Artists and Art Materials Study 2012

Artists & Art Materials 2012


Study Overview
This study provides the results of spring 2012 online surveys of more than 3,600 active artists and 126 specialty art materials retailers in the USA and Canada. The focus of the study is active artists, typically those who have created 10 or more artworks in the past year, including paintings, drawings, mixed media, 3-D art, and digital art.
This study was produced by Hart Business Research, a leader in creative industries research. NAMTA and Hart wish to thank the 2012 study sponsors: Golden Artist Colors, Logan Graphic Products, MacPherson’s, Strathmore, and Walter Foster.

Study Components

  • Market Summary
    Gain an overview of your industry: market size, number of participants, growth trends, and trends in the artist market.
  • Key Findings Presentation
    Read key findings about artist purchase decision making, price/quality tradeoffs, learning sources, Canadian artists, art students, product growth trends, retailer marketing best practices, and how suppliers can help retailers.

    * The following Survey Results and Business Tools are  NAMTA member benefits. Contact NAMTA for non-member price.
  • Artist Survey Results
    Make use of the full results of the 32-question artist survey. Review responses segmented by professionals, students, recreational artists, Canadian artists, and U.S. artists. Get the details about what they are creating, why, selling it, learning sources, materials used, purchase decisionmaking, spending patterns, store feedback, and demographics. Non-members call 704-892-6244 or email
  • Retailer Survey Results
    Understand what 111 USA specialty art materials retailers had to say about core financial metrics, growth trends, product trends, marketing and business best practices, challenges, and feedback for suppliers. Gain a view of Canadian versus USA retailer differences. Non-members call 704-892-6244 or email

Business Tools
Have a business decision to make? Use these tools to make your business more productive and profitable. Tools will include retailer financial benchmarks, retailer marketing advisor, online retailer areas for improvement, product growth trends, and product development insights.

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