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Watercolor The Easy Way

With Watercolor the Easy Way, your watercoloring creativity is about to be released! Quickly learn the fundamentals of color mixing, brushstrokes, and more. Then move right ahead to success, thanks to a selection of 50 stunning pictures to paint. Best of all, the projects can be completed in 30 minutes! From beautiful botanicals and fabulous florals to animals and trendy designs, the projects are approachable and fun, and there's something for every style.

Each of the 50 simple tutorials is broken down into key steps so you can clearly see how to begin your painting, layer color, and add detail. Also included are hand-drawn patterns you can trace onto your watercolor pad, brush recommendations, helpful tips, and color palettes to try. The lessons here introduce you to the magic of watercolor, spark your creativity, and provide you with a place to explore and discover your inner artist.

Shine Bright

This is a book all about you! Build creativity and confidence with this super fun book that focuses on all of the awesome traits that make you special!

Each chapter features adorable patterns to color, fun drawing lessons, and ideas for writing about your hopes and dreams. From llamas and mermaids to unicorns and butterflies, you'll find cuteness, inspiration, and fun on every page! less

2020 Art Materials World Exhibitor - Booth 418

Cos-Tools cutting tools used on various EVA foams for Cosplay costume design. Shipping now.

2020 Art Materials World Exhibitor - Booth 1608

Rick Alonzo had designed a tool make painting easier and more enjoyable. One of his goals as a professional artist and teacher is to inspire people to be creative and help them unleash the artist within. Rick has spent years testing, developing, and perfecting tools and techniques of the craft. GoEasel is the result of his latest efforts.


One of the frustrations of the painting process is the time it takes to set-up. Easels, brush holders, and water containers are necessary but are often bulky and time-intensive tools. Artists can often spend more time setting up and cleaning up than painting.

GoEasel saves time and space because it is an easel, a water bowl, and a brush holder all in one.

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edding 1200 Metallic Fiber Pens

The 1200 metallic German-made color fiber pen is the super star of the edding family because it is glamorous and versatile.

It is ideal to write on dark color paper or paperboard, as well as on glossy coated paper. Whether used to write a good luck message, put a caption in a photo album or add a loving touch to a calendar, the 1200 metallic brings the rendering to a whole new level.

Try it once with Fabriano Black Black and they will become inseparable. The colors are dissolved in a water based ink and passed through a filter system into the 1 to 3mm wide soft nib of the pen before being applied to the surface. The 6 quick-drying light-fast colors (Gold; Silver; Iridescent Red; Iridescent Blue; Iridescent Green; and Iridescent Violet) are vibrant and opaque.

They are, of course, available in a convenient tin set that will do great during the Holidays

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F.M. Brush

Vegan Camel Hair for Water Colours

The Latest Innovation in Vegan Material by F.M. Brush Company

Vegan Camel Hair

F.M. Brushes’ latest breakthrough in synthetic fibers, intended for tiny hands and growing minds.

Our Synthetic Camel Hair Watercolor Brushes are vegan and cruelty-free. All components of the brush are biodegradable.

Our unpainted wooden handles are sourced from FSC-managed forests, safe for children and our planet. These brushes are free from allergens, dander, dyes, and lacquer.

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Paint Puck is a 2020 Art Materials World Exhibitor - Booth 1307

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New Product and New Product Showcase form for 2020