New Products Archives 2015 - 2016
All Natural 6-Color Air Dry Clay

Air Dry Clay is wonderful for making almost anything as it is extremely versatile.

Coloring Mats

Jumpstart your creativity and personalize your favorite photo or small artwork with Crescent Coloring Mats! These fun and funky black and white designs are waiting for your colored pencil, marker, watercolor, paint pens or pastel enhancements. When finished, place your favorite photo or small art piece in the precut beveled window for a personalized gift or memento. Featuring a smooth white surface that is highly receptive to a variety of art mediums, and bright white core (all buffered, pH neutral). Available in 8x10 or 11x14 sizes.

Create and Show Conservation Kit

Description Enhance and protect your artwork with Crescent’s Create and Show Conservation Kit! Featuring bright white conservation-quality bevel cut mat and backing board that are both acid-free and lignin-free, plus a re-sealable clear bag. The Create and Show Conservation Kit offers a professional presentation for your artwork or photography that protects it, too! Available in two sizes: 8x10 (for 5x7 artwork) and 11x14 (for 8x10 artwork).


ArtResin 8 oz. Mini Kits

High-gloss epoxy resin clear coat that makes pieces POP while protecting them.The ArtResin Mini Kit is the perfect way to start getting creative with epoxy resin. Non-toxic, conforms to ASTM D4236, exceptional non-yellowing protection!



It's not often that you find a new innovation in the ruler industry - but once again - Alumicolor is leading the way. The AlumiDrafter was invented by a working architect as a more portable alternative to traditional triangular scales used for drafting and reading blue prints. This multi-use tool is like having 3 rulers in one. The innovative window allows for 8 edges of calibrations rather than the 6 on a traditional triangular scale. Pivot holes at every inch mark enable it to be used as a Compass Ruler as well. Finally, angle lines allow for accurate angles and triangles to be drawn.


New Online Series - Drafting Tools 101 - Live on YouTube

Learn to use the tools of drafting from Alvin & Company. Drafting Tools 101, is now live on YouTube Take a look at many of the classic tools used for drafting and technical drawing by hand in this educational series, created to introduce drafting and drawing tools to younger artists, designers, and architecture students - but anyone interested in drawing will enjoy watching them. Drafting Tools 101 has nine episodes: French Curves, Erasers, Compasses, Model Making, Paper, Straightedges, Writing Tools, Lettering Guide, and Scales.

Chameleon Pens - 5 Packs of NEW Colors

Description Chameleon Color Tones is an innovative alcohol-based marker system whereby a single marker allows you to achieve multiple tones. Create stunning highlights, dimensions, shades, seamless blends, and gradations - all with one pen. Launching this year, 30 NEW colors in 5 packs color themes. New 5 packs to include Floral Tones, Nature Tones, Skin Tones, Gray Tones, Warm Tones and Blue Tones With a full line of 50 colors, the ability to get a minimum of five tones from each pen and the capability to ‘overlay’ to create even more color tones, these 50 pens can produce 100's of color tones. Now with Chameleon Color Tones, an artist need never be restricted by their palette.
Contact: [email protected] 1.888.300.3111


GILDERS paste wax is a unique concentration of blended high quality artisan waxes, resins and pigments. Formulated to be a hard and durable wax finish for tinting, highlighting and coloring a variety of materials. This firm paste can be used for dry brushing subtle hues, thinned out to soften into a cream, paint, stain wash or sprayed. Use on picture frames, wood, furniture, wrought iron, metal, plaster polymer clay, faux finishing, etched glass and more. Dries completely tack free. Available in 28 colors creating an endless color palette.

Be Passionate. Be Inspired. Be Creative with Cachet 101

Daler-Rowney is one of the top suppliers of paper within the fine art industry. Cachet 101 art pads have been developed to target the student/amateur segment, which represents 80% of the market. This new Cachet line features 26 SKUs (tape and spiral bound), covering the most popular techniques: Sketching, Drawing, Watercolor, Bristol, and Mixed Media in 108 lb, heavy weight, and black paper (the fastest growing segment). The bold cover colors are eye-catching, and protect the high quality European Papers, which are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, giving the customer the option of supporting responsible forestry. Cachet 101 offers affordable pricing for the best quality to artists and students.

Introducing Robert Simmons Acrylic Brushes!

Daler-Rowney is one of the top suppliers of brushes within the fine art industry. Robert Simmons Acrylic Brushes have been specifically developed to target and expand the brush segment. It is a 42 SKU brush range with 4 affordable price points ($5.99, $7.99, $10.99, $13.99). Robert Simmons Acrylic Brushes are made from a proprietary blend of high quality gold synthetic filaments, and represents a selection of the most popular shapes and sizes for fine art and decorative acrylic painting. Robert Simmons Acrylic Brushes are perfectly suited for fluid and medium bodied acrylic paint. This new line of brushes is handmade in our factory in the Dominican Republic, and carries the famous Robert Simmons Lifetime Guarantee. We believe that the high quality, eye-catching design, and simplified pricing of Robert Simmons Acrylic Brushes will appeal to both artists and students.


Grafix Essentials – Creative Surfaces

Best selling products combined into one cohesive line for innovative arts & crafts Grafix Essentials takes our unique and popular products, combines them into one line with a cohesive look, attention grabbing graphics, prudently sized & priced. This is a versatile line of products that can be merchandised in most creative planograms; paper crafts, kids arts & crafts, mixed media / collage, print making, book making, hobby crafts, stationary, stenciling, stamping and more. These grab and go sizes will merchandise easily in almost any nook or on an end cap with supporting materials. A space saving display is available as well. Products include, Shrink Film – Clear, Sanded and Assorted, Computer Grafix printable transparencies – clear and matte, Artist-tac – dot transfer adhesive, Rub-Onz transfer film, Stencil Film, Monoprint Plates, Clear Vellum, Natural Chipboard and Cling Film.

The Speedball Textbook, 24th Edition

First published in 1915 by Ross F. George, The Speedball Textbook is the superlative resource for artists and letterers of all ages and skill levels. In celebration of the 100th year anniversary of the first edition’s debut, Speedball is proud to announce the release of the Centennial Edition of The Speedball Textbook. Featuring the vision of new co-editors, Angela Vangalis and Randall Hasson, this 24th Edition contains enhanced content that will provide readers with instruction and inspiration for techniques and styles ranging from medieval to modern and showcases work from some of the most well-known and well-respected scribes from around the world.


Polymer Sheets

Tavoos Arts Materials are thin, polymer sheets that are offered in a variety of solid color and multi-color options. These materials capture and manipulate light using the same photonic principles found in bird feathers, insect wings and fish scales. With current uses in polymer clay and other mixed media art, the possibilities are endless with Tavoos.

Winsor & Newton Pigment Markers

Winsor & Newton Pigment Markers are the world’s first-ever marker pens with true fine art pigment. Unlike traditional marker pens which fade in a matter of months, these revolutionary new Pigment Markers remain light fast for 100 years.

Available in 107 colours and grey tones, the range incorporates the world’s first ever White Blender. The blender enables artists, designers and illustrators to mix an unlimited colour palette to create a wide range of textures and tones as well as give artists the option to draw on black and coloured paper, taking the marker pen experience to a new level.

The Pigment Marker’s ergonomic design is sleek, comfortable and precise. The dual nibs, one fine and one broad, allows artists of all arenas to create work with maximum comfort and control. Pigment Markers will become available for purchase starting September 2015. View Pigment Marker Product Videos Here