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2015 Artists & Art Materials Study

About the Study - NEW
The focus of this study is active artists, covering the United States and Canadian artist markets. The results will be available FREE to NAMTA members in early 2015.
Products and Services

Art Advocacy Posters
A series of posters supporting art advocacy. Three different posters, three different sizes to download and print for your office, store, or to give to your local schools and art organizations.

Advertising and Marketing
Create a marketing plan and shape your brand, determine how much you should be investing in advertising and marketing, set up an annual advertising and marketing calendar to maximize your return on that investment, determine strengths and weaknesses of traditional media, effectively manage digital advertising/marketing channels available - plus worksheets and tips from experienced art material retailers.

Managing People
A must-read for retail employers.  Topics include placing an ad for a job opening, the application, the Interview and the selection of new employees - employee handbooks, policies and procedures reviews, incentives, and staff education. Examples of interview forms included.

101 Tip for Art Materials Retailers
Many of the industry’s most experienced and respected art material retailers have shared a little of their wisdom with NAMTA and you are the beneficiary. 101 Tips (that don’t include pricing) for Art Material Retailers will immerse you in page after page of advice from a group of experts who, collectively, have more than 500 years of experience selling art materials.

Toolbox Forms
Sales and revenues drive the business but it’s the day-to-day operations that can create the headaches.  Performance evaluations, incentive plans, hiring, firing . . . the list is endless. To provide a little assistance NAMTA has created a toolbox of forms and ideas to help you.

10 Business Tools
From the 2012 Artist & Art Material Survey, these tools include retailer financial benchmarks, retailer marketing advisor, online retailer areas for improvement, product growth trends, and product development insights.

Promotional Retail Calendar
Art materials retailers need a marketing/promotion plan.Special events and promotions draw attention to your store, create excitement and boost the bottom line. Here's a month-by-month list of
potential promotion events NAMTA has compiled for you.

This guide contains a collection of books, DVDs and websites where you can find trusted information about the art materials. Almost every item is recommended by a NAMTA member.


Industry Articles

The following articles were written for NAMTA by Tina Stevens, Principal of Stevens 470, a multichannel marketing agency developing and executing marketing initiatives to meet client objectives for positioning and growth. With over 20 years of experience working with a diverse mix of clients, Tina applies real world expertise to creating actionable marketing plans for business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing managers, and key marketing staff. Tina recently joined Greenfield Community College as an adjunct faculty member.

Renting Email Lists Can Be Risky

Marketing Trends & Technologies - Flying with Google's Hummingbird

Traditional Marketing Channels - Local Radio for Local Business: Part 1 - September 2014

Traditional Marketing Channels - Local Radio for Local Business: Part 2 - November 2014

Traditional Marketing Channels - Managing Your Mailing Lists

Traditional Marketing Channels - Coordinating Direct Mail with Online Channels

Traditional Marketing Channels - Today's Direct Mail Offers Great Opportunities







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