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   eNEWS:  August 2,  2017 

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Change Starts At The Beginning

      By Tom Shay

My insurance agent sold his business to a larger company a couple of years ago and the personal touch quickly disappeared.  It was time to look for a new insurance agent.

A quick search online produced a sizeable list off potential agents with each providing me with an array of ways to contact them – complete an online form; call and leave voice message; email and so on.

I contacted several and eventually found an agent that met my needs.  That said, however, the most memorable agent sticks in my mind for some wrong reasons.

His website said to send him an email.  I did and he responded within an hour asking me to complete the 3-page form on his website.  I responded to say I was not just looking for a quote but also an agent.  His response was that he, too, preferred a “customer relationship” but that major insurers like Geico, Progressive and General Insurance had ruined the part of the insurance business ... turning everything into commodity buying.

This agent didn’t really want to talk to me and ask me questions about what type of coverage I needed.  He just wanted me to fill out his form, send him a copy of my current coverages and then he would call me.  On one level, I understand his approach but, overall, he’s just getting into the commodity game, too.

The lesson learned from this experience has applications that apply to the art materials business.  If you are going to build a business based upon a relationship with your customer, the relationship should start at the very beginning. It is not up to the customer to prove themselves to you; it is your responsibility to prove yourself to your customers.

Learn about the customer and listen to them. There is often a sizable difference between what the customer wants and what the customer needs.  

This is where you can become a more customer centric business. The item a customer is buying may be the best choice for them.  But by talking and listening to them you learn if what their buying IS the best option.  It’s possible that you may have another product that better suits their needs and that customer attention by you can help separate your business from the competition.

Store hours, services, return policies, delivery services and more all help your customer to see your business as different from your competition.

For the best results, your business’s distinctive differences must be present and visible from the beginning of the interaction with each customer.

Tom Shay is a fourth-generation small business owner, author, columnist, coach and speaker who has authored several training manuals for retailers that can be found in the Resources section of the NAMTA website – His knowledge of small business marketing, business strategy, staffing, and financial management have provided small business owners with the help necessary to increase their profits plus build their business for the future. You can learn more here -

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