namta about how active and influential Robert was in the industry with his most active years being in the 1960s and 70s. Mr. Sachs was well known by many, including Jack Richeson from the Jack Richeson Co. Mr. Richeson said "Bob (Robert Sachs) was enterprising, bright, straightforward, honest, and very positive."  He also told us that he called on and learned a lot from Bob for a few years, but later worked in different regions of the country.

Jack Richeson's daughter Colleen Richeson-Maxey told Namta, "Robert Sachs was a legend! I grew up hearing his name more often than I can begin to tell you!"

Mr. Sachs graduated NYU with a degree in Economics, and briefly worked for his father, Sol Sachs, and accountant turned entrepreneur, at Saxon Drafting. Robert soon figured out that was not his calling and took a small loan from his parents and purchased a first store in NJ. In the late 1950s he moved to Los Angeles, CA, which he considered God's country.

Mr. Sachs set up headquarters for his company "Michaels" (not affiliated to the current Michaels) in LA, with Art Supply stores in several states including NJ, CA, MI and IL.

He was considered a maverick in the Arts Supply Industry. Today he would be called an innovator, doing things his way and coming up with novel concepts. Several of his employees went on to open their own successful stores. His clients ranged from The Walt Disney Company, aerospace companies, and individual artists. Eventually he would manufacture some if the items he sold in his stores.

Mr. Sachs cherished his family.  He is survived by his wife Karola Kristina Rietz, two daughters, four grandsons, his cousin, and favorite feline. Robert had a good heart and lived life his way, and always had a soft spot for the underdog. He will be missed. is a Namta Member benefit where you can shop online for your preferred deductible, provider network, effective date, and receive immediate price savings when compared to the current Affordable Care Act plans. If state laws allow, and if you qualify, Level-Funded plans are available that can refund up to 50% of unused premium dollars.

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Response to Vote

Americans for the Arts President and CEO Robert L. Lynch recently released the following statement in response to yesterday's vote of the U.S. House of Representatives on the FY 2020 spending bills:

"I am pleased that the U.S. House of Representatives and leaders of the House and Senate Appropriations committees have avoided a government shutdown and reached an agreement on all 12 fiscal year (FY) 2020 spending bills, particularly the ones that are important for cultural support in our country and of significance to Americans for the Arts—funding for the National Endowment for the Arts and federal cultural agencies, juvenile justice, arts education, and ground-breaking support for creative arts therapies in funding through the Defense Department and Veterans Affairs Department.

This year we’ve been working toward an expansion of federal support in how the arts integrate into additional policy areas, beyond safeguarding and expanding the budgets of the traditional cultural agencies. This has been the intent of the Congressional Arts Caucus and Senate Cultural Caucus—to further the way the arts can leverage positive social impacts in juvenile justice, in health, and in education.

These advocacy wins are a result of a year of grassroots outreach through a comprehensive network of local and state arts advocacy leaders and key communications efforts. It was also the result of working with dozens of advocacy partners. Carnegie Hall led the effort on expanding the arts and juvenile justice, and we were joined by the American Art Therapy Association and the other arts and health organizations in pursuing increased attention to creative arts therapies.

Additionally, Congress included a fix to the 2017 tax code overhaul, that forced nonprofits to pay unrelated business income tax (UBIT) on fringe benefits for employees—transit and parking benefits. Americans for the Arts worked with other nonprofit partners—including the Charitable Giving Coalition and Independent Sector—to strongly push back against this unfair tax on nonprofits. We are pleased that lawmakers were able to see the unnecessary burden this new UBIT provision was to organizations like ours and were able to come to a bipartisan agreement to repeal it.”

For tools, resources, and information on how to make the case for the arts and arts education, visit the Americans for the Arts’ Arts Mobilization Center.

Ruston Mural

As the city of Ruston in Louisiana continues to recover from the damage of the April tornado. Ashley Greer, a local artist, has created a 12 x 24 mural called "The Rainbow after the Storm", symbolizing the unity of the city after the storm. The message on the mural is Ruston Strong.

The balloons symbolize the spirit of the people. Visitors can interact with the mural by standing in front of it and acting like they are holding the balloons - like people are being uplifted. The mural is located on Vienna Street in downtown Ruston on the east wall of JACO Federal Credit Union.

Cultural Education Plan
A Way Of Implementing Children's Rights to Culture and Arts in Finland
from Creative Generation

Is culture and arts accessible for all children? Are museums, theatres, and concert halls available also for children?
These questions are tackled In Finland with a cultural education plan, which is a comprehensive cultural programme designed for pupils. The cultural education plan ensures that all the children and young people get in contact with the culture institutions (theatres, music halls, museums etc.), art forms, and local cultural heritage, and are given the possibility to create their own culture and art. All schools in a city or municipality are included in the plan.

Structure to ensure equal rights for arts for every child.
The plan typically concerns pupils in the grades 1–9 through early childhood education and high schools and vocational education. The cultural education plan is an agreement at a municipal level between the educational and cultural sectors. It is a plan detailing the systematic implementation of culture, art and cultural heritage education as part of the municipality’s teaching and represents the agreement of cultural education of pupils throughout their school years. The plan is usually implemented by either a city, a municipality, or a collective of municipalities working together.

Collaboration between arts institutions, educational services, and municipalities is essential.
No plan is effective unless all parties are involved in the planning from the beginning of the process. The cultural education plan is an agreement at a municipal level between educational and cultural sectors and is always made in cooperation with education and culture sector professionals.

Children’s cultural centres have strongly influenced the development of cultural education plans in Finland. The centres have organised seminars and informed teachers, principals, and cultural actors about enhancing cultural education plans.

The goals of cultural competence are incorporated and integrated into formal education, building cultural education at school utilising local strengths and collaborative participation. National coordination and collaboration have also been important in the development of the initiative. Long-term cooperation between the Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centers, Ministry of Education and Culture, University of the Arts and the Artsequal research initiative worked to establish arts education firmly in the structures of the Finnish school system. One of the results of this development and collaboration is a website which can be used to help create a cultural education plan in one’s own municipality.

Strong link to the school system and curriculum.
The political effects of cultural education plans are significant because they are designed to inclusively strengthen the cultural competence of a whole generation. The Finnish school system is based on equal accessibility with the high standard of education being available to all for free. The cultural education plan working as part of the system spreads the benefits of art and culture to all children and young people.

Cultural rights of children and adolescents in accordance with Article 31 of the UN’s Declaration of the Rights of the Child, state that: “parties shall respect and promote the right of the child to participate fully in cultural and artistic life and shall encourage the provision of appropriate and equal opportunities for cultural, artistic, recreational and leisure activity.”

The cultural education plan has proven to be an effective tool to guarantee the equal accessibility and opportunity for children and young people in arts and culture. It can be a solution for ensuring children’s cultural rights. So far, approximately one-third of Finnish municipalities have launched a systematic cultural education plan. Further work needs to be done.

The Art Testers Campaign
See entire article including info about The Art Testers Campaign, the crown jewel of the cultural education plans in Finland.



There are roughly 4.7 million total workers in the broader arts and cultural sectors, artists and non-artists alike. -

See more Facts about the effect that the Arts have on people and situations on





Here's a list of newer Exhibitors that you can visit at Art Materials World in Chicago. You can find them in the Online Membership Directory, or contact Karen for information. 

  • Alpha 6 Corporation
  • Arnold Grummers
  • CAS Paints
  • Educational Art and Craft Supplies
  • GoEasel
  • Himal Design
  • Hong Hua Vietnam Art Tool Limited Company
  • Lindy's Stamp Gang
  • Prat Paris, Inc.
  • Product Evolutions, LLC
  • Sanghi Brushwares
  • Smiltainis ir Ko, UAB
  • Sustain & Heal
  • The Japanese Paper Place Ltd.
  • Tintoretto srl
  • Toss Products LLC
  • Turner & Su LLC

After January 1st, Namta will be sending quite a bit of Art Materials World 2020 information your way via eMail.

These eMails will include information about the Host Hotel in Chicago, Registration, Exhibitor Forms, Brede Exposition for Exhibitors, and more.

We hope that this form of communication helps you stay in the loop with what's going on - but - if you have any questions, anytime, please call us at 704-892-6244 or send us an email - [email protected].

Be Aware of Hotel Scams!
Namta does not contract with, or authorize anyone to contact our members regarding hotels for the conference and trade show. Should you be contacted by anyone offering incredible deals for hotels in Chicago, please remember, if it seems too good to be true it probably is. You should never give your credit card information to anyone who contacts you. If you do reserve through one of these companies you probably won't have a reservation when you arrive in Chicago. 

Need info - contact us !


A long time ago, in another Century, Namta was founded.

In 2020, Namta will celebrate an Anniversary - how many years is this Anniversary for?

Hint - - history

Answer will be January 15th eNews.

As we promised, at the end of the year everyone who has participated in The Answer Is will be in a drawing for a $100 gift

The winner of the $100 will be announced in January 15th eNews.

The winner of December 4th's question is Paul Petrino, SLS Arts.
SLS is a 2020 Art Materials World Exhibitor.

The answer is - the 2020's President Reception will be held on Sunday April 26 at The Art Institute of Chicago. Transportation will be provided from the Host Hotel, The Hyatt Regency.

We hope you enjoyed The Question Is.  We'll do it again in 2020!


Welcome to Educational Art and Craft Supplies, located in Worcestershire, UK. The company owns the Essdee Brand and manufactures Block printing materials and Scraperboard.

Essdee will be a FIRST TIME EXHIBITOR at Art Materials 2020.

Since 2010, Himal Design has been a supplier for handmade papers, felt and its products.

Himal Design ill be a FIRST TIME EXHIBITOR at Art Materials 2020.



"It's not bragging if you can back it up."

- Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali was an American professional boxer, activist, and philanthropist. Nicknamed "The Greatest," he is widely regarded as one of the most significant and celebrated sports figures of the 20th century and as one of the greatest boxers of all time.

Painting by Mark Lewis,



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2020 FedEx and UPS Rates Explained
by Leah Palnik
from the PartnerShip Connection blog

UPS and FedEx rates are slated to go up in 2020 by an average of 4.9%. The changes will go in effect for UPS on December 29, while the FedEx rates go into place on January 6.

If you’re planning to budget for your costs to go up 4.9% in the next year, you better think twice. The announced average doesn’t paint a complete picture. The rates for some packages will be increasing less than 4.9%, but that means that the cost to ship other packages is increasing far more. What you’re shipping, where you’re shipping it to, and what service you’re using will ultimately determine how much you should budget for your shipping costs in the new year.

Here are the Released Rates for 2020:

FedEx and UPS surcharges
The rates, however, are only one part of the equation. You also have to take into account the additional fees that UPS and FedEx tack on. It’s more important than ever to be mindful of what could qualify your packages for these surcharges. Not only do the costs increase year over year, but the carriers also make adjustments to how the charges are defined – making it more likely that your packages will be hit with them.

A prime example of this is the change both FedEx and UPS made to their Additional Handling fee for 2020. They’ve lowered the weight threshold to 50 pounds from 70 pounds, which means your costs could go up significantly if you ship packages within that window.

Here are all of the Announced Surcharge Changes:

Industry trends

Online shopping has had a profound effect on the parcel industry and the way that FedEx and UPS operate. The carriers are moving more residential deliveries and an increased amount of larger packages, as consumers have become accustomed to being able to order almost anything online and receiving it in 2 days or less.

The changes FedEx and UPS have instituted in recent years and are making in 2020 are a direct response to these industry trends. In the past several years, they’ve broadened the use of dimensional weight pricing, added new peak surcharges, and drastically increased the surcharges for larger packages.

Understanding the 2020 rate increases
We know how daunting it is to analyze the 2020 FedEx and UPS rates, so we’ve done the hard work for you. In our free white paper, we break down the new rate charts and simplify some of the complicated changes. It’s the best way to find out what will cost you the most in the year ahead. Looking for ways to offset the rate increases? We can also help with that. Contact us to find out if you qualify for one of our discount shipping programs.

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