Creativation by Namta 2023 is set to occur in Columbus, Ohio with education scheduled March 31- April 1 and the show floor open April 2-4. There will be two categories of programming offered at the event: Workshops and Business Seminars. 


A Workshop is a hands-on product technique class (up to three hours in length) where attendees make one or more finished projects. Workshops are for serious buyers who want to gain knowledge on a new product, are looking to expand their customer base through new product types or for those who want to enhance their skills on the use of a product.


Business Seminars foster education through the sharing of new ideas, information, and successes. They often introduce new technologies for businesses to remain innovative and marketing strategies to reach new clients. Types of programming may include:

  • Seminars - one to two experts presenting broad topics on business-building skills,
  • Panels - three or more experts discussing their views on a topic,
  • Hands on Labs - introduces technical methods to improve business practices, typically 2-3 hours with limited capacity,
  • Roundtables - an expert moderates gatherings of attendees discussing business topics,
  • Innovation talks - a case study presentation on business growth, successes, new ideas, technologies, etc., and
  • Other - do you have an idea for an interactive structure not previously mentioned you’d like to pitch?



  • You must submit proposals by November 1st, 2022.
  • We will review your Workshop and Business Seminar proposal and notify you in December.
  • All information/images/attachments for your Workshops and Business Seminars must be submitted via the form. Information sent through email will not be applied to your proposal.  
  • If you have any issues with submissions, please email Savannah ([email protected]) to confirm they have been received.


There are no fees associated with presenting Business Seminars.

Fee to Present/Sponsor Workshops
Workshops can be sponsored by any Namta member, non-member* exhibitor. Exhibiting members may submit their application even if membership fees and exhibiting contracts have not been finalized.*

  • Exhibiting Members and qualifying Creative Professional Members (Designers and Digital Content Creators): $500 per single Workshop - PLUS any additional charges for AV or electrical.
  • Non-exhibiting member fee: $2,500 per single Workshop - PLUS any additional charges for AV or electrical.
  • Exhibiting non-member fee: $5,000, per single Workshop -  PLUS any additional charges for AV or electrical.

All contracts and fees associated with exhibiting must be completed and submitted to Namta by the applicable deadline date. For more information on exhibiting, contact [email protected].

*Any sponsorship opportunities for business seminars will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Attendee Pricing

  • Option 1: Workshop Attendee fee $25 (with no reimbursement to you for costs)
  • Option 2: Workshop Attendee fee $45 (with a $20 reimbursement to you for your instructor costs)
  • Option 3: Workshop Attendee fee $65 (with a $20 reimbursement for your instructor costs PLUS a $20 reimbursement to you for materials)
  • Option 4: Workshop FREE to attendees.  NOTE: If you choose this option, you’re ‘buying’ the class for the attendees.  Charges to you will include your $500 sponsor fee (as noted in the submission form) plus an attendee buy-out charge of $500 (to cover the attendee fees that would have been received by NAMTA) for a total attendance buy-out charge of $1000. 

Note that we need confirmation of your selection buy Friday, December 2nd If we’ve not received confirmation from you by that date, we will confirm your selection as option 2 (Attendee fee $45 with a $20 reimbursement to you for your instructor costs).

Post-Event Fee Reimbursement

Sponsors will be responsible for payment to their Workshop instructors. Following the trade event, Namta will disburse payment to sponsors in the amount of $20 per attendee to offset instructor fees PLUS any product fee that was included for the attendee.

Option 1: As a sponsor, you’ll receive a disbursement of $20/paid attendee as an offset for your instructor costs. 

Option 2: If you’ve also requested an additional $20 materials fee to be added to the base cost, you’ll receive a total disbursement of $40/paid attendee following the show.

Disbursements will be made to the sponsor approximately 45 days after the show ends. Namta will need to reconcile cancellations prior to sending out the final accounting and payment to the Workshop sponsor.

Namta requires a signed Workshop Sponsorship Agreement on file prior to the disbursement being made. The agreement is meant to protect both Namta and the Workshop Sponsors, to ensure that all rules and regulations are followed and payment arrangements are understood.

Cancellations by the Sponsor must be made in writing to [email protected].  Cancellation penalties are as follows:

  • Within seven (7) business days of receiving the email confirmation: No penalty.
  • Eight (8) business days following email confirmation through March 21, 2023: $500 + any added fees for AV or electrical.
  • Failure to perform the Workshop or Business Seminar Creativation by Namta: 100% of revenue loss based on registered attendees - plus any fees for AV or electrical.

Sales/Order Solicitation

  • Any orders written by seminar attendees cannot be written during the seminar. Orders should be written after the session, at the exhibitors' booths.
  • All project materials and related literature must be supplied at NO CHARGE to the attendees.



Workshop - Coordinator Responsibilities
ALL communication and payment must be coordinated through one coordinator, even if there are co-sponsors. Please designate one person who will be the PRIMARY contact person, referred to as the “Coordinator”, on behalf of the Workshop/Business Seminar Sponsor (to include all phone and email contact from Namta). All material regarding this workshop will be sent to the coordinator, who will be solely responsible for informing the workshop instructor(s) and any co-sponsors. We request that all workshop related correspondence with Namta staff be made through the coordinator.

Workshop - Staffing
There must be a minimum of two representatives (instructor & assistant) per Workshop. Also, additional assistance is suggested for large classes (one assistant for every 25 people). A representative from each sponsoring company is encouraged to be present during the class; however, trade show booths may not be left un-staffed. As the workshop coordinator, please ensure that all instructors, co-sponsors, and additional workshop staff receive and understand all instructions.

Business Seminar - Staffing
There must be one representative/speaker per Business Seminar.


Classroom Electrical
One electrical outlet will be available in each classroom without charge. Sponsors who require additional electrical outlets MUST specify at the time of their application the wattage for the tool and indicate if giving one tool per person or one per table.

NOTE: Electrical hook-up requests for every 2-person table, or added after confirmations are sent, may incur a fee and/or may alter the scheduled workshop time and/or room. Any workshops submitted after January 15 which require electrical may incur the full electrical pricing as dictated by the convention center unless Namta can place your workshop in a designated electrical room.  Electrical rooms are limited, so submit early for placement of your Workshop.

Classroom Audio Visual and Internet

Each classroom will include 2 microphones, an LCD projector and screen. 

If you require additional AV for your Workshop that Namta does not supply you can order these directly from the Convention Center’s Audio Visual supply contractor. Extra charges may be incurred for requests for extra Audio Visual, or Internet, that you request.

The AV and Internet order forms will be available by February 2023.


A Workshop Shipping Kit will be emailed to you no later than February 2023. Coordinators will receive an email when the shipping kit is available for download. This Shipping Kit will include instructions for labeling and shipping materials for your Workshop to the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Please adhere to these instructions to ensure a smooth workshop experience.

Do not include your workshop materials with your exhibitor freight as it may not arrive in time for your workshop.

Namta will provide, free of charge, all Workshop drayage if the exhibiting sponsor(s) use the provided labels within the Shipping Kit. Sponsors who do not use these labels will be responsible for all costs associated with moving products from their booths to the classroom and will be billed separately for any labor used.
NOTE: Shipping workshop materials separately from the booth materials will lessen confusion and save money during set-up.

Namta will provide free storage of Workshop materials before and after classes. It is the sponsor’s responsibility to ensure that all materials have arrived before the class. Sponsors are also responsible for picking up their materials on April 4th , 2023 before 12:00 pm. Namta is not responsible for any materials or product samples left in the storage room after 12:00 pm on April 4th, 2023.

Cartons will be delivered directly to the workshop storage room in be Greater Columbus Convention Center. All boxes of materials will be delivered to the appropriate classroom 60 minutes prior to start time for that class. Since time is at a premium, we strongly recommend that all project supplies and instructions be pre-collated into sealed, plastic bags, as much as possible, for quick distribution when the workshop begins. Also, numbering workshop boxes and keeping a separate list to correspond to what is packed in each one will help the instructor and assistants locate items more quickly.

Namta staff, including temp staff, are not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen items before, during, or after the workshop.


The Sponsor/Presenter agrees to indemnify and hold Namta and its directors, officers, employees, agents and members, harmless with respect to any and all claims, losses, damages, liabilities, judgments, or settlements, including reasonable attorney’s fees, costs, and other expenses incurred by Namta arising or related to: (i) the violation or breach of any term or condition of the agreement between the parties or any of these 2023 Education Rules & Regulations by the Sponsor/Presenter, its employees and agents; (ii) any activities, including copyright infringement, defamation, or slanderous content, conducted by the Sponsor/Presenter during the 2023 Education presentations; or (iii) negligent acts or gross misconduct of the Sponsor/Presenter while in attendance at the Education Presentations. The rights and responsibilities established in this paragraph shall survive indefinitely the termination of the Agreement.

Damage to the Meeting Space
Sponsors will be liable for any damage caused to the convention center’s building, floors, walls and columns, or to the property of any other company.


Attendee Lists
We encourage workshop sponsors to collect contact information in the event that the instructors/workshop sponsors wish to send class participants materials after the workshop. Upon request, Namta can provide contact name, company name, city, state, email address, and buyer type. However, we do not support the use of attendee lists to be used for purposes not directly associated to the workshop.