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   eNEWS:  March 15, 2017 

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An unexpected blizzard at Sunday night’s President’s Reception, a new and popular 16-team Cornhole tournament on the show floor (winners Bill Hartman and Seth Golden pictured), and a reformatted Welcome Reception and Awards Ceremony all contributed to a memorable Art Materials World in Salt Lake City last week.

The initial exhibitor/attendee feedback has been good with many exhibitors commenting on the quality of traffic and sales leads. Interaction with NAMTA’s co-location partner, CAMEX, continued to be beneficial for many exhibitors/attendees.

The reformatted, 90-minute Opening Welcome Reception included the election of new officers and board members and comments by NAMTA’s outgoing and incoming presidents, Barb Schindler, COO of Golden Artist Colors and Jim McDermott, VP and General Manager of Strathmore Artists Papers, respectively. Robert Gamblin, founder of Gamblin Paints was presented NAMTA’s Lifetime Achievement Award and Richard Goodban was inducted in the NAMTA Hall of Fame.


Richard Goodban, right,
received the
NAMTA Hall of Fame Award
presented here by Hayley Prendergast.

Robert Gamblin, right,
is presented the NAMTA
Lifetime Achievement Award
by Pete Cole.

 Incoming NAMTA President
Jim McDermott receives
the Gavel from
Past President Barb Schindler

“The Salt Lake show was a success, said NAMTA Executive Director, Reggie Hall. “We had great feedback from our first-time exhibitors with most of them saying they would return to next year’s event in Dallas. The co-location with CAMEX continued to work and, overall, there seemed to be a positive vibe across the show.”

NAMTA will be sending its post-conference evaluation online survey to all exhibitors and attendees later this week. Please take time to complete and return it. Results will be shared with members in a few weeks.   

NAMTA will be posting scores of conference photos online soon.  Check back to NAMTA’s website – – for updates.


The membership unanimously approved the 2017-18 slate of NAMTA Officers and Directors.

President - Jim McDermott, Strathmore Artist Papers
President Elect - Jeremy Franklin, A. Franklin & Associates
Immediate Past President - Barbara Schindler, Golden Artist Colors
Board Member - Lise King, King's Framing & Art Gallery
Board Member - Eras (Tony) Mines, Art Creations
Board Member - Maureen Labro-Guidetti, Savoir-Faire
Board Member - Mike Roche, Rileystreet Art Supply

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Reed Epstein
CEO of Smart Art Box

What do you eat for breakfast? 
Cereal normally, maybe fruit if I have the time for it.

What was your first job?
Worked at a Tower Records... That probably dates me a bit...

What advice would you give someone who wants to get into the industry?
Join NAMTA and go to a convention to learn the insider secrets.

If you could go back ten years and tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?
Travel Sooner!

Technology - what do you need and/or what could you do without?
With a company completely based on Ecommerce, I'd say Technology is impossible to do without. I need my phone, laptop, TV, internet (of course). Even though I live in Los Angeles, my car isn't completely necessary.

What’s your hidden talent?
Foosball, and skiing. I don't want them to be hidden, but they never get displayed because there's never an opportunity.

From which single individual have you learned the most from in your life and what did they teach you?
Probably between my father and mother. My father taught me math, science and survival skills (and then some), my mother taught me social skills, and introspection (and then some). Both required, but I guess my mother wins because without those I'd not be where I am.

What is your favorite travel destination and why?:
Barcelona! Because I lived there for 1 year and it's like a second home to me.

What is the quality you most admire in others. Why?
The ability to look inward. Because I feel it's rare for people to be able to be honest with themselves.

What is one thing most NAMTA members probably don’t know about you?
I was a massage therapist for a year and a half.

What is one new thing you are doing in your business?
Getting involved in the community.

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Fact of the Week 

Visual arts is the second most commonly studied art form, after music, with nearly one-fifth of all American adults having taken visual art classes at some point in their lifetime.

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Member News 

As a result of a high demand for classes, Keeton's Office and Art Supply in Bradenton, FL, has a new space just for artists, with a  camera mounted on the ceiling with a bird's eye view that projects the instructor's artwork onto two 70-inch screens, creating greater visibility for all students no matter where they are sitting, and allowing up to 24 students the opportunity to learn and create by viewing the instructors' work as they demonstrate techniques.


New Members

Case for Making  is a retail storefront in San Francisco offering creative supply basics, raw materials, and workshops, selected and designed to encourage process-focused exploration.

C2 Inventive designs and produces new and unique products. The founder is an avid painter, and one of the first products created was a solution to a problem that many artistic painters may face. C2 joins NAMTA to share their solution with those who would appreciate it most. 

Urban Basics is a retailer located in Battle Ground, Washington featuring  art supplies, craft, and yarn, fabric, and scrapbooking,



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