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Lenox Pads

One of our most iconic brands is now available in the following pad sizes: 5x7, 9x12, and 11x14. Lenox was the first domestic 100% cotton paper specifically designed for fine art applications back in the early seventies. This machine made grade was created to have its own unique characteristics which made it so suitable for a variety of media. It is not deckled edge nor watermarked, but it's offwhite shade, medium textured surface and supple feel make it an excellent substitute for pricier European papers. Lenox is only 250gsm but very dimensionally stable making it an excellent paper for silkscreen. It's medium textured surface make it ideal for all drawing techniques: graphite, pastel and charcoal. Forty plus years in the market and still one of the most popular papers for multiple applications and has set the benchmark for all of Legion's quality domestic cotton grades to follow.

K-80 Permanent Paint-Stick

Krink is pleased to announce the addition of the K-80 Permanent Paint-Stick to the Krink family. The K-80s are solid sticks of opaque paint protected by a durable barrel for clean transportation, and easy handling. Writes on most surfaces rough or smooth; wet, oily or dry; even under water!  Colors do not run, fade, peel, chip or rub off. The K-80 is available in five opaque colors. 


Impress Print Media

Be part of the Print Collective with Grafix Impress Print Media Line!
Grafix line of print media help to create by bringing new merchandising of tools, techniques and materials for printing to the consumer.  These tools have a flexibility and economy to develop simple to more complex artwork.  Products include; Monoprint Plates, Stencil Film, Imaging Print Films and the Inking Palette. Available in a variety of sizes and shipping now! 


Ecojot Connect is the quickest way to capture, edit and share handwritten notes and sketches. Watch Video

Our specially coded pages work together with our FREE Smartphone App to enable you to connect your great ideas to your iPhone (over 5 or higher) or Android device.



Williamsburg Safflower Colors

From the beginning, Williamsburg ground all its colors in Linseed Oil, knowing this produced the strongest, most flexible and fastest drying paint. At the same time, it was always understood that this came with a trade-off as linseed has a tendency to yellow more than other alternatives over time. 
Recognizing the need for more options, Williamsburg introduces its new Safflower colors – a series of 13 Whites and Transparent Colors milled in safflower oil. These colors will retain their brilliance and clarity for a much longer period of time than their Linseed Oil versions. Retaining their brilliance and clarity longer, these new colors are ideal for portraiture, passages of white and for glazing in the top layers of a painting. With this introduction comes one unique color not found in the existing line, Porcelain White, a series 4 color made from PW 5, Lithopone, which offers a less brittle semi-transparent alternative for Zinc White. The series pricing for all other Safflower colors in the line parallel the same color in Linseed Oil.

The new Safflower colors will be available in all sizes and will be supported with a new three-color sample set featuring Safflower Titanium White, Ultramarine Blue and Ultramarine Pink, so invite artists to your store to try it out!



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