A Message from Barb Schindler

Barb is the President and COO of Golden Artist Colors in New Berlin, NY. Barb joined the NAMTA Board of Directors in 2010, serving as President in 2016-17.

How perfect, that one of my last acts as a NAMTA Board member is to write one final article! First and foremost, thank you to my fellow board members over the past eight years. It has truly been a delight meeting and serving with each of you.

This leads me to think about “giving back” and serving. Our industry, in particular, is one that continuously gives! Whether it’s artists’ time and artwork, retailers donating supplies and resources to community and school projects, or similarly with suppliers, donating product and services to community and school projects ­ we are an industry that gives!

To inspire “giving back” throughout our organization and to strengthen Golden Artist Colors, we provide paid time for Community Service. Every full-time staff member has up to 40 hours of paid leave annually and if they serve as a firefighter or EMT, they have access to 80 hours of paid leave a year. 

A good share of the Community Service time is used by staff who is volunteering with children, either through coaching sports, leading Scouts or supporting youth activity organizations. The balance of the group is volunteering for local non-profit organizations and events they hold throughout the year. Within the communities surrounding GOLDEN, we recognize the needs of many and choose to advocate those needs and provide resources for staff to be able to follow their hearts and serve.

I wish I could close by sharing that we have 100% utilization of this benefit, but I can’t. However, use of this benefit grows each year, and right now we have 25% utilization, which is roughly 2,000 hours that our staff currently volunteers each year. This is just one small contribution toward making a difference.

Each of you reading this has your own story to share that someone else may read, inspiring yet another small difference. I encourage you to send these stories to NAMTA – granting them permission to communicate about them with our membership. Our industry is active in giving and by recognizing these efforts, we realize that no effort is too small to make a true difference!