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Arts Entrepreneurs Become Advocates
for The C.R.E.A.T.E. Act

by Randy Cohen, Vice President of Research and Policy, Americans for the Arts

It is rare that a bill makes its way through Congress that can provide direct benefits to young professional artists. Yet, right now, there is legislation being worked on that does just that.

Most of us in the arts can be considered small businesses. The government creates opportunities and programs to help small businesses grow – such as micro-loans, assistance with getting back in business after a natural disaster and business incubators. Why? It’s good for the economy. It supports jobs, generates commerce, improves our global competitiveness and provides revenue to the government. So what’s the problem? Read more . . . 

Urge your Senator to cosponsor this legislation.

Fill out a quick 11-question survey for The American Arts Action Fund. Your responses will help them better serve you and your interests as an arts advocate.


In 2016 Randy Cohen, American for the Arts, updated and posted 10 Reasons to Support the Arts, and received the Gold Award from the Association of Media & Publishing for his “Top 10” blog post. This is the list:

  • Arts promote true prosperity.
  • Arts improve academic performance.
  • Arts strengthen the economy.
  • Arts are good for local merchants.
  • Arts drive tourism.
  • Arts are an export industry. 
  • Arts spark creativity and innovation.
  • Arts have social impact.
  • Arts improve healthcare.
  • Arts mean business. 

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NAMTA Members Supporting the Arts

Bob Buchsbaum receives BCA Leadership Award


Bob Buchsbaum, CEO of Blick Art Materials, received the Business Committee for the Arts (BCA) Leadership Award from Americans for the Arts. Americans for the Arts is the nation’s leading non-profit organization for advancing the arts and arts education. The BCA Leadership Award recognizes individuals for their extraordinary vision, leadership, and commitment to supporting the arts and for encouraging other businesses to follow their lead.

Mr. Buchsbaum’s commitment to leadership is also shown through Blick’s support of the National Art Education Association, the Arts Action Fund - a non-profit organization affiliated with Americans for the Arts, and the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, as well as his personal board representation with the National Art Materials Trade Association, and Marwen which is dedicated to educating and inspiring under-served young people through the visual arts.

Imagination International Staying Involved with their Community

In a partnership with River Road Parks and Rec in Eugene, Oregon, Imagination International's company artist painted a mural on a bus named "Artie" that travels in the community providing opportunities for kids to create art on many different levels, providing "Artistic Inspiration" everywhere it goes. Read more . . . 


National Petition to Support the Arts in America

Following the election, the arts community is asking what they can do and how they can organize. The new Administration and Congress will swiftly pass their biggest legislative changes in the first 7 to 9 months of the new year, so it is important to act now.

The Arts Action Fund has developed a nationwide petition to President-Elect Trump to support the arts by taking specific pro-arts actions within his Administration. Read more and sign the petition . . .

Shaping a New Future in Canada


The Canada Council for the Arts is Canada’s national public arts funder, championing and investing in artistic excellence so that Canadians may enjoy and participate in a rich cultural life. In 2014-15 they allocated $155.1 million dollars towards artistic creation and innovation through their grants, prizes and payments, and also conducted research, convened activities and worked with partners to advance the sector and help embed the arts more deeply in communities across the Canada. 

The Canada Council for the Arts is 'Shaping a New Future' - take a look at the new Strategic Plan.

Resources & Why Art Matters

Everyone interested has access to all information on

The Resource section of NAMTA's Art Advocacy site's goal is to provide you with the tools and knowledge to help you to get involved in advocating for the arts in both your own community and across the country as well. Be sure you check out the resources available to you.

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