Online Badge Registration and Event Tickets
  • The NAMTA show is open to the art materials trade. Attendees include dealers interested in seeing and purchasing artist’s materials from manufacturers, importers, publishers and distributors.
  • Registration is free for NAMTA Members.
  • 2017 NAMTA Membership is required to attend the show as a Member.
  • You must be 16 years old to be on the trade show floor.
  • Infants and baby strollers and/or carriages are not permitted on the trade show floor.  


Member Onsite Registration
  • Badge registrations will be accepted at the NAMTA Registration Desk in Salt Lake City. 
  • Onsite registration fee for Members is $30
  • Members requesting a badge in Salt Lake City will be asked for ID  - something that connects you to your company's membership.
  • Members can also renew their membership in Salt Lake City

Non-Member Entrance Fees and Option to be a Member
  • Non-Member Supplier Badge -  $1,800/per person
  • Non-Member Retailer Badge - $750/per person
  • Non-Member badges are per/person and are for all 3 days of the show
  • Non-Members may also have an opportunity to join NAMTA in Salt Lake City, or join online right now.  If you have just joined online, we will make your badge in Salt Lake City. Please bring your member confirmation email with you/ and or identification.

FAQs about Registration
  • Badges and Tickets WERE NOT mailed. Badges and Tickets can be picked up at the NAMTA Registration Desk in Salt Lake City.
  • Non-member companies and attendees recognized to be registered under a NAMTA member, will be voided. Notification of voided badge status will be sent to email provided in the registration form. NAMTA exhibitors inviting Retail Customers to Art Materials World need to make them aware of membership requirements to attend.
  • Attendees who are not exhibiting will not be permitted on the trade show floor during non-show hours.
  • Non-exhibiting suppliers are prohibited from selling on the trade show floor or any other venue in Salt Lake City. This is a direct violation of NAMTA by-laws and can result in the loss of NAMTA membership.