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Leader in Support, Sustainability and Advocacy

The International Art Materials Association’s mission is to provide its art/creative materials industry members with the products, services and information they need to grow and prosper. The 60-year-old organization’s international membership includes retailers, suppliers, sales reps and associates. Together through their support of NAMTA, the association is recognized as a leader and unifying force in the support, sustainability and advocacy of art and the art/creative materials business.

Providing Products, Services and Programs

The association provides an array of products, services and programs developed by, and for, its members. It conducts vital research about the industry and shares trends in the art materials business. Its bi-weekly e-newsletter is a leading source of revenue-generating and cost-cutting ideas; training support, advocacy and regulatory information; industry trends plus national and international art materials news.

Member Benefits

The RESOURCE Advantage
NAMTA Members have the advantage by receiving a steady stream of industry news, sales and revenue ideas, training tips, advice from experts and practical information all relevant to the art materials industry.

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The NETWORKING Advantage
NAMTA Members have the opportunity to view the latest products in the industry, attend educational sessions, learn from industry experts and network with fellow members.

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The SAVINGS Advantage
NAMTA Members can receive discounts on insurance, office supplies, car rentals and many more services that help run their business.

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International Art Materials Association
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