Post Show Registration Instructions

You must be a Namta or AFCI Member for the $99 price. If you are neither, contact Namta or AFCI.

If you are a Namta member, follow these instructions. 

If you are an AFCI member, log in to your Creativation/AFCI account.

FOR HELP [email protected].

  1. Go to

  2. Scroll down to see and click the picture/icon that says BUYER

  3. Fill out all the contact information - a couple of pages to fill out here

  4. On the page with the dropdown for 'select your membership type' - select last type 'Namta' - click Next

  5. On the left side there is a box that says Namta Membership $185 - click Add to Cart

  6. On the right side of that same page, click Review and Checkout

  7. on next page put in promo code namtadiscount and click APPLY - then submit

  8. NOTE - in step 7, once you clicked apply and submit, your cost went to $0 - you are not being charged but still have to do this step

  9. If all went well, you cam register for post-live-show platform and education access - SEE BELOW


You probably have an existing record in the AFCI database containing some or all of your contact info.

Request help at AFCI Registration [email protected]

Remember - current Namta members do not pay for the AFCI renewal - its is for a temporary Creativation AFCI membership to be able to access the post-live-show platform and education sessions. Namta members only pay $99.


In this STEP you will be asked for payment of the registration fee per person.

Upcoming Events

  • Find Creativation+, click on “Register To Attend.”  Follow the instructions on the form.
  • Click “Next” to proceed to checkout..

FOR HELP [email protected].