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Polymer Sheets

Tavoos Arts Materials are thin, polymer sheets that are offered in a variety of solid color and multicolor options. These materials capture and manipulate light using the same photonic principles found in bird feathers, insect wings and fish scales. With current uses in polymer clay and other mixed media art, the possibilities are endless with Tavoos.

Winsor & Newton Pigment Markers

Winsor & Newton Pigment Markers are the world’s first-ever marker pens with true fine art pigment. Unlike traditional marker pens which fade in a matter of months, these revolutionary new Pigment Markers remain light fast for 100 years.

Available in 107 colours and grey tones, the range incorporates the world’s first ever White Blender. The blender enables artists, designers and illustrators to mix an unlimited colour palette to create a wide range of textures and tones as well as give artists the option to draw on black and coloured paper, taking the marker pen experience to a new level.

The Pigment Marker’s ergonomic design is sleek, comfortable and precise. The dual nibs, one fine and one broad, allows artists of all arenas to create work with maximum comfort and control. Pigment Markers will become available for purchase starting September 2015. View Pigment Marker Product Videos Here.

3P QuickCure Clay

QuickCure Clay (QCC) is the only “cure-on-demand” sculptural medium. QCC offers unlimited working time but cures in minutes without ovens or kilns. Armatures are optional, and wet QCC adheres to cured. Ideal for classroom projects, it is stronger than polymer and air-dried clays and can be painted, sanded, and drilled.

Project Folders

Expanding Project folders can safely store, transport and organize all types of projects.

  • Made from Acid Free Heavy Duty Fiber
  • Expands up to 3 ½” Wide
  • Made from Recycled Material
  • 4 Attractive Colors
  • Double Thick Fronts & Backs

Schmincke Medium W

Medium W is a solvent free, low odor alternative to oil painting by making ANY oil paint water mixable. Using two parts oil color and one part Medium W, oil paint rinses cleanly off of brushes and painting tools with the use of water, eliminating the need for solvents. For artists that prefer to use traditional oils without making them water mixable, Medium W can be used as a brush cleaner. Simply wipe away excess oil paint from the brush before dipping it directly into Medium W, and then swish it in clean water. Final clean up can be done with soap and water. Medium W is compatible with all oil colors and most oil mediums such as stand and linseed oils, oil transparentizers and megilp. Available in three sizes: 60ml, 200ml and 1 liter.

Copper Colored Metal Sheet

M-D Hobby & Craft’s NEW Copper Colored Metal Sheet features an aluminum metal sheet that is anodized to a copper colored finish. Artists are always looking for the next new thing and at a great deal! This metal sheet has the same look that real copper has but for HALF the price! This copper colored aluminum sheet is perfect for any artist looking to work with something NEW!

Easy Chalkboard Marker

Easy Chalkboard marker creates a reusable surface that allows you to change your message over and over again. Now you can easily create a chalkboard surface on a multitude of porous surfaces:
Paper & Card Stock • Cardboard & Foam Board • Gessoed canvas • Unvarnished Wood • Water Based Acrylic Painted Walls • Unpolished Stone & Terra Cotta
Unleash the artist in you! Bring out the creativeness in you! Maximize your organizational skills! With the Easy Chalkboard Marker you can create to-do lists, calendars, storage labels, menu boards
Make easy to use, durable and non-toxic, fully-erasable chalkboards throughout your home, office or school by masking off the area for your chalkboard with masking tape, then shake the barrel and lightly apply two coats of chalkboard paint to desired area, allowing to dry between each coat.Prior to initial use season the chalkboard by applying white chalk marker or chalk on the entire surface. Then wipe it all off with a damp cloth. Your chalkboard is now ready to use.
Helpful Hints: In time through repeated uses the surface may show signs of wear - just reapply additional coats of Easy Chalkboard Paint Marker as needed. For erasing, we recommend using a clean, damp cloth or paper towel.  YouTube Video


Three Dimensional Dry Erase Boards

Three dimensional dry erase boards are here! Made of a rigid, high-gloss, custom polymer this board will provide you with hours of entertainment. Draw your friends, draw your boss, draw anything! Each board comes with a marker, adhesive-backed marker clip, washable cotton eraser wipe, and adhesive-backed velcro mounting squares. Perfect for a dorm room door, art students, or anyone who likes to doodle!


Lenox Pads

One of our most iconic brands is now available in the following pad sizes: 5x7, 9x12, and 11x14. Lenox was the first domestic 100% cotton paper specifically designed for fine art applications back in the early seventies. This machine made grade was created to have its own unique characteristics which made it so suitable for a variety of media. It is not deckled edge nor watermarked, but it's offwhite shade, medium textured surface and supple feel make it an excellent substitute for pricier European papers. Lenox is only 250gsm but very dimensionally stable making it an excellent paper for silkscreen. It's medium textured surface make it ideal for all drawing techniques: graphite, pastel and charcoal. Forty plus years in the market and still one of the most popular papers for multiple applications and has set the benchmark for all of Legion's quality domestic cotton grades to follow.

K-80 Permanent Paint-Stick

Krink is pleased to announce the addition of the K-80 Permanent Paint-Stick to the Krink family. The K-80s are solid sticks of opaque paint protected by a durable barrel for clean transportation, and easy handling. Writes on most surfaces rough or smooth; wet, oily or dry; even under water!  Colors do not run, fade, peel, chip or rub off. The K-80 is available in five opaque colors. 

Williamsburg Safflower Colors

Recognizing the need for more options, Williamsburg introduces its new Safflower colors – a series of 13 Whites and Transparent Colors milled in safflower oil. These colors will retain their brilliance and clarity for a much longer period of time than their Linseed Oil versions. Retaining their brilliance and clarity longer, these new colors are ideal for portraiture, passages of white and for glazing in the top layers of a painting. With this introduction comes one unique color not found in the existing line, Porcelain White, a series 4 color made from PW 5, Lithopone, which offers a less brittle semi-transparent alternative for Zinc White. The series pricing for all other Safflower colors in the line parallel the same color in Linseed Oil.

 The new Safflower colors are available in all sizes and supported with a new three-color sample set featuring Safflower Titanium White, Ultramarine Blue and Ultramarine Pink, so invite artists to your store to try it out!


Ecojot Connect is the quickest way to capture, edit and share handwritten notes and sketches.  Watch Video

Our specially coded pages work together with our FREE Smartphone App to enable you to connect your great ideas to your iPhone (over 5 or higher) or Android device.

Excel Blade's all NEW 30° Angle Blade

Proudly made in the USA, this high carbon steel super sharp edge 30° ANGLE BLADE is Excel's newest addition. With 7 snap off points, this blade fits with Excel's K70, K14, K10, AND K810 knives. It can be used for cutting paper, film, foam board, cardboard, vinyl and fabrics. The 30°angle blade is available in retail packs of 10 (Item#20030) and 100 (Item#22630).

Ultimate Texture Combs

Xiem Ultimate Texture Combs are great for creating lines and strips of different width to produce various 3 dimensional texture effects on malleable surfaces including clay, thick slip, under-glaze, paint, stucco and gel mediums. These tools are made with silicone to ensure they last a lifetime.  For more information and lots of other great tools at

Holbein Artist Fluid Acrylic

INTRODUCING ARTIST FLUID ACRYLIC. Following the successful introduction of their Heavy Body Acrylic in 2013, Holbein is pleased to introduce to the world art market their Artist Fluid Acrylic Line. Holbein Fluid Acrylic was produced and developed to meet and exceed the demands of today’s modern artist. Holbein Fluid Acrylic contains many of the popular colors found in both Holbein Artist Watercolor and Holbein Heavy Body Acrylic. 60 HIGHLY DETAILED COLORS Holbein Fluid Acrylic, a low viscosity artist acrylic, is produced to deliver exceptional brilliance and clarity. Available in 60 lightfast colors in 35ml (1.18 oz.) squeeze bottles. Titanium White and Lamp Black available in both 35ml and 100ml (3.38 oz.) sizes. CLEAN SMOOTH FLOWING COLOR Holbein Fluid Acrylic delivers outstanding tinting strength, durability, adhesion, flexibility and contains no fillers or extenders. All colors are concentrated, vibrant, clean and smooth flowing. UNIQUE HANDLING CHARACTERISTICS Holbein Fluid Acrylic Color is unlikely to craze/wrinkle or foam when being applied with a brush, dripped, poured or sprayed. SEAMLESS MIXING Holbein Fluid Acrylic can be easily thinned to achieve watercolor like effects and applications. Holbein Fluid Acrylic mixes seamlessly with all acrylic mediums including gels, pastes and gessos.


The senseBook's inviting warm color and soft genuine leather are designed especially to connect you to the task at hand. Perfect for note keeping, journaling, drawing and so much more. * 2 cover options: Red Rubber or Flap * Genuine Leather * 3 paper styles: blank, ruled or squared * 3 senseBook sizes: Small, Medium, Large * Table of contents and numbered pages * 16 perforated pages * Acid-free paper. Visit us on the web at

Aristo Technical Tools

Technical tools for technical drawing which include: GeoDreieck, Set Squares and Geometry Sets. Aristo drawing instruments are for the students of tomorrow and professionals of today. This line also has technical tools for manual drawing which includes a rapid adjustment compass ACM. It has legs made from diecast zinc and a needle holder/leadholder made from colored plastic. For precision and reliability, we recommend Aristo's mechanical pencils. Visit us on the web at


Imagination International, Inc. is introducing the popular Japanese brand, Kirarina, to North America. This new line of art supplies is perfect for taking your art projects to the next level by adding a burst of color. These products are trendy among students, papercrafters, scrapbookers and artists alike. This line includes Kirarina 2win - scented markers; Kirarina Wink - metallic ink that contain specks of glitter; Kirarina Cute - puff paint. Visit us on the web at


Raphaël Precision is full range of synthetic brushes that look and feel like natural hair sable brushes. Designed to create the most accurate brush strokes of any synthetic brush on the market, they hold media well yet have a snap to the hairs that helps retain the shape of the brush from stroke to stroke. Available in both Acrylic/Oil Long Handles and Watercolor/Acrylic Short Handle. A stroke of genius.


abstract by Sennelier is a heavy-body, highly pigmented acrylic paint packaged in an innovative flexible pouch.  Extra sturdy and easy to transport, the pouch is not only economical – as it is totally squeezable – it also features a transparent window that shows the exact color inside.  Paint straight out of the pouch or use it as for any acrylic medium.  Truly a revolutionary product. Made in France.

LED Stainless Steel Light Boxes

Gagne Porta-Trace have updated our entire line of stainless steel light boxes, free standing light tables, and wood light boxes to LED technology. They are available now (tables in summer). Please inquire on pricing. We firmly believe there are simply no other LED stainless steel light boxes, LED wood light boxes or LED tables at these values. Domestic or imported (landed). We have excellent pricing built for individual stores up to the largest distributors and retailers.

Gamblin Solvent-Free Fluid Medium
& Gamblin Safflower Oil

More possibilities. Less compromise.™
Based on the popularity of our Solvent-Free Gel, Gamblin is pleased to broaden our offering of solvent-free materials. Solvent-Free Fluid painting medium readily increases the flow of oil colors and has a moderate drying rate. Safflower Oil effectively removes color from brushes during solvent-free painting sessions and can also be used to increase the flow and slow drying of oil colors. With Gamblin Solvent-Free Gel, Solvent-Free Fluid, and Safflower Oil, painters have the broadest range of solvent-free options in oil painting.

Create and Show Kit

Save the time and headache getting ready for your next show with Crescent Create & Show Kits. Available in 16" x 20" and 22" x 28". Extra heavy weight art board, 4" border pre-cut matboard, reusable premium clear bag, conveniently bundled together; it's everything you need to create, protect, and show art. It's so quick and easy. It's the professional way to show your work.

Dry Erase Student Boards

 Dry Erase Student Boards are great in multiple ways. Kids can practice penmanship or math, draw, or just play games. Teachers can use it to engage students in interactive participation. Use it for an inexpensive Dry Erase memo board, and make it yours with personalized embellishments. Crescent Dry Erase Boards are available in 6 fresh glossy colors.

Photo Mat Art Board

Cherish those precious moments with a frame-ready Photo Mat Art Board. Extra heavyweight art board. Available in 8" x 10" and 11" x 14" frame-ready sizes. Simply attach the photograph to the back, then paint, collage, or draw to embellish it. Your photo will look amazing and be sure to impress friends and family. It's quick and easy. It is your moment, embellish it.

Tombow Xtreme Mounting Putty

Tombow Xtreme Mounting putty is a high performance re-usable adhesive tack for use where screws, nails and ordinary adhesives fail or cannot be used. Great for home, school, DIY projects or general repairs. It works on metal, masonry, brick, wood, ceramic, rubber, fiberglass composite, china, glass and stone. It can be used for indoor and outdoor projects. The pre-cut tabs are easy to remove and easy to knead. Holds up to 13 lbs. per pack! Fast curing with low shrinkage. Paintable.

Tombow Recycled Colored Pencils

Tombow Recycled Color Pencils are made with repurposed finger jointed wood. Beautifully crafted color pencils with soft lead that easily layers colors without waxy build-up. High quality wax based lead is artist grade for lasting brilliant color. These recycled color pencils produce rich, creamy texture and smooth even blending. Whether you are coloring a stamped image or creating a quick color sketch, these color pencils are a perfect choice. Recycled colored Pencils are available in 24 packs as well as 12 packs.

Brush Line Hanger

This innovative product allows for brushes to be positioned in a way that will not disturb artist’s concentration while painting i.e. having and easy, facile, and effortless way to select and change the brushes and have them kept with their bristles down, to prevent the paint/paint medium from flowing towards the ferrule, thereby preserving the brushes’ shape and prolonging their life span. You can attach the Brush Line to an easel or canvas frame (large or small) without disturbing the front of the canvas or you can use the larger version that can hold up to 120 brushes and attaches to the table. The brushes are hanged by the flexible Brush Tail that can be attached with ease to any size brush. Patent pending.


e+m Clutch Sketch Pencil

Exceptional clutch pencil in fascinating design.

Made with unique brown walnut grain and chrome details.
Uses 5.5 mm graphite or color leads.
Available in premium gift box. Item number 1144-61.

Caran d'Ache Luminance 6901
76 Piece Box

To guarantee creative professionals the permanence of their artworks, Caran d'Ache Luminance 6901 colored pencils combine the highest lightfastness with the smoothness of a permanent lead. Today, this artistic pencil, like no others, offers a new and resolutely modern package in revised assortment quantities. This is an invitation to discover the secret of the light loving colors of Caran d'Ache. Item number 6901.776

Impress Print Media

Be part of the Print Collective with Grafix Impress Print Media line Grafix line of print media help to create by bringing new merchandising of tools, techniques and materials for printing to the consumer. These tools have a flexibility and economy to develop simple to more complex artwork. Products include; Monoprint Plates, Stencil Film, Imaging Print Films and the Inking Palette. Available in a variety of sizes and shipping now!


Adhesive that only goes where you want it! Has your inventory of dry adhesive transfer dots dried up? Grafix‘s NEW Artist-tac dry transfer adhesive works by transferring a super-fine layer of adhesive dots, ensuring full edge to edge adhesion, even on small, irregular-shaped items. Dry transfer adhesive dots are initially repositionable, but become permanent once burnished. Quick and easy to use for accurate mounting of photos, paper, cardstock, plastic and more. No messy glues, sprays, cutting or fumes. Available in three sizes, packs of 25 sheets with instruction.

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